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Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 13th 2017

Hello from the Caribbean Sea. Well, we aren’t quite sure where the Atlantic ends and where the Caribbean begins but we think we have reached some part of the Caribbean. And back in the US, we think this is the day Daylight Savings begins, but it didn’t happen here on the ship. So altogether we aren’t quite sure where we are or what time it is at home, but we had another good day anyway. It was a nice bright morning with occasional passing clouds during the day. The temperature only got up to about 84 today, so it was a nice comfortable time to be out on the deck. The waters were a little wavy last night and throughout today, so we are weaving a little while trying to walk a straight line, but it’s ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 13th 2017

Hello. This is our 5thand final Sea Day between Salvador and Barbados. Tomorrow we start a string of days where we will go island hopping, so this is our final rest period for a while. We slept in until almost 9:00 and by the time we went to breakfast it was 10:00. We had such a lazy/restful morning that Janet didn’t even get to her knitting meeting today. We went back to the cabin and our steward had not gotten to our cabin yet. We had decided to stay in the room and watch the movie “Sully” at 11:15, so we gave Renaldo the day off. We told him everything was fine and he could straighten up when we went to dinner tonight. Anyway, we watched the movie and it was interesting. We went up to ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico February 24th 2017

Hola. Cómo estás hoy? (Hello. How are you today). I'm trying to fit in with the locals as we make our last stop at Cozumel, Mexico. We think this port was our favorite of the three ports we visited. It was large and we walked a million miles after taking a taxi into the main shopping area. Of course, there was the initial tourist shopping area as you debarked the ship but so much more to see and do further down the pike. Hop aboard....we are on our way. Taxi prices are cheap so we can take several of them so no one is left back. The shops along the waterway seemed to be a tad higher in quality but those up the back alleys were more fun and interesting. Of course, Lulu loved it all. ... read more
Welcome to Cozumel
Harmony of the Seas
Waters edge of Cozumel

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico February 23rd 2017

No rest for the weary. We still have more places to go and more things to do on this wonderful cruise. Tuesday, we are reflecting back upon our second port of call: Falmouth, Jamaica. Get up and get ready to disembark into this interesting town. It's an easy jaunt from the ship to the town. Beauty surrounds us. Our ship is docked adjacent to the "tourist" part of this town. You can see it towering over the various markets. We wandered in and out of the shops: jewelry, liquor, t-shirts and then repeat that over and over again. Lulu was gleeful to get some of her beauty shots in. We found a small Margaritaville where Cory and Lulu posed for my continuous snapshot-shooting. The funny fellow seated in the painted chair next to Cory had been ... read more
Our ship towers over the marketplace
Shopping galore
Nice shops...many similar

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico February 22nd 2017

All aboard! Last call. Reflecting back to last Monday, we are still cruising on the Harmony of the Seas. Sunday was a day at sea so we could prowl this massive boat. It will take days to see it all and even then, I think we will not be able to do it all. Hope you enjoyed the photos of this luxury liner that I have already shared with you. Now, we are going into our first port and investigate the small peninsula of Labadee, Haiti. It is located on the north coast of Hispaniola. Christopher Columbus was the first European to set foot on this peninsula of Hispaniola in 1492, when the Santa Maria ran aground off the coast on Christmas Day. Now, Royal Caribbean has transformed this secluded paradise into its own private retreat. ... read more
Coming into port
Our ship in port & Sandy
Beautiful Butterflies

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico February 21st 2017

Aaaaahhhhh. What a week! We've been home four days from our wonderful cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas. This cruise ship is the largest one on the seas....for now, anyway. How can one be exhausted from living the high life of being waited on hand and foot? I don't know, but we are! Hope you all are back on schedule and settled into your regular routine. Remember: we left Kissimmee on Saturday, Feb. 11th. Cory drove Sandy, Sam and me to Fort Lauderdale/Port Everglades to board this glorious ship. It holds just under 6,000 passengers and 2,000 crew members. It is twice the height of the Washington Monument. I have not been on-line for this entire week so that's why you thought we had fallen off the edge of the earth. Of course, those ... read more
Port Everglades dock
Our room
Opposite view of our room

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico January 16th 2017

January 14, 2017 We are arriving at Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas, HAL's island in the sun. The sky is overcast and the temp is 73. I am enjoying my morning coffee in the cabin whilst ML is working hand at exercise class. While waiting for the port shuttle we chatted up a Canadian couple who had been in baggage claim at FLL when the shooting started.. They saw people running in all directions, seniors in wheel chairs unable to move and bodies covered with blankets. It was a horrendous scene and being Canadians they helped where they could. The were trapped in the airport for 13 hours and the car rental agencies were closed. They took the shuttle to our hotel but there were no rooms so they slept in the lobby. Then they ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico December 22nd 2016

Geo: 25.8118, -87.2492 We started the day with Disney Trivia in the Promenade. After trivia, we had a little down time before we headed to Palo for Brunch. Ashlie was our server again and he was great as usual. We had a nice, leisurely brunch and then went to see Jack-Jack’s Incredible Diaper Dash. Three babies competed to see who could crawl across the finish line first. Then we headed back to pack a little. The girls and I went to a presentation of Disney Innovations: Theme Parks where we learned about the 10 innovations that were created by Disney. Things like: the Theme Park, audio animatronics, single entrance gate, a destination resort, specific ride vehicles, hub and spoke system. After the presentation, we just chilled on the verandah for the rest of the afternoon. (And ... read more
Kelsie and Nikki at Palo
Ric and Regan at Palo
Kelsie and Regan at Palo

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico December 17th 2016

Geo: 23.2131, -92.2919 Both Regan and I had spa treatments first thing in the morning and Kelsie wanted to work out and spend time in the Rainforest so breakfast was on our own. Nikki and I met up for the DVC Member Gathering and then we all went to Anyone Can Cook and learned to make lobster ravioli. Lunch was on the pool deck and we all grabbed things from different quick serve locations. We also played (and won) Disney Tunes Trivia and then we played Movie Quotes Trivia (we came in second). Dinner was in Animators Palate. After dinner we went to see The Golden Mickey’s and then to Majority Rules and Match Your Mate before turning in.... read more
Kelsie at Trivia
Twist and Spout and Kids Pool

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean November 8th 2016

A beautiful Caribbean sunrise greeted us this morning and I decided to make the most of it with a run on the jogging track. Bearing in mind it was 7am I was shocked to find it full of walkers, more kind of made running impossible as there were so many going back and forth, it kept slowing me down (not that I am fast by any stretch of the imagination!) so I gave up and decided to go to the gym. Again it was so busy, out of about 15 or more treadmills and bikes, they were all taken. I knew there was an early abs class so decided to give that a try and found that also full!! I have no idea where all the fitness freaks came from! Certainly not from the garden café ... read more

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