Second sea day in the Caribbean - Last day before we re-join the Atlantic -

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November 16th 2018
Published: January 20th 2019
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When we woke up today, the weather looked great outside. We had a planned a relaxing day of sunbathing so we are relaxed for our few days rushing through Florida.

On the way to the buffet for breakfast, we met up with a few people that we have met before on the cruise. By the time we got to the buffet, it was an hour later.

Unfortunately, on arrival at the buffet we witnessed a lady falling badly on the slippery floor. The crew were very efficient and the doctor was soon there. She was wrapped and strapped to a stretcher and taken down to the medical centre. What a terrible way to finish a holiday. It looked bad.

By the time we got out of the buffet after breakfast the rain was falling again, so we did not get the chance to do any sun bathing.

Unfortunately, on the way back to the room, Theresa also took a small tumble down a couple of stairs. She is collecting lots of bruises this holiday. Thankfully, there was no lasting damage.

We had a wander around the shops as they had a black Friday sale on board today. There was nothing of interest for us here on this occasion.

Theresa had an early session in the casino and lost as usual.

Then we had a late lunch in Sheehan’s. We were seated at a table with a lady and gentleman that we assumed were together, but they we not. This was a very interesting meal with a Canadian and a Floridian.

Tomorrow is the last day of the cruise, so this afternoon we had to pack up all our belongings so that our cases could be taken away late this evening.

We had planned on a final meal in Taste tonight, but by the time we had finished packing, we have lost enthusiasm for it so went to the buffet instead. It was grill night so some different foods there tonight.

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