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February 26th 2020
Published: February 26th 2020
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Hello from the Regal Princess as we cruise through the Leeward Channel on our way to Jamaica tomorrow. Today was a restful day with very little that we needed today. That started by sleeping until about 9:30. When we got up we listened to the Wake Show which summarized what was happening today. We found a couple of things that interested us, but they also gave us a joke for today. Q: What do you call someone who likes Mondays? A; Retired. We believe that an alternate correct answer should be A2: On a cruise vacation.

We went to the Horizon Court for Breakfast and got to sit there and admire the view of the ocean. During the day we were going to pass about 14 miles south of Cuba, and in the afternoon, we would be able 25 miles south of Guantanamo Bay. The weather today was very nice, with only occasional clouds, slight breeze, and 79 degree high temperature. We saw on the news that St Louis was preparing for a snowy/slushy storm, so we hope that wasn’t too bad.

We went down to an area called Ocean Front on deck 6 about 11:00. We were about an hour early but Janet was able to use a chair for most of the wait. The Sieberts also joined us and we got a good set of instructions on how the Medallion features work on the ship – also got a couple of problems solved on our smart phones. We think this will also be available when we take everyone on the Alaska cruise this summer, and some of those features will probably be very helpful. So that was from 12:00 – 12:30.

Then we went to a restaurant called Alfredo’s, which is nice Italian Restaurant - mostly pizzas but other things too. Janet ordered a Calzone without onions and David ordered one without mushrooms, but they got the order reversed. We eventually got it straightened out.

We all went back to our respective cabins and watched TV. David & Janet watched “Midway”, which turned out to be interesting visually but the dialogue was certainly not Oscar-winning quality. We had ordered complimentary canapés for 5:00 as that is one of our perks on the ship on Formal Nights. We invited the Sieberts down for the same time. Jim and David had a couple of beers before we all left for the dining room.

Tonight we shared a table with a family of 5. They turned out to be very interesting folks and we enjoyed the dinner. Janet and David each had the Beef Tenderloin after French Onion Soup for appetizer. Janet and Kathy had some more of the wine from last night. For dessert we all ordered our favorites, but then one of the other family members was having a birthday and they had additionally ordered a 3-layer chocolate cake with lots of rich frosting. It turned about to be 10 inches in diameter, and they couldn’t possibly eat it all, so they shared slices with us too. Anyway, it was an enjoyable dinner.

Afterwards we decided the show in the theater didn’t sound interesting enough for us to attend, so we all went to our cabins to turn in early in preparation for our shore excursion tomorrow. David went to refill our water bottles and happened to be passing when the captain made a speech in the Piazza. He said that the 5th largest group of customers this trip was from Holland, with 10 people. 4th largest was from Ireland with 14. 3rd largest was the UK with 218. 2nd largest was Canada with 741, and the US was the largest with 2551. If you add those up you come to a little more than 3500 passenger on the ship. We have heard that airlines and cruise lines have been suffering from impacts related to the virus, but not on this cruise. There are also more than 1100 crew on board from 54 different countries.

We are back in the cabin with most of tomorrow’s things ready for our trip to Jamaica, so we will stop now and send the blog. Good Night to everyone.


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