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Oceans and Seas » Caribbean July 1st 2017

Geo: 23.637827, -83.147212 Today was our last day at sea. Once again we slept in. This was our last day on the cruise. I got up before Nikki and went and sat on the balcony. Nikki packed and then we got ready to go to breakfast. We at in the Solarium Bistro today. Then we were off to play Trivia in Schooner Bar. This was general trivia and it was really difficult. After trivia we went up to deck 15 to get in the pool for a while. It was a beautiful sunny day and it was nice just to relax in the water. Nikki wanted to sit in the hot tub as well. The hot tub is against the window overhanging the side of the ship and it has an infinity edge so it was ... read more
Beautiful Sea Day
Sailing away from the Sunset

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean June 29th 2017

We took the morning at a snails pace. We had decided that we were going to skip breakfast today because we were so full. We headed down to the Royal Promenade to do a little shopping and then wandered the ship until Johnny Rockets opened for lunch. Once they opened, we had an early lunch. After lunch it was time for Star Wars Trivia in On Air. We did pretty well for only knowing about the first three Star Wars movies. Trivia was followed by sitting on the balcony of our stateroom and then getting in our swimsuits. We stopped by Schooner Bar to play Broadway Tunes trivia before heading up to deck 15 to swim. We spent time there before heading down to get ready to dinner. Dinner was in 150 Central Park. We had ... read more
Overlooking Central Park
Laying in the Solarium

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean June 26th 2017

We took advantage of not having to be anywhere early and slept in. I was up before Nikki and sat on the balcony and played on my tablet for a while until she got up. After getting ready we decided to head to the American Icon restaurant for breakfast. Then we went to Scooner Bar to play Entertainment Trivia. It was fun but we are not quite as adept at general triva knowledge as we are at Disney trivia. We hung around the ship for a while not really doing anything but being lazy. Lunch was in in Park Cafe where we had sandwiches and salad. Then it was off to another trivia game, this time in On Air and was Movie Quote trivia. We did pretty well this time but still didnt win. We were ... read more
Playing Trivia
Dinner at Chops Grill

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 30th 2017

Today is the second sea day of this 7 day cruise, so time for some relaxation. First we had to attend the back to back meeting. This was very informative with essential guidelines to re-enter USA to clear customs and immigration prior to re-boarding for our Transatlantic journey home to Barcelona Spain. During our time on this cruise, we have met many people that said they were travelling onto Barcelona, but a lot of them seem to be missing from this meeting. Maybe when you have done one before it is easier, but this is our first back to back so we are still learning. The two presenters did a good job of explaining the procedure for Saturday morning and were happy to answer any additional questions. It turns out we will be able to get ... read more
Buffet for tonight
Towel animal tonight

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 26th 2017

There is no need to get up early today as we have nothing planned until 11.00am. After a light breakfast, we headed to the cavern club on deck 6. We are attending a meet and greet and gift exchange organised by members of Cruise Critic. This is the first one of these that we have done, so not sure what to expect. For those that were participating in the gift exchange, they ask that you bring a gift relevant to where you live and had given a price of about $10. We had bought several items for our gift. Norwegian as normal had laid on a small buffet of drinks and cakes for us all which was unexpected but delightful as always. Many of key heads of departments were present and were happy to answer all ... read more
Richard - Hotel Director - Leading the show
Richards team
Gifts for exchange

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 20th 2017

Today is officially the saddest day of our vacation - the final full day of our cruise. We have had a really good time but now it’s time to pack everything to go back home. Tomorrow will be exciting with all the ship-disembarking stuff, and the airport stuff, and getting picked up by our daughter once we get home. But today is mostly a challenge of trying to get everything back into the suitcases, but still having room for stuff tomorrow morning too. We started today with breakfast in the Horizon Court. We were up there about 8:00 and it wasn’t crowded at all – people must have been sleeping in for the last time. Then Janet went to her Knitters group for a final meeting. Someone brought a tray of pastries and coffee, so they ... read more
Culinary Demonstration
Crown Princess Pop Choir
Mary singing

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 19th 2017

We are back at sea today. Today was for shipboard activities, and only the few things we wanted to do - the rest was for REST. We actually got up a little early for a sea day and we went to the dining room for one more serving of formal breakfasts. We sat with two other couples whom we have met before during the cruise – maybe we have been here too long and it’s time to head on home. Anyway, Janet had another helping of Eggs Benedict and David had a Ham & Cheese Omelet. After Breakfast, Janet went to the Knitters & Knatters session. She found one person who has been in her group all this time, but who is transferring to another ship and heading to California through the Panama Canal – their ... read more
The Winner

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 13th 2017

Hello from the Caribbean Sea. Well, we aren’t quite sure where the Atlantic ends and where the Caribbean begins but we think we have reached some part of the Caribbean. And back in the US, we think this is the day Daylight Savings begins, but it didn’t happen here on the ship. So altogether we aren’t quite sure where we are or what time it is at home, but we had another good day anyway. It was a nice bright morning with occasional passing clouds during the day. The temperature only got up to about 84 today, so it was a nice comfortable time to be out on the deck. The waters were a little wavy last night and throughout today, so we are weaving a little while trying to walk a straight line, but it’s ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 13th 2017

Hello. This is our 5thand final Sea Day between Salvador and Barbados. Tomorrow we start a string of days where we will go island hopping, so this is our final rest period for a while. We slept in until almost 9:00 and by the time we went to breakfast it was 10:00. We had such a lazy/restful morning that Janet didn’t even get to her knitting meeting today. We went back to the cabin and our steward had not gotten to our cabin yet. We had decided to stay in the room and watch the movie “Sully” at 11:15, so we gave Renaldo the day off. We told him everything was fine and he could straighten up when we went to dinner tonight. Anyway, we watched the movie and it was interesting. We went up to ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico February 24th 2017

Hola. Cómo estás hoy? (Hello. How are you today). I'm trying to fit in with the locals as we make our last stop at Cozumel, Mexico. We think this port was our favorite of the three ports we visited. It was large and we walked a million miles after taking a taxi into the main shopping area. Of course, there was the initial tourist shopping area as you debarked the ship but so much more to see and do further down the pike. Hop aboard....we are on our way. Taxi prices are cheap so we can take several of them so no one is left back. The shops along the waterway seemed to be a tad higher in quality but those up the back alleys were more fun and interesting. Of course, Lulu loved it all. ... read more
Welcome to Cozumel
Harmony of the Seas
Waters edge of Cozumel

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