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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic March 12th 2017

Hello from the good ship Crown Princess. Today we reached, and crossed, the equator. In nautical parlance this is called “crossing the line”. In keeping with our previous practice of giving you references where we are north and south, we are a far from the North Pole as from the South Pole. We got up about 8:00 and discovered we had actually crossed the equator around 4:00 in the morning, but there was to be a ceremony scheduled for 11:00 when it was more convenient for everyone. But we got dressed and went to the Horizon Court for breakfast. Tomorrow we are planning to use the dining room, but that’s a story for another day. After breakfast, Janet went to the Needlework Lounge and worked on her newest project with her friends. There weren’t very many ... read more
King Neptune & Queen Aphrodite
First two Polliwogs
3rd Polliwog

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic March 10th 2017

Hello from the ship as we continue sailing around the northeast quadrant of Brazil toward the Caribbean. This was another day of restful cruising – Janet is trying to teach David how to enjoy “doing nothing”. He’s still got to work on this, but he’s trying. The ship has been heading generally West-Northwest most of the day and we are gradually sneaking up on the Equator. They predict we will cross about 11:00 tomorrow morning. But that means we are only a couple of degrees south so the sun is pretty much overhead. This morning it was fairly clear and really hot out on the deck, but there was steady overcast most of the afternoon which made it feel cooler. We slept in and then had a meatless breakfast in the Horizon Court. It wasn’t the ... read more
Also crowded in another
Janet at the Coffee Bar
Appetizers & Drinks

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic March 4th 2017

We are still in the Atlantic Ocean, continuing northeast toward Rio de Janeiro. We had another restful day with mostly sunny weather and nice sea-cooled temperatures in the mid 80s. We are well past the cold rough seas from earlier in the trip and since leaving the Falklands this has been much more enjoyable weather (even sometime on the hot side). A quick synopsis of today is a very nice day. We went to the dining room this morning and had a sit-down breakfast. Janet was able to get Eggs Benedict and David had a nice Omelet. We were seated with a pair of crazy couples. One pretty old gentleman couldn’t seem to remember what he’d ordered and was nearly deaf, so each time the waiter asked if he wanted anything else, he kept ordering more ... read more
International Cafe
Main Staircase in Midship Piazza

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 1st 2017

Geo: 22.6367, 97.3911Honestly, who knew...?! 1) that Pyin Oo Lwin, a small town in northern Myanmar, could have such beautiful botanical gardens? We stretched out a couple hour visit to a whole day, riding our bikes, wandering, taking photos, watching a movie being made, watching people, animals, flowers. And did you know that children of all cultures skip as an expression of carefree joy in the moment? It's like the urge wells up and they break free with this simple dance step that is universally known in our bodies. I have observed it everywhere...parks, airports, streets. Take a look next time you are in a public place. 2) that a train ride can be so good and so bad?! That you can get bedbugs on a day train with wooden seats and open wind... read more
The Gokteik Viaduct
Heading somewhere
He gave Donna a rose & melted her heart

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic February 27th 2017

Welcome aboard for a nice quite day of sailing. We have been moving constantly northeast since leaving port yesterday and the seas have been nice and smooth all day. The temperature was supposed to reach the high 80s but we had overcast skies all morning and partly cloudy in the afternoon. It probably didn’t get much above 80 all day. Around lunch time, the clouds were so low and thick that the ship had to sound its foghorn for about half an hour. Like at home, everyone periodically needs to do their laundry and today was our laundry day. This wouldn’t be noteworthy except that it’s a good thing we did because they are working on the water system and will not permit any laundry during the next 4 days. Fortunately we are fully outfitted with ... read more
Our Dinning Companions
Internet Center

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic February 25th 2017

Hello from somewhere in the southwest Atlantic Ocean. We have been sailing all day and through tonight from the Falkland to our next port in Argentina. We’ve been heading in a northwesterly direction, which will get us to Puerto Madryn tomorrow morning. So today was a good time to rest and relax at sea. We will be gradually going north from now on, so the temperatures should increase over the next few days (today it was close to 70 degrees but with a mild wind across the deck). First let’s answer the question from yesterday. What is the first country you come to when sailing east from the Falklands. The answer is “Chile”. Heading directly east from Stanley you would pass beneath all of Africa, below Australia and New Zealand, and you go all the way ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis February 20th 2017

Geo: 20.5672, 96.9159 We love this country! Having come from India, it's almost quiet and clean here. It isn't really, but it's like knocking your head against the wall, it feels so good when you stop. Seriously though, we love India. And Myanmar is a sweet place with kind, friendly people who appear to love their lives and appreciate their new-found-on-the-road-to-democracy country. Bagan: I can walk for exercise - it's safe, I don't have to do it at 6:00am because of the heat, and there are somewhat quiet side streets. People sing out 'good morning!' from their window or scruffy yard - a dirt covered space with a plastic chair or two, maybe a bamboo bed where the laundry gets done - with big smiles on their faces excited to greet me as I walk by.Bagan ... read more
Easy rider with matching shirt
Sunset amazement

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis February 13th 2017

Geo: 16.7837, 96.1568 What?! Rangoon is gone; not only in name as it is now called Yangon. We recognized nothing of the Rangoon of 1985 when we were last here. Even the Strand Hotel, where we ate a lobster after months of living on $15/day for all food, accommodation and transportation, was the same. Back then, the Burmese government allowed a one week only visa and all visitors had to fly in and out of this city. Backpackers flocked here, bringing in their duty free whiskey and cigarettes, selling them on the black market for enough profit to fund the week. Oblivious to the potential risks involved, we participated fully (and thus ate a lobster). Most travellers dashed around the country, taking night trains and rickety old buses so they could see the main sites of ... read more
Sweeping Shwedagon
Monks in prayer
Pilgrim lighting candles

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis February 10th 2017

Geo: 17.1224, -61.842As promised, we got Rob to Antigua in time to meet his wife, Vicki, at the airport. He moved ashore, and they enjoyed a week's vacation in a rental unit right in Jolly Harbour, just a short dinghy ride from where Inspiration was anchored. With them so close by, we spent an awful lot of time on shore, as it was a week of birthday celebrations. Both Vicki and Tony had birthdays that week. Together we all enjoyed a few of the beaches of Antigua, several restaurants, markets, side of the road roti shacks, goat, donkey and cat watching, and simply relaxing and spending time with good friends on their deck overlooking the water. One day, while Rob and Vicki had fun touring the island, Tony and I spent the day at their rental ... read more
Jolly Harbour
Jolly Harbour
Jolly Harbour

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