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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic June 20th 2017

Lisbon 19th June Our last port of call, and it was going to be so hot. I know it's hot back in the UK and we are looking forward to having some sunshine at home. The weather has been mixed on this cruise, but has come good since Lanzarote. Lisbon's high was to be 34 degrees C and it was!!!! So just a few pictures, including some from Tenerife and Lanzarote where we didn't do much. The gardens on Tenerife we have been to before, particularly the Orchid Garden on the other side of the island. Lanzarote - we've done the camel rides, been up Timanfaya and Manrique too so again it was a quiet time on the ship. After all this is a holiday!!! As for Lisbon, it would have been nice to go up ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Celtic Sea June 10th 2017

Southampton en route to Madeira 10th June 2017 Well here we are again, on board the refitted and slightly refurbished Queen Victoria. Our cruise is taking us to an overnight stop in Funchal, Madeira and then onto the Canary Islands visiting La Palma, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote bore heading home via Lisbon. The cruise is themed to take in the Flower Festivals in Madeira and the Canaries. Queen Victoria has had a major refit since we left her on the 5th May. The major alteration is the new stern, where the stepped decks have been straightened. As one Cunard employee said, she's got a bigger 'bum'. Internally, there is a new restaurant, and a reconfiguration of some of the bars, but the extra space up in the Lido pool area is the most significant change. New ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 3rd 2017

Our 5 days at sea began after leaving Miami headed to the Azores. This is the 3rd time we've traveled this route so we're well prepared for potential choppy seas. This is our favorite time of the cruise to catch up on sleep, read some new books, and enjoy the amenities of the Norwegian JADE. 2 days into the leg, we did encounter some 15 foot seas and a few squalls which tossed us back and forth a bit, but nothing too miserable. It does tend to thin out the passenger population a bit and confine some of them to their staterooms. We enjoyed the live entertainment, a few of the specialty restaurants, and of course the 24 hour buffet!... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 28th 2017

Geo: 12.53, -70.03This morning, we skipped breakfast but were in line at the BBQ station about as soon as it opened at 11:00. We wanted to be finished and ready for our shore excursion early. The ship pulled into the harbor at Oranjestad, Aruba at noon. As soon as we saw land coming up, Philip jumped on his laptop to see if he could get a connection through the local phone service. It worked and he got some work done before we had to leave for the tour. It worked well enough that he was confident he would be able to get everything done when we returned in the late afternoon. He had thought about taking his laptop on the tour since the bus provided free Wi-Fi, but I am glad that wasn't necessary.We left the ... read more
Aruba Port
Aruba Port
Alto Vista Chapel

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 27th 2017

Geo: 15.7838, -69.9677We spent the second day of the cruise at sea again. Today it seemed like we were moving faster and the ship rolled some. We felt the movement for the first time this trip, but it is a gentle roll and still easy to ignore. As I am writing tonight though, I can feel it a bit more.This morning we were up in time for breakfast at the Panorama Buffet. A woman sat down with us to eat. She was funny (funny peculiar, not funny Ha-Ha) and talked and talked the whole time we were there. The only time she stopped was when I said that I was trying to hear the announcements on the loud speaker. She did stop talking then, but as soon as they were over, she started up again. You ... read more
Mini-Suite 8022
Mini-Suite 8022
Mini-Suite 8022

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 14th 2017

Geo: 36.2017, -32.7021Today we technically start on our way home. And here's us. Only just having been reunited with our suitcases!! I started the day by wearing a clean t-shirt…because I could!!We breakfasted at 06:45. I said to Roisin that we needed to turn up early in order to get a seat. Roisin seems to think I only wanted to take this early opportunity to show other guests that I actually own more than one t-shirt!! By 07:15 the breakfast room was once again standing room only.We paid our $6 each and at mid-day took the shuttle to the ship. There were three other ships in port, the Eurodam a Holland-America cruise ship and the rather oversized Royal Caribbean ships, the Harmony of the Seas and the Independence of the Seas. There were guests staying at ... read more
A busy day in Ft Lauderdale
The sail-away parting in full swing - deck 7!!
The central staircase - Crown Princess

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 11th 2017

We awoke again today to find it overcast and cold again. It was too cold to sit in posh, so we had a good wander around the shop and took photos for our travel blog etc. We took part in a jewellery raffle, but did not win anything there. No surprise there really. Theresa has been luckier in the casino on the slots etc. Theresa has won so many bottles of good quality champagne she can’t drink them all and has had to painfully give some away. We then took up our spot in the lounge area of Moderna and caught up on some travel blog work. We have got a little bit behind with George being ill, but we are getting there and catching up fast now. After lunch, we stop off at the bridge ... read more
One of the Garden Cafe Washy Washy girls to make sure everyone has clean hands
Italian night in the buffet tonight
Le Bistro restaurant - One to try next time - French formal dining

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 9th 2017

George is feeling a lot better this morning. We had hoped to get some sun up on Posh, but it is really overcast, and threatening to rain. Sunbathing would therefore be silly. We spent the day in the lounge area around the secluded Moderno Restaurant. This is a perfect opportunity to catch up on some work on our travel blog etc. This venue overlooks the Manhattans dining area where members of the burn the floor cast are working out to the extreme. It was really quite fascinating watching this. When we head back to the cabin so George can have a nap before dinner, we notice it is now raining. We are hoping the weather tomorrow is better as we are hoping to get off the boat for the first time in six days after completing ... read more
Great light fitting
Ready for another evening service in Teppanyaki

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 8th 2017

12 hours after seeing the doctor and George is already showing signs of improvement. We decided that it would be good for him to spend one more day in bed, so Theresa headed for another day in the casino. This evening we have a booking for Cirque Dreams and Dinner. It is set out like circus tent. The dinner was a set menu and was all very tasty. The show was excellent as always.... read more
Cirque Dreams and dinner
Performance area in Spiegel tent for Cirque Dreams
Towel animal for tonight

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 7th 2017

George is still not well, so this morning we made the decision that he needs to see the ship’s Doctor in the on board hospital. By the time we got to call them, they had closed for the morning, so we made an appointment for 6.00pm this evening. After a light breakfast, George headed back to bed and Theresa to the casino. The Doctor says George has Bronchial Pneumonia, laryngitis and tonsillitis. He has X-rays, blood test and is very well looked after. USA law states if a person is diagnosed with Pneumonia, a three way test also has to be done to ensure Legionella is not present. Suffice to say, this was negative. They put him on a nebuliser for about 30 minutes that does a good job of clearing his airways. Theresa had to ... read more
Random supplies from the machine outside the Medical Centre
Medical Centre
Cough medicine

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