Third sea day across the Atlantic – Organising Maho Beach trip for St Maarten

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November 10th 2018
Published: January 15th 2019
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From the daily for today, we note that there is a port presentation today, but it is at 11.00 which we cannot make. They will give out the port booklets with the free gift vouchers for the disabled lady.

On our way to breakfast, we asked at guest services if we would be able to get a copy of the booklet. They advised that we would need to talk to Jake who was leading on that. We then walked over the cruise excursion desk and Jake just happened to be there. He took us to where the presentation was to be held, and we obtained three copies of each of the booklets. Just have to see how many of these gifts we can get when in port. See a personal challenge for us here.

We had a light breakfast this morning in the buffet this morning, then packed up all the information and went to sit in H2O for a few hours. This was our designated meeting point for the group to come and see us in order that we are well prepared on the day.

Our next port of call is St Maarten. Before we left home, we were talking to some people in the Facebook group for this transatlantic and they showed an interest in joining us on a bus ride to Maho Beach by the airport. You can get some very spectacular views of the planes from here.

We think there are about 20 people interested. We have put details together and sent them to everyone, and also asked them to pop in to see us this morning, so we know who we are supposed to be looking for.

Nellie took a starring role and greeted everyone that turned up. We positioned Nellie conspicuously on the middle of the table so no excuses for not seeing us. It looks like we should have a good trip.

The weather was so nice this morning, we decided to take advantage of it and stayed in H2O for some lunch too. This was a very pleasant change for us with a different selection of food. Chicken wings etc were yummy.

The afternoon was spent updating the travel blog and also contacting those that had not bothered to turn up this morning. Some are no longer joining us on the day. Others were just having too much fun to join us. Note to self. Never ever undertake to arrange something like this again.

This evening, we had dinner in the main dining room Taste. This is the first time we have been in here, even though this is our fourth cruise on the Epic. The restaurant has a formal dress code that was not too over the top for us.

We got to try scallops for the first time and George had a lovely piece of steak. Not bad for a restaurant which is included in the price of the cruise. Maybe we will have to try this again.

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