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Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 1st 2020

Today is “bonus day” – at least as far as counting the days in the year. There is one extra day today. Unfortunately, that does not convert into a bonus day of the cruise. Today is still the last full day of the cruise and as usual it is disappointing to be so close to being finished. We slept this morning until about 8:00. At 8:30 we called the Sieberts and agreed to meet for breakfast in the dining room at 8:45. It was a little crowded (many people having their last leisurely breakfast) but we got seated by 9:00. Janet and Kathy both got the Eggs Benedict while Jim and David both had the meat and potatoes breakfast with eggs. We also had juice, pastries, and coffee/tea/milk. So our next-to-last breakfast was very filling. At ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico February 26th 2020

Hello from the Regal Princess as we cruise through the Leeward Channel on our way to Jamaica tomorrow. Today was a restful day with very little that we needed today. That started by sleeping until about 9:30. When we got up we listened to the Wake Show which summarized what was happening today. We found a couple of things that interested us, but they also gave us a joke for today. Q: What do you call someone who likes Mondays? A; Retired. We believe that an alternate correct answer should be A2: On a cruise vacation. We went to the Horizon Court for Breakfast and got to sit there and admire the view of the ocean. During the day we were going to pass about 14 miles south of Cuba, and in the afternoon, we would ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 6th 2020

Where did the time go? This was a 10 day cruise. It felt like a five day because we stayed so busy while thoroughly enjoying ourselves. We shall never forget this cruise for several reasons. Of course, the best reason comes to mind first.....Cory winning the $20,000.00 jackpot in the casino (plus more wins on other days). Mr.Lucky scores again. Tragedy was another reason. You know what this is all about. I don’t want to even think about it, let alone, mention it. Lulu vanished, never to be found. Lost Lulu! The ship was almost like the Poseidon.....turned upside down by so many onboard that formed a search party looking for her. We are steadily trying to move on without her but thinking of her sleeping with fishes; it shakes us to the core. Because we ... read more
Lulu sleeps with the fishes
Sick Sam

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 23rd 2019

In late March of 2019, Anne and I, along with our daughter and her family, visited St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands for a week of hiking, snorkeling, and other touristy things. It was spring break for Maggie, our granddaughter, and for LeeAnne, our daughter, who is a kindergarten teacher. Unfortunately, David and Sonja were not able to get away from work to join us. St. Croix's history is a real mixed bag. Columbus discovered the island in 1493. Prior to that, and for some time after, the Carib and the Arawak Indian tribes inhabited the island. Over the course of the last 6 centuries six nations and one vassal state have governed the island. Spain, England, Netherlands, France, Denmark, the Knights of Malta (at the time a vassal state of the Kingdom of Sicily), ... read more
From the balcony at our rental house.
House Beach

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 8th 2019

Two Days of an R&R. We have walked a million miles at the 3 ports we have visited. My sore knee keeps reminding me of that. Yoweee. How are you all holding up? Good! Now we have two days of just sailing which will give my knee a tiny bit of recovery. Not much though cause this ship is a big floating city and there is a lot of walking around on it. Plus we have our ballroom dance lessons again. Clump, Drag, Clump, that rhythm? Of course, our main pathway we travel is either to the dining room or to the buffet. We switch back and forth but prefer dinner in the main dining room. Just loved to be waited on hand and foot by our dedicated, courteous wait staff. If only we could ... read more
Cory has a chance to win
Cory loves the Crap Table
Learning “The Swing”

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean November 15th 2018

We have a meeting with Nelson this morning at 9.00am, so decided on a small room service breakfast. Unfortunately, it looked like they or we did not quite understand it right and we got double what we were expecting. We did manage to eat most of it though. When we arrived at Guest Services on deck 5, we were met by the PA to Nelson and also Andre the Cruise Director. We felt very important. This morning was our opportunity to discuss with Nelson the issues we have had with the billing and how the discounts for us being Gold Latitude members never seem to be automatic. We also had a good discussion with him with regards to the issues we have been having with the internet. We discussed with Nelson the decision of NCL to ... read more
Todays daily
Sun up / Sun down
Our route today

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico April 7th 2018

Dateline April 6, Georgetown, Grand Cayman Today is a shore day or to be more precise it is a day of swimming with the Sting Rays and snorkeling a beautiful reef. We headed out at 8:15 for the theatre where we would meet up with other passengers heading in the same direction. We glanced down at our tickets and notice that they say you must be between the ages of 8 and 70 to go. What the heck! 70? 70? Forget it, we are going. So… fortunately no one asks us anything and after joining our group we head for the tender to take us in to shore. What a crock, 70! Anyway LOL, ah my, we tender in and walk about a block to the small bus that is waiting for us. Everyone jumps on ... read more
New friends
Sting Ray City
Sting Rays

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 27th 2018

Our schedule for today is open. No meetings. No luncheons or receptions. No nothing. We have a few things we may be interested in checking out but no obligations of any kind. We wander up to breakfast for some cereal and fruit, Karen has toast and some vegetables along with an egg. Other than coffee, that's it. Returning to our room, I grab my laptop and IPad and head for the theater while Karen takes her swimsuit and bag. I plan on listening to a presentation by the on board cruise consultants for those interested in future cruises aboard Holland America and Karen is going up to the spa. We make the split. The cruise consultants, a husband and wife team, are knowledgeable and dispense some valuable information. I'm already aware of most of their "secrets ... read more
Future Cruise Presentation Today
Tonight's Towel Animal

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 26th 2018

Upon weakening this morning, we get good news. As we are traveling westward, the clocks were set back last night by one hour so it's only 7:30am. We have plenty of time before our first activity, a Meet & Greet with Cruise Critic members. We saunter up to the Lido, sitting poolside while Karen tries the scrambled eggs and bacon while I go with oatmeal, English muffin and prunes. All guests aboard are required to eat prunes. Just kidding. I can tell you that four stewed prunes a day will correct any issues brought on from an irregular diet or odd meal times. I never experience any problems in this area. After breakfast, we travel to Deck 2 to the Billboard Onboard lounge for the Meet & Greet scheduled for 10am. No one is here. I ... read more
Here's the Flyer for the Spa
The Fancy Spa Area as Seen From Pool
The Men's Bathroom at the Spa

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 22nd 2018

A strong breeze has been with us all night and remains this morning, kicking up white caps on the normally calm blue-green sea. It's still warm compared to back home at 72F but a full 12 degrees cooler than yesterday in Mexico as we make our way north toward The Keys. Tomorrow will be our last full day aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam. It's 9am when we awake and we have a busy day ahead if we're to partake in the activities Holland America has in store for us. First it's breakfast on our own and we create little excitement here as cereal, oatmeal, coffee and some fruit complete that task. We sit out by the pool to enjoy a little environmental change compared to the Lido. The pool is busy before 10 am with some adults ... read more
Lunch Menu
Our Dinner Table #
I Don't Like This at All

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