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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 5th 2013

Up at 8:10. Ken got our lattes and croissants and we sat on the balcony. The sky is very cloudy and it is a lot cooler.....58 degrees....brrrr. I think our weather is going to be different now as we head north. 3226 nautical miles since we left Ft Lauderdale and 324 more miles to reach Dublin. We walked on deck 7 and then went up for an egg on toast. We looked at the photos that the photographers on the ship have taken. We bought our Embarkation one-pretty good. One night they took single shots of us at dinner. We found ours-not bad; two photos down from Ken's was an elderly man that could pass for his dad!! He is adopted so you never know! We went back to the room and read for a couple ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 3rd 2013

Normal morning EXCEPT we lost another hour and we woke up at 10 am. We are now 4 hrs ahead of Atlanta time. Tomorrow we arrive in Porta Delgado. We are taking a 4x4 jeep tour. I'll have to set the alarm!Ken got our lattes and we sat on the balcony. Annie heard us; (they are next door to us) they had just gotten up too, so Bobbie went and got their lattes and they joined us. It was nearly noon when Ken and Bobbie went up to our favorite spot on the deck while Annie and I went to a $10 sale. I bought a few things; Annie didn't get anything. It's another beautiful sunny day-68 degrees. As Annie and I joined the guys, I went to sit on end of my lounge chair and ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 1st 2013

I didn't sleep well last night. I'm reading a book "Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn-a murder thriller. I had a dream that Ken had murdered some people and was running from the law. So weird and disturbing! Anyway we woke to another beautiful sunny day, 68 degrees. Ken went down and got our coffee and we drank it on the balcony. We haven't seen any sea life.....we'll keep looking. We went up for breakfast: egg on English muffin, bacon, fruit. As soon as we finished Annie and Bobbie showed up so we sat with them while they ate. We walked up to the Skywalker's lounge. It's the highest you can get on the ship. It's a beautiful view. We were going to go to the Line Dancing class but when we saw how beautiful it was ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 29th 2013

Ken woke me about 7:40. He had a latte for me so I couldn't complain. After I woke up a bit by sipping my latte on the balcony, we headed up for breakfast. It's definitely cooler today as we head north. We ate on the very back deck of the ship: eggs, bacon, croissant and fruit. As we were walking back inside we saw Bobbie so we joined him and Annie while they ate their breakfast. I have a massage at 2 pm today and Annie decided to have one too so we went up to the spa to book the appointment. Annie went back to the room and Bobbie, Kenny and I decided to go to deck 7-the walking deck; you can walk the outside perimeter of the ship 3 X for one mile. We ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena March 29th 2013

Dark Sky Week Well, how long is a year? We know all the numbers, don’t we but there is something miraculous and strange that from our own point of view, time is not constant. A year away from family, friends and hometown has been longer than I imagined it to be. My geriatric gap year has been as full of fun, challenge, interest and difference as I imagined it to be – I know that it will stand out to be one of the best years of my life – but a year is still a jolly long time. Reflecting back, there is a year of public events in the UK and the rest of the world that scarcely rippled the quiet surface of life on St Helena. The South Atlantic Media Services (SAMS) news which ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena March 10th 2013

Sticky Knickers Well, a whiff of cordite in the air this week. A few weeks ago a very glossy prospectus was produced by Enterprise St Helena (a NGO, publically funded, charged with regenerating the island’s economy alongside the airport project) featuring some very comprehensive changes suggested for Jamestown. Now, the island’s capital (think Much Wenlock rather than London or New York) will no longer be the entry point to the island once the airport opens, the RMS is decommissioned and goods are taken to the wharf at neighboring Rupert’s Bay. So, as with all communities preparing themselves for a tourist-based economy, changes do need to be made. Jamestown is, apparently, the best example of a Georgian town in the southern hemisphere (yes, I’m sure that there must be another one somewhere) but, if truth be told ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena February 12th 2013

Road Closures Congratulations to our friend Richard who started his job as Senior Editor for the St Helena Broadcasting (guarantee) Corporation Ltd (SHBC) yesterday. You will notice the title ‘Senior’, not ‘Junior’ nor ‘Chief’ not even “foreign’ or ‘Sport’. ‘Senior’ sounds pretty impressive, a post of some status within a complex hierarchy of editors that might make up this arm of the ‘Corporation Ltd.’ I spoke with Richard today (off the record, of course) about his new post and it was a little disappointing to read that he might, in fact, be the only editor within the organization. On the other hand, his title extends beyond the world of newsprint and on-line journalism (I will of course be keeping up to date with the stories, fictions and reports that make up the weekly potpourris that makes ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena January 20th 2013

As I would say to the Governor …. It’s amazing what a spot of sunshine can do! I have been following the trials and tribulations of folk in the UK suffering (or, sometimes enjoying) the first few winter flakes of snow and have felt just a tinge of regret that I can’t be there to witness it. Then I look out of my window and see the impact that the summer sun has on the colours of the landscape and sea around me. One thing that I have only just realized (and I’m sure that it’s one of those things that everyone in the whole wide world realized when they were only knee high to a grasshopper) is that the sun doesn’t set in the same place the whole year round. When I first arrived on ... read more
From Diana'S Peak

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena January 13th 2013

Broadcasting Exchange The grey cloud that hung over St Helena as the RMS anchored in James Bay rather reflected my mood returning to the island after a short but lovely Christmas trip to Blighty. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to return to the island that has been host to my geriatric gap-year but, rather, mixed feelings about returning only for a few weeks to the truncated project that I have led since August 2011. The professional project I have led has been (so far) a great success with school colleagues working so hard to change and improve their practice. The improvement has been so remarkable that we are expecting 70% of pupils to be level 4 and above in English and mathematics (Level 4 being the age related expectation) compared to 50% in 2012 and ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic January 2nd 2013

Our last full day at sea as this voyage comes to a close Friday. Today has been a quiet day for the most part, as we just rest up and take stock of getting off the ship and onto our next leg of the tour in Buenos Aires early Friday morning. We are experiencing very heavy seas and gale force winds again, so we were bundled up while reading on the sun deck as we are moving across a very deep portion of the Atlantic at present. As they are cross swells, the ship is rolling a tremendous amount, even with all of the stabilizers’ out. Thank God we have those or there would be a LOT of sea sick people on-board. The ship’s Dr. told us this morning that a very large number of people ... read more
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