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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic July 21st 2015

Day 114 Monday 6 July Blois to Rennes 31c We rose about 6.30 and organised our gear then went out to have breakfast. We packed the car, said goodbye to CoCo and set off for Blois with Thierry crossing the Loire on the Francois Mitterrand Bridge. We arrived at the station early and saw that we could catch an earlier train to St Pierre de Cors which might give us a chance to get an earlier train to Le Mans which then might give us more time for our next change. As it was the holidays the train from Blois was not as crowded as we expected but when we arrived in St Pierre de Cors there was no earlier train to Le Mans so we went to the waiting room and sat down. I checked ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic June 22nd 2015

Off to Bermuda The day dawned rainy but by the time we were on the George Washington bridge the sun was shining. We are sailing with dear friends Anita and Don. Anita was my Matron of Honor and she graduated high school with Joe. She and Joe celebrate a special Birthday this year so we plan to celebrate all the way to Bermuda and back. The embarkation process was a bit slow and I really didn't like the gauntlet of venders hawking their wares just before the gangway. It seemed a bit tacky to us. This is our first Celebrity cruise and I can't help but comparing it to the HAL experience. Our rooms were not ready so we headed to the buffet for lunch. It will take a bit of time to get familiar with ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Celtic Sea May 8th 2015

The last day on a cruise is always bittersweet for us. We've enjoyed every cruise we've ever been on, so getting ready to disembark is a little sad. No more cabin stewards to magically clean our cabin every time we leave it; no more 24/7 access to wonderful food of all types; no more daily entertainment from all kinds of talented performers; and no more of the essentially stress free environment that exists on cruises. In other words, it's back to reality! This cruise was no exception: we loved everything about it. The small disappointment of skipping Bermuda was offset by the unexpected pleasure of visiting the Azores. The few rainy days at sea were perfect for just relaxing, and didn't disrupt any of the fun activities going on inside. Even though it was pretty chilly ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 4th 2015

Well. the big performance day finally arrived. After a short dress rehersal, the 70 members of the Sound of Music Princess Pop Choir performed for other passengers in the ship's central Piazza. Our intrepid Choir Master, the Deputy Cruise Director Corey, showed up in full costume (see the picture on facebook) to add to the festivities. We made several mistakes, none fatal, but received standing ovations nonetheless. (Actually, everyone was standing for the whole thing.) Speaking for members of the choir, I can say we had a BLAST. Corey, a talented singer and dancer himself, was a great director, but it was his insanely sarcastic humor that kept us in stitches through every rehersal and the performance. We all agreed that it's been one of the most fun things we've done this cruise. Otherwise, it was ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 3rd 2015

This day started off with something we've never experienced in all the many cruises we've taken around the world: a medical airlift from the ship while we were at sea! It started at about 5:45am when a cabin steward woke us up to tell us that a patient was being airlifted into a med-evac helicopter and he needed to bring in all the furniture off our of balconey. When he was finished, we just went back to sleep. Then in about 30 minutes we were again awakened to the news that we needed to leave our stateroom and move to a lower floor while the evacuation was taking place. Apparently, they only evacuated rooms on high floors righ under the area where the evacuation was taking place, and we were one of the lucky ones. While ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 1st 2015

Well, it rained all day today, but that didn't stop the fun inside. Between the Caribbean Caliente celebration during the day and the Mardi Gras celebration last night, it was another fun and relaxing day. We also saw a whale swimming right by our ship in the afternoon - the first sign of sea life we've seen this trip. We also had time for some leisurely reading and resting - which came in handy since we've been staying up later than usual at night and losing an hour every other night or so because of the time changes. Time has really flown by this past week and we've enjoyed every minute of it.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 30th 2015

I do remember being 50 and, as well as I can recall, it was a very good year. On board Princess cruises this year, there are two 50th Anniversary celebrations. First, it's Princess Cruise Lines 50th Anniversary, and they are celebrating it every day in a new way. We've had a 60's rock and roll party; a 70's disco party on the pool deck - with interviews from the original "Love Boat" cast show on the outdoor screen; tomorrow will be an 80's party and there are lots of other things to come. It's a pretty good year to be cruising on a Princess ship! It's also the 50th anniversary of "Sound of Music" and today, they showed the director's cut of the movie on the outdoor big screen - a sing-a-long version complete with lyrics. ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena April 30th 2015

Upon leaving Africa we began our 26 day island hopping odyssey from south to north and from east to west all the way to Florida. It is a great way for the world cruise to wind down. After all the heavy duty touring and safaris in Africa, it's time to relax and reflect and, of course, start packing. On the other hand there is still lots of exploring to be done in these interesting islands we are calling on. The first, St Helena, is perhaps the most historic of these specks in the ocean. It is three days by sea to reach the place where Napoleon was banished and where he eventually died. It was also used by the British as a prisoner of war camp during the Boer War. It is always a gamble as ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 29th 2015

It did rain a couple of times today, but not enough to spoil anyone's fun on this Love Boat! As I already mentioned, there are lots of older folks on this cruise. We've met a few 40ish passengers, a few more 50ish folks, lots of 60/70ish folks and TONS of 80/90ish folks. Most are from the US, but we've met folks from England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Australia, New Zealand, and other several other countries. It doesn't matter how old these folks are or where they're from, they have wonderful stories to tell! It's also amazing to us is how much the older passengers and passengers with disabilities have fully embraced ship life. The walking track is full of folks in the morning; the pool has tons of sun bathers all afternoon; and the bars/casinos/lounges/shows are packed ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic April 28th 2015

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent today at sea instead of docking in Bermuda because of extremely high winds. Although a little disappointed about the change in itinerary, Bowen and I were actually very happy to have another restful day at sea. I say restful because there really is no stress at all when you're cruising. But we were actually quite busy all day. That's the beauty of life on a ship - you can do as much or as little as you want. Today was country/western day and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to a great band and watching (not participating in) the line dancing lessons. There are some really, really good dancers on this ship and some not "gifted" in that area. But it's just great seeing so many people - even some very old ... read more

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