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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 1st 2019

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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis February 1st 2019

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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic December 25th 2018

Once far away from the lands of home and once far away from the lands of Virginia, oh travel brings lots of joy and happiness! I was basically just making up that special poet quote about my travels! I took a nice World Nurse Assistant Journey through Philippines Sea Countries as well as across from there to Indian Ocean to Red Sea to Medterrean Sea to Atlantic Seas,etc. I got to see all the ports of call through Cruising! Amman, Jordan; Libson, Portugal; Barcelona, Spain; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Jidahh, Saudi Arabia, Mumbai, India; Bangkok, Thailand; Hamilton,Bermuda, Johannesburg, South Africa; Tokyo,Japan;etc. Unfortunately, my pictures I tried to paste on this message won't let me but I walked around Thailand's Grand Palace,etc. I didn't pay too much money to explore the Grand Palace and the streets were ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic December 8th 2018

The Atlantic, North to South – December 2018 Dawn breaks over my last morning in Barcelona and after enjoying another great buffet breakfast at the Hilton, it’s time to make my way down to the lobby, grab a local taxi to the cruise ship terminal and begin yet another adventure on the high seas. As I left the hotel the rain began to fall, as if the city was crying at my departure (yeah, like that would happen – NOT) – and it continued to come down harder as I approached the World Trade Center Terminal. Arriving here early made check-in was a breeze, and in less than 30 minutes from being dropped off, I was onboard and making my way to the restaurant for an early lunch, while the staterooms were being readied. One of ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis December 1st 2018

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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 16th 2018

When we woke up today, the weather looked great outside. We had a planned a relaxing day of sunbathing so we are relaxed for our few days rushing through Florida. On the way to the buffet for breakfast, we met up with a few people that we have met before on the cruise. By the time we got to the buffet, it was an hour later. Unfortunately, on arrival at the buffet we witnessed a lady falling badly on the slippery floor. The crew were very efficient and the doctor was soon there. She was wrapped and strapped to a stretcher and taken down to the medical centre. What a terrible way to finish a holiday. It looked bad. By the time we got out of the buffet after breakfast the rain was falling again, so ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 12th 2018

Another time change last night, so our body clocks are all over the place. We were up and in the breakfast room early for 7.30am this morning. We saw Paul and Robin the Facebook page Admins that we met yesterday and they asked if we would join their table for breakfast. We felt special. Breakfast this morning took two and a half hours as we kept meeting people we know or when new people come and sat at our table once our Facebook friends had left. We have nothing to hurry for though, as it is raining again outside. There is always a risk of this on a Transatlantic particularly at this time of year. It is winter after all. Looking through the Norwegian Epic daily yesterday, we spotted the cake making competition. This is always ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 11th 2018

We have another time change last night and only one more before we reach St Maarten. Our plan today was to spend it sun bathing. We should know never to make plans as it was overcast. At breakfast, we met quite a few people from the Facebook page as well as the page admins. It was lovely to sit and have a proper chat with them. (Paul and Robin) We were advised by another guest that if we had any constructive comments, it was a good idea to inform Nelson the Hotel Manager. They have slips for doing this in reception to address some minor problems on board. This was to turn into a pile of US dollars for us. As we left them, we went to walk along the deck to go down to the ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 10th 2018

From the daily for today, we note that there is a port presentation today, but it is at 11.00 which we cannot make. They will give out the port booklets with the free gift vouchers for the disabled lady. On our way to breakfast, we asked at guest services if we would be able to get a copy of the booklet. They advised that we would need to talk to Jake who was leading on that. We then walked over the cruise excursion desk and Jake just happened to be there. He took us to where the presentation was to be held, and we obtained three copies of each of the booklets. Just have to see how many of these gifts we can get when in port. See a personal challenge for us here. We had ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 9th 2018

We had a lazy start to the day as we have nothing to rush for over the next few days. The clocks went back an hour last night so we are getting closer to the US east coast time zone which is five hours behind UK time. We cleared a few admin tasks. We have had to change the schedule for our proposed UK visit to and wanted to make sure everyone involved was happy with the proposed changes. We also did a little bit of work towards the trip we are organising to Maho Beach when we arrive in St Maarten. We are really not sure how many people will be joining us, but we may find out in the morning as we have asked everyone to pop by and say hello. Around twenty people ... read more
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Todays daily
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