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April 3rd 2011
Published: April 3rd 2011
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I'm in Puerto Madryn: the sun's shining, it's about 22 degrees, the beach is 5 min from my hostel :D yes, the south was very beautiful, but I'm obiously enjoying the somewhat warmer north. The hostel is very nice too, and tomorrow I'm going to the Peninsula Valdés - penguins, sea lions, whales, dolphins... 😊 and a cabalgata on the beach is planned.
Argentinian computers don't like memory cards...but I'll try to take some pictures with my cell phone tomorrow.

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4th April 2011

wideness : vastedad
I'm glad that you're well. I can't deny that I envy your stay at this coast... After a summerly spring weekend with a nice wind blowing the yngling's sails, the soil is licking april raindrops awaited eagerly... Enjoy your trip to Valdés, to one of the world natural heritage! What about the environment and nature protection - is it obvious? The production of aluminium would be a major industry. And: Is the local music influenced by the Welsh sounds?
4th April 2011

nature and music
Sounds like a nice April beginning in Switzerland! Well, I hadthe April weather in March :-) The reglementation for all national parks is quite strict and they're very clean. I don't know about the aluminium here, but the south is very important for the petrol and gas. I haven't heard local music yet, but in some villages such as Gaiman Spanish might not be tghe first language. Good sailing days!
4th April 2011

Punta Arenas Cemetery
Ok, I'm late, I was in London watching our boys at the Head of the River Race, and they did well. But my impression of the Punta Arenas cemetery was different. I was quite impressed. Do you have Bruce Chatwin's "in Patagonia" with you? If not, go to the next bookshop and buy it (or download it...)!!!! Götti
4th April 2011

cemetery :)
well, the cemetery is impressive: so many huge, special graves. But I wouldn't call it very beautiful. There are 2-3 beautiful ones, the others are - in my opinion - just big. And all the synthetic flowers are just too much. It's interesting to see the different opinions of people... :) another example is Córdoba capital: some (like me) think it's very beautiful, others don't like it at all. However, I've to add that Punta Arenas is the most beautiful southern city I've seen.

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