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November 11th 2018
Published: January 15th 2019
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We have another time change last night and only one more before we reach St Maarten.

Our plan today was to spend it sun bathing. We should know never to make plans as it was overcast.

At breakfast, we met quite a few people from the Facebook page as well as the page admins. It was lovely to sit and have a proper chat with them. (Paul and Robin)

We were advised by another guest that if we had any constructive comments, it was a good idea to inform Nelson the Hotel Manager. They have slips for doing this in reception to address some minor problems on board. This was to turn into a pile of US dollars for us.

As we left them, we went to walk along the deck to go down to the cabin to collect towels, but it was pouring with rain. No sun bathing again today.

We spent a bit of time updating the travel blog and Theresa spent a bit of time in the casino. We also filled out one of Nelson’s comment cards as we have, again, had an issue with our incorrect billing. We monitor all on board charges every day on our cabin monitor. We have managed to get it corrected, but thought this would be a good place to start with Nelson.

With that, it was off up to lunch it was still overcast and raining so no chance to go outside.

At lunch, we were sat behind a Polish couple. It turned out that once again, we do live in a small world. As another couple came to sit next to them, we found out that they had just been to Tenerife and bought a house in the north of the island. We spent the next couple of hours talking with them, and of course, Brexit was a potential concern.

Dinner tonight was in the Noodle Bar that is aside of Shanghai´s the on board Chinese restaurant. We are off on an extended vacation to Asia next year so thought this would be a good experiment.

We ordered three items each and they were all very different but very nice. We now know to keep away from the yellow curry which was extremely powerful. It was basically very spicy and far too hot for us. Overall it was a very enjoyable meal. If we can fit it in again, we will have another go before the end of this cruise.

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