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Oceans and Seas » Caribbean May 15th 2015

Écrasez beaucoup de feuilles de menthe sur du sucre, ajoutez du rhum et de l'eau gazeuse, voilà la base d'un Mojito. Boisson nationale des touristes à Cuba, à consommer de préférence avec un chapeau en paille acheté sur place. Pourquoi vous parler de ça? Partis depuis bientôt 7 ans du Québec, l'un des objectifs était de visiter Cuba à bord de notre bateau. Nous y avons mis du temps, mais nous venons d'y passer 2 mois et demi bien agréables. Notre parcours 2014-2015, se sont 7 devises différentes à part du dollar canadien, près de 3000 miles nautiques en 12 pays. Partis de la Grenade en novembre 2014, nous avons revisités Bequia, Sainte-Lucie, Martinique, Dominique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Puerto Rico, République Dominicaine, Haïti, Jamaïque et finalement Cuba. Les îles françaises et Puerto Rico nous ont permis de ... read more
République Dominicaine
Altos de Chavon, la rivière Chavon.
Boca Chica, toilettage du capitaine.

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 26th 2015

Another full day at sea as we sail west towards Panama. I spend a good part of the day fighting with Internet connectivity, which is truly aggravating. It's clear the upload speed is severely restricted, which makes good sense for people surfing and checking web-based email. But for someone trying to upload a blog entry, it is maddening. I haven't dared to try uploading a picture yet since I can barely get plain text through the pipe. We attend a couple of presentations today. The first is on the history of the Panama Canal. At the risk of descending into pedantry, I will share a synopsis with you. The Spanish arrived in central America in the early 16th century. As we learned in school, the explorer Balboa was the first white man to cross the isthmus ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 25th 2015

Another full day at sea en route to Cartagena, Colombia. Fairly heavy swells now that we are in the southern Caribbean, and people are adopting the drunken stumble. Air temperature is definitely increasing and humidity is rising. We attend a talk on the major ports of call on this trip and another on Cartagena. The library has become one of our favourite spots on board. It has nice view of the ocean, a coffee bar, and lots of books–what more could you ask for? In addition, I've discovered an important secret: one of the computers in the library is permanently online, whereas at all the others you have to log in and burn expensive minutes of pre-purchased connection time. The connection is flakey and at best speed glacial, of course, because it's through satellite, but if ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 24th 2015

The Veendam's route is first due south from Florida to the coast of Cuba, then a leg eastward to gain the channel between Cuba and Hispanola, then south again across the Caribbean to the first port of call: Cartagena, Columbia. We receive some disappointing news: the ship's delayed arrival and departure means that one port of call has to be cut. We will not be visiting Ixatapa, Mexico. I was looking forward to a tour of the Mayan ruins there. Today is a totally relaxed day at sea. In the morning, we attend a presentation on Cartagena, focused on shopping. We spend the entire afternoon playing duplicate bridge, 10 tables. Vi is an old hand at this, but it is the first time for me. The structure of duplicate bridge is somewhat intimidating, and I don't ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 24th 2015

What a joy to sleep in! A relaxed morning waiting for our transfer to Port Everglades. At the last minute, I nip over and purchase a couple of bottles of wine from Big Daddy's Liquors (no, not making this up). We are allowed to bring one bottle each on board. Transfer via van. The port is terrifically busy, and we are pleased to be in an official vehicle that can jump some backups. If we were in a cab, we might still be caught in that traffic jam. Our ship is Holland America's Veendam, which accommodates about 1500 passengers. By complete coincidence, this is the exact same vessel that we took around South America in 2011. We endure the standard hurry-up-and-wait to be processed and to board the ship. It takes about two hours; we are ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean January 12th 2015

Having a great time on the cruise. Movies, food and mickey and new friends.... read more
Captain of the Fantasy
Brisa,Sarah,Kasie and Abril

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean January 11th 2015

Out at sea on the Disney Fantasy.... read more
KC cool girl, Pedro and Sarahrah

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean November 20th 2014

It has taken me an extra day to get around to writing about my time in Salvador because I’ve been getting all sentimental about only having a few more weeks on the ship; but I’ll leave that until the end of the post. I enjoyed the small part of Salvador I got to experience. I didn’t arrive at the ship from the airport until almost 7 pm because we decided to take the local bus instead of taking a taxi. Two hours after getting on the bus we got off and still ended up taking a taxi from the bus stop to the ship! Needless to say I was tired from traveling and didn’t feel like going out that night. The following morning I decided to go out to a market my roommate had told me ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean November 8th 2014

Slept in later after a good night out. My cough was a little better after asking to have the AC disconnected in the room but Alex decided I should go to the onboard doctor rather than have to see one at great expense in the US. The South African doctor needed to work on nis bedside manner, maybe with so many unfit, overweight people onboard he had had his fill of sick passengers. Anyway after grilling me for taking my own antibiotics that I had with me and making me read an info sheet on antibiotic misuse, he begrudglingly gave me some medication and sent me on my way. Grabbed breakfast before they closed and spent a couple of hours at Posh before going to see the International Epic Crew show in the theatre where a ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean November 7th 2014

Spent the day at Posh doing even more relaxing and sunbathing. Still struggling with the internet so was unable to update the blog. Had a late lunch as tonigt was the main night onboard, the White Hot party night, everyone dresses in white and the crew weat white angel wings. I decided to avoid dinner and Alex grabbed something from the buffet. Met up with Kellie and Ben and joined in the dancing and fun drinking Cherry lime aid cocktails which are bright pink, not really a suitable choice when wearing an all white dress! Managed to avoid. pouring it down me anyway! The music was somewhat mixed and seemed to be mostly enjoyed by the friends of Dorothy crowd onboard who had a whale of a time! The evening was a great success and we ... read more

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