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South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn May 11th 2011

We visited El Condor from Viedma - home to the largest colony of parrots in the world - what a find! (everything in the town was closed for winter and we had 3 hours to kill before the bus back to Viedma!) thank goodness for the parrots!! We embarked on our next part of the journey South on Tuesday. The coach was an hour late but nobody seemed concerned about it! We were on the top deck this time with only half reclining seats - thought we could watch the scenery but for most of the journey it was just a straight road, across boring, flat, arid landscape! Mind you, it helped that I'd taken a Nytol instead of a Kwell and dozed for most of the journey!! We were met by staff from the Hostel ... read more
G with his head in a shark.....
groovy shack on the beach at El Condor
Arty shot of shack!

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn April 21st 2011

So we finally made it to Patagonia after a whirlwind 7 nights in BA. It was a mission to get there let me tell you, we trotted off to the airport in BA all ready for our week long adventure only to find that our flight had been cancelled and the entire airport shutdown, not to mention all other airports in BA closed. Not happy jan!! We had no accomodation booked and found that all the hostels we wanted to sleep at were booked out so we had to stay at the most dosgy hostel you could imagine in BA by the name of Tango. The door knob fell off, Gav almost cut his face open with a low flying fan and the entire hostel were stonned and morbid and listened to death metal and didnt ... read more

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn April 7th 2011

Yesterday I spent most of the day emailing and organising my PhD. I'll make it short: I'm going to Tübingen for my PhD and I'll start around mid-June. Though, everybody, I'm back on the 24th of May -> let's meet then! And of course you're welcome to visit me in Germany, it's not that far from the border. After sitting in front of the computer most of the time, I enjoyed again the nice beach, the 29 degrees aire temperature, as well as the 16 degrees water temperature...(Argentinians think I'm crazy). Next stop is Viedma, well, actually, Carmen de Patagones. Bus's leaving at 2 pm and it's a short trip of about 6h. Btw: comments still welcome ;) I'd actually like to know who's reading my blog...!... read more

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn April 6th 2011

Yeah horse-riding on the beach is great!! :) I spent 2h on the beach and the dunes of Puerto Madryn with a very nice horse (Arab-mix) and a nice guide. We were the only 2 persons on the beach and view from the dunes was amazing. The rest of the day was very relaxed: walking on the beach, buying bus tickets, eating fish with Ean from London, watching the stars (there are many more on the southern sky). Since I saw all these cute penguins on the península, I won't do the 3h long bus trip to Punto Tombo, where the biggest Magallan penguin colony can be visited. Today I've to do some organisational stuff, to enjoy the beach again and tomorrow I'm taking the bus to Viedma/Carmen de Patagones - the gate to Patagonia. And ... read more

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn April 3rd 2011

I'm in Puerto Madryn: the sun's shining, it's about 22 degrees, the beach is 5 min from my hostel :D yes, the south was very beautiful, but I'm obiously enjoying the somewhat warmer north. The hostel is very nice too, and tomorrow I'm going to the Peninsula Valdés - penguins, sea lions, whales, dolphins... :) and a cabalgata on the beach is planned. Argentinian computers don't like memory cards...but I'll try to take some pictures with my cell phone tomorrow.... read more

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn March 15th 2011

Tuesday 1st Feb 2011 Puerto Madryn, Argentina Punta Tomba Provencial Reserve Soooooooo excited about this trip !!! Time to visit the penguins... we had no idea what to expect, only that we had to drive two and a half hours to the penguin colony. This we did not mind as it took us through the Patagonian country side where we saw herds of guanacos (they look like lamas), hares, rheas (ostrich like), gulls and other species of birds. We were surprised to observe that the landscape was arid and vast. Puerto Madryn is in the Patagonian province of Chubut, and is one of Argentina’s fastest growing cities with a population of about 50,000 people. It is a popular resort for holidays and excellent scuba diving. The town is a gateway for the Peninsula Valdes being a ... read more
porto madryn1 (13)
porto madryn1 (14)
porto madryn1 (19)

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn March 12th 2011

Na dnes nas cakala celodenna tura na Peninsula Valdez. Tento poloostrov patri do UNESCA a je to jedno z najvyznamnejsich sidlist tulenov, velryby tu maju mlade a okrem toho tu zije kopa inych zvierat. Mi sme sa sem dostali az po hlavnej sezone, vatsinou tu byva ovela viac zvierat, na druhu stranu sme tu boli skoro sami, v nasej skupine sme boli len mi, dalsi par a nas sprievodca. Hned pri prichode nas privitala skupinka nandu /juhoamericky pstros/. Potom prisla na radu kolonia tulenov, povatsine len tak lezacich alebo sa prevalujucich. Akurat mali mlade, tych tu bola kopa, na plazi mali taky maly prirodny bazen a tu sa ucili plavat a potapat pred vstupom do draveho oceanu. Na ceste on nich sme videli patagonskeho zajaca, ktory podla nas velmi ako zajac nevyzeral. Dalsia navsteva patrila kolonii ... read more
tulene/ sealions
tulene/ sealions
tulene/ sealions

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn March 11th 2011

Rano se probudite a porad vidite to same co vecer a odpoledne - rovna krajina, na ni par keru, lamy a do nekonecna jdouci plot oddelujici silnici od okolni stepy. Docela monotonni pohled, obcas nejaka z lam preskoci plot a ridic musi jit na brzdy. Z Comodora jsme si hned koupili listky do Puerto Madryn - dalsi dlouha cesta koncici ve 3 odpoledne. Ubytovali jsme se v hostelu co nam poradili v informacich a i kdyz to mela byt loznice pro 8, k nam nastesti nikoho nedali a tak jsme to meli cele jen pro sebe. Uz je po sezone a turistu ubyva...Celkem jsme stravili na ceste z Ohnove zeme asi 35 hodin a to nejsme ani v pulce Argentiny...Ale stoji to za to!!! You wake up and what you still is the same thing you ... read more
na ceste/ on a way

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn March 7th 2011

Puerta Madryn is on Argentina´s East coast. If you think there is something rather Welsh sounding about the name you would be right. The Welsh were among the first settlers and their influence is still felt in the surrounding area through the architecture, cuisine and tea houses. You may even hear some of the locals chatting away in Welsh - (just as I was getting to grips with the Spanglish!) Puerta Madryn is beach resort come wildlife reserve - its quite possible to be lying on the beach with penguins as your neighbours. While we were off season we were assured that during October the area is home to over two thousand whales. Personally this doesn´t convince me of the merits of swimming in the sea however locals don´t seem at all bothered and life seems ... read more
routa 40
dont pick up the penguins!
I have a terrible itch

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn March 5th 2011

Day 42 & 43 The 30 hour (3 seperate buses) trip to Puerto Madryn was ok as Si had treated me to cama (bed-style seats) so we actually managed to sleep for 7 hours which was a result, particularly as the Patagonian Step wilderness is dull, dull, dull to look at. We amused ourselves by trying to spot anomalies in the landscape – which were in no particular order a) a bend in the road, b) a slightly taller telegraph pole (you get the picture). Arrived in Puerto Madryn - not much happening (everything closes on Sunday) but we wandered round town and booked a tour to Peninsula Valdes for the next day. Day 44 & 45 The tour to Peninsula Valdes was fun... although it was a 400km+ round trip through Patagonia step style landscape(again) ... read more
Piramides Beach
Sea lion colony

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