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Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 20th 2016

Sailing Home We left the great landmass of South America the way we entered it, by sailboat. It had been over three months since we hitched a lift on Hughes (Eugg) and Caroline's boat to Ushuaia and started this overland odyssey. It seemed right that it was another french Capitan whose job it was to sail us and a dozen or so other backpackers on El Gitano del Mar to Panama. His name was Jepe and he is a pirate. Both his ears sported a large gold hooped earring and his arms were covered in tattoos including at least one stereotypical anchor tatt. Dark tanned skin and fishermans pants completed the look, but far from being a cliche he exuded cool. The sort of cool I'd try to make small talk with about the weather (surely ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 25th 2016

On our final “Sea Day” we again made our way to the Vista Dining Room for breakfast where an “Italiano Frittata” was calling for me. Do I have to elaborate on the lack of culinary imagination of my travelling companions? Again, with the American breakfast, eggs well scrambled and bacon well done. At least in the dining room it’s the dining room stewards that get to deal with my mother who has suddenly become quite vocal in telling people exactly how she wants things. It has been an amazing transformation to watch in less than two weeks. Today’s itinerary offered us one final chance to win at bingo, this time enticing us with a possible $25,000 jackpot if we get bingo on the last card in 46 calls or less. Today is my mother’s birthday, the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 24th 2016

I’d gotten up early and was working on the blog. The previous two days hadn’t given us much of a chance to blog, and the internet has been flaky. And I must add, that we’ve been tardy at posting these final days, but hope to finish them off; albeit, a couple of weeks late. Sharon went to mass, noting that until sailing without a priest, she hadn’t realized how much she missed having this daily service. We went to the dining room for breakfast, where I opted for the eggs Benedict. My mom and Sharon are completely unimaginative, choosing again the American Breakfast with scrambled eggs. We then made our way to the Exploration Café and Lounge for our daily Sudoku challenge. My mother is getting much better and actually finished the Easy Puzzle before Sharon ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 20th 2016

It’s near the middle of our cruise and we get to relax a bit before we get some intense tour days ahead. We chose the Lido and took our time. Mother is getting used to being waited on hand and foot. Mother has gotten into a bit of a rut as to what she orders for breakfast: Everything! And why not, she has people to fetch it for her. She thought that she’d like to try the chocolate croissant, and it was ‘okay’ which basically means that she won’t be asking for another one. And then she made some comment about perhaps wanting a donut; but, Sharon stifled that by noting that they didn’t have any out today. I had an omelet with jalapeño, sausage, cheese, onions and piled on lots of salsa. Sharon went with ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 17th 2016

We lost an hour as we began our journey east towards Bonaire, one of the A-B-C islands… can you guess which one? All are part of the Dutch Antilles. Being a sea-day we opted for breakfast in the Vista Dining Room, a switch from our more hurried Lido routine. Mother decided to try the stone-cut Irish oatmeal, Sharon had her American breakfast and I opted for the muesli with bananas and a frittata with sausage and potato cake. Mother gave the thumbs up for her hot cereal. We were joined by a very nice couple who told us how they had surprised her sister by booking passage on this cruise, which she had previously booked. She did know they were coming until they showed up at the dinner table. And she also surprised her husband by ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 4th 2016

Happy Fat Tuesday! I'm really ready to celebrate this day because I fit right into the title....fat-fat-fat! And it's Tuesday and we should all be Happy - happy-happy-happy! Cruise Day 5 - Freeport Up and at 'em. My walking shoes are worn out and shredded just like my entire body. I hope you are in better shape than me. You would think with all this walking I would be prancing and dancing like a young gazelle. Wrong! I'm dragging like an aged tortoise with broken legs. Big Lulu can run faster than me and she has no legs. No matter, we must still plug on. Breakfast first, then debarkation onto the island of Freeport. Hey! What's all this? Outside on the pool deck are thousands of towel animals all over the place. Cute! They block our ... read more
Tourist area
Tourist Spot downtown Freeport

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 3rd 2016

Wake up, wake up! We debark this morning to visit Nassau AFTER we eat breakfast. You need all the strength you can muster up for this walking adventure. Cory and I find it amusing to say this is our 3rd visit to Nassau since this is just our 3rd cruise. We feel like experienced island hoppers. We know the routine. We know the route. Carolyn and Bill have joined our party which makes us an entourage of 8. Well, 8 1/2 counting Lulu cause she's so small. We were advised by the ship not to venture out from the tourist areas......danger: high crime. Welcome to Nassau, everyone! We pushed and shoved our way through the pack of persistent local tour barkers. We know our way and get ourselves up to the Main Street. Hasn't changed a ... read more
Ready to leave the ship
Welcome to the Bahamas
Lulu loves men

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 2nd 2016

First and foremost, Happy Groundhog Day! No matter what that ratty critter sees, you just have to take what comes. You can't fool with Mother Nature! Spring will spring when it's spring. It's breakfast time AGAIN! Time to eat. No malingerers, please. Today, most of the sailing folk are going to take "tenders" (small transport boats) to an island called Half Moon Cay. It's a small island with a beautiful beach. They will have a barbecue meal while over there. We are planning on staying on board. The tender won't accommodate Sam's scooter plus the island is all sand which will not work with his vehicle. No matter, we aren't interested in going, anyway. We take our time enjoying breakfast with Sam & Sandy and Carole & George. We can watch the folks load into the ... read more
Top of the ship
Swinging in a big hammock
At the top - great view

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean December 2nd 2015

After all the talk of bad weather yesterday through social media, we woke this morning to torrential rain. Our plan to walk back over to the Southport Shopping Centre was cancelled as, although we could have easily taken the car, after breakfast we decided it best to just head for the port. We first took the car back to the airport. Who would have thought that the 2 mile journey could be so stressful; for Roisin, our designated driver (!) and for Chris who had one eye on the satnav and one eye on the road signs. Even for midday on a Monday, the traffic was bumper to bumper (or fender to fender as they say over here!!) The other quirk is that all the exits on the highways and interstates are filter lanes so unless ... read more
The writings on the wall (or balcony door!!)
Poor turnout at the 2nd trivia
Roisin enjoying a sit in the sun

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean November 7th 2015

Hot hot hot, we are definitely in Carribean waters, strong breeze and hot sunshine, perfect for a day at Vibe. Grabbed the beds and grabbed breakfats, Alex had a few jobs to do at guest services etc so I lazed around watching the frequent cargo ships pass by, we are getting very close to land now. Captain said in his daily announcement that we would arrive in Miami around 4am the next morning in order for crew to clear US customs. Skipped lunch but Alex brought me back a bowl of raspberry crumble. Sat in the hot tub overlooking the sea with a great bunch of people, a loud crazy guy originally from Brazil but now runs a bar in Santa Barbara along with a group of girls and guys from Orlando, had a fun time ... read more

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