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South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn February 5th 2011

Mother Nature has stocked Puerto Madryn and the nearby Valdez Peninsula, the Atlantic coast entry to Patagonia, with wonderful treasures that change through the seasons. I was there in the sizzling summer, in February and just in time to see half a million adorable Magellanic penguins and their fluffy chicks as well as large colonies of huge, brown southern sea lions and their little black pups, a few elephant seals imitating logs, rheas (ostrich-like birds), lots of sea birds--cormorants, red-beaked and legged black oyster catchers, giant petrels and kelp gulls--and herds of guanacos (wild camelid relatives of llamas). Not seen by me were lots more animals, including foxes, armadillos, orcas, spinner dolphins and the southern right whale which goes there to breed and give birth. The 21-hour marathon bus ride that brought me here from Buenos ... read more
affectionate penguins
cliffs looking like those in Dover
 cute chick

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn February 1st 2011

An unexpectedly exciting day! We were in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, which is a 50,000 pop. relatively new resort area about halfway down the coast. We berthed at the end of their very long pier, on the leeward side, so the wind wouldn't blow us against it. Hugh and I walked into town, watched the school kids having their gym classes on the beach, bought a new cheap wristwatch for me (since the humidity of Rio was too much for my old one), and had a treat from the local bakery. We really enjoyed the town because it was not very busy, was full of "locals," and most of all because it was just the right temperature! When we had seen it all, we walked back to the ship, noticing that the wind had really picked up. ... read more
Definitely NOT Copacabana!
View from the deck
Tugboat pushing us all afternoon

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn February 1st 2011

We had booked our stay ay El Retorno Hostel over the phone with the aid of Skype, which has been proving very useful throughout the course of our trip. Therefore we had been able to secure a ride from the bus terminal when we arrived at just gone 7 in the morning. We were dropped to our hostel where we were met by the couple who ran the place. We were sat down in the cafe area and were bombarded with tour information, when we just wanted to go to bed. Puerto Madryn is primarily visited for the Peninsula Valdes which is nearby, and where you are able to view the southern right whale at the right time of year. Unfortunately this was not the right time of year, but our hosts were willing to sell ... read more
about to take the tour
beach on Peninsula Valdes

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn January 25th 2011

One of the jokes about this trip was that I would go to the area that the Welsh settled in to eat tea and Welsh cakes, well.... We have been camping near to Trelew (I will write about that next, although it will be a little time disjointed that way) and at my insistence took a bus into Gaiman to see the village where the first Welsh settlers made their homes. There were people from Merthyr Tydfil (my father´s local area) on the first boat out and my goodness they must have had a hard time of settling. First of all the temperatures - 38 degrees yesterday and remember they travelled from wet Wales! They were not farmers and certainly not used to growing plants in poor soil with such high temperatures. They stayed two years ... read more

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn January 16th 2011

Dès mon arrivée à Puerto Madryn, station balnéaire de la côte Atlantique et capitale argentine de la plongée, je pars à la recherche d'un club de plongée. Ici, l'attraction principale en plongée, ce sont les otaries, suivies de prêt par les différentes épaves présentes dans le golfe. Les prix pour plonger avec les otaries sont prohibitifs car incluent l'entrée dans une réserve naturelle, mais en négociant un peu et comme je compte faire 6 plongées, j'obtient un très bon prix pour plonger sur 3 épaves, sur le lieu de vie des otaries et sur des récifs. La première plongée se fait sur le Mirages, un bateau de pêche de 70m de long. Nous sommes 4 plongeurs, dont un "expert" de la zone, qui plonge ici depuis 30 ans et une instructrice. On descend sur la proue, ... read more
Le pont de l albatros
A l'interieur de l albatros

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn January 10th 2011

The flight up to Trelew from Calafate (southern Patagonia) was on time, a miracle given I flew the government owned airline of AA. I sat next to an Italian lawyer, the 3rd met in one day, and for her the coincidence of sitting next to a healthcare worker on her inward leg it was an uncanny coincidence! We swapped emails and invites. An enthusiastic greeting by Eben Ezer shuttles was welcome after a lax biosecurity passage despite the signage, and I was made to feel at home with old wallpaper, furnishings and hospitality at ‘Hi’ Patagonia, 1 block (3 mins) from beachfront on Puerto Madryn and 10 mins south of town centre. Not only a run down of the available tour options was given in excellent English, but specific directions to a heated pool 5 minutes ... read more
complete with excellent examples of artistic talent
shopping frenzies...
If it's not night- it's wild-life (Guanacos)

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn January 1st 2011

Tuesday 2nd November 2010 Arriving late morning we checked in to El Gualicho, a large hostel with a spacious kitchen and living area just a short walk from the bus terminal. It was a hot sunny day, so we took a stroll down to the beach and sat for a while, but it was also windy. We had a couple of toasties for our late lunch which sustained us while we went to the tourist office. We booked a whale watching tour in the Peninsular Valdes the next day (with a great discount for cash!) and a PADI open water diving course with George (pronounced Hor-hay) at Master Divers. Wednesday 3rd November 2010 Excitement flooded through our veins as we waited to be picked up for our whale watching tour. The weather was a far cry ... read more
Up Close & Personal
White Baby Southern Right Whale
Richard on the packed boat

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn November 23rd 2010

Before returning to Buenos Aires, I had time for one more stop after Bariloche and the Lake District. Puerto Madryn, 13 hours east of Bariloche, sits on the Atlantic coast close to the Peninsula Valdes, which is one of the most important marine wildlife reserves in South America. Puerto Madryn, as well as the nearby cities of Trelew (pronounced Trelee-oo) and Rawson were all founded by Welsh settlers in 1865, though these days they have all lost most of their Welsh characteristics and more or less feel like standard Argentinean cities. Puerto Madryn was a nice enough place to stay, with a lovely coastline, but besides that, not much else to see. In any case, the wildlife around the area was the main attraction. The Peninsula Valdes, just north of Puerto Madryn, is a reserve ... read more
Whale watching
Whale watching
The mother whale

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn April 12th 2010

domingo, 11 de abril Our last day in Buenos Aires before heading South to Puerto Madryn. We´ve opted for a night bus in semi-cama seats (half-beds) to save on hostel costs. So far we´ve haemorrhaged money and are looking for savings already! I sneezed once and a 2 peso note came out. Sunday is market day in San Telmo. It´s the last of its kind in Buenos Aires and dates back to the turn of the century. The Plaza Dorrego, just a block from us and usually home to the outdoor parts of surrounding restaurants, is the large square setting for tens of stalls. Nothing here is younger than even our parents, save for the hastily made necklaces and coathanger sculptures done this morning whilst we slept. There is more brass here than the Symphony Orchestra ... read more
Puerto Madryn Beach
P P P P Pick up a penguin

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn March 28th 2010

The alarm went of at 6:20am as it has for the past few days and we began our 3 day bus journey (1900km) to the end of the world (Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world). The group bonded a bit more over airing our concerns about our driver - don’t get me wrong he is lovely and very knowledgeable but the reason we’ve been arriving at campsites so late is through some poor decisions and unprofessionalism, including taking a detour to pick up an old friend so she could hitch a ride with us and spend some time with him. This became a problem when we all sat on the truck waiting to leave at the arranged time and spent an hour waiting for him to say his goodbyes to her, all glaring at him ... read more

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