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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Kings Cross June 23rd 2006

Right guys, well this appears to be my first entry, came accross this website and thought it would be a lot easier on my behalf then sending you lot emails all the time. Frankly i guess im just too Lazy. Left Sydney yesterday, we got a flight over to Perth and plan to get a camper in the next few days and travel up the west coast to Darwin. Sydney was cool for the first couple of weeks but after a while when your working all the time and weather turns rubbish there isn't much to do. Wish i could tell you about all these crazy nights ive had since ive been living here but it just hasnt happened. Good news is now i have no job, lots of cash and 4 weeks to blow it ... read more
The Opera House
Ben Harper

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney June 23rd 2006

It was dejavu seeing the Harbour Bridge and Opera House again with Ian, last time it was with my dear brother and sister in law! Such a long time ago now... I've been trying to do some new things whilst in Sydney, things that I haven't done before. For starters I am not staying at the YHA Central, instead I'm at Wake Up! and love it there so much, got some brilliant room mates... Finally went to the Aquarium after wanting to go for ages! It was really cool there, made me want to be swimming again in the Great Barrier Reef and reminded me of how amazing that experience was... Some of the fish looked like they were in a state of constant whistling, it was so cute...swimming about without a care in the world! ... read more
Inside the 'house'...
Mrs Macquerie's chair...
Jellyfish galore...

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne June 23rd 2006

As the title implies, we have finally reached the great city of Melbourne, home to one of Australia's and the UK's favourite day time soap - Neighbours. We deal with all that in just a minute though. First let me give you a little recap of the past couple of days. We got the greyhound coach again from Canberra to Melbourne, except this time we travelled at night, thus saving money on one nights accommodation. Always thinking! The bus driver was a little unusual to say the least, but in a good way like a harmless maniac. To start with he had on a pair of shorts (even though it was bloody freezing) with the daftest looking socks I've ever seen, pulled right up to his knees. Through the rest of the trip he would then ... read more
Jonny Is That You?
Recreating The Lesbian Kiss
Trouser! Trouser!

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Outback June 23rd 2006

Hi everyone, Hope you are all well and thanks for the emails from those who sent them (glad all is going well with the bub \emma). We are all well and are currently in Innamincka, having been holed up here for about 5 days. It is very dusty and isolated, but we have a beautiful campsite on the Cullyamurra Waterhole. Overview of trip as follows: Shepparton - Highlights - SPC cannery - we went in expecting to get a couple of cans and walked out with more than a trolley full! Who cares is the label is on backwards. We are still eating SPC and will be for a couple of more weeks at least. Bikes - could only fit one on the camper so bought 3 newies and put them together. Kids had a fine ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Katoomba June 23rd 2006

So, it has been a while since our last entry, mainly because we have just been chilling out and being a bit lazy about going out and about! It is freezing cold over here, which is very very bizarre considering it is June! The time difference is playing around with us now, as we have to watch the footie matches at 5am or else video them . . . but at least we don't have to take sickies to see them! We have been a bit more active the last few weeks and so these photo's will give you some idea what we have been up to and to reassure some of you that we haven't fallen off the end of the earth! ... read more
Just outside our front door
Our lodger!
The steepest railway in the world!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay » Fraser Island June 23rd 2006

Okay, so I did the surf lessons the next day, and they were so much fun. Me, and my swedish friend, Johanna were amazed at how well we were doing. We stood up plenty a times, and I got my French Canadian friend, Julien to snap pictured of me while doing it. Our lessons lasted 2 and a half hours! The weather turned out to be a tad rainy afterwards, so I decided to cancel the flying plans. My birthday was amazing. I couldn't have asked for a funner day! Matt, my friend from Winnipeg, was giving me digeradoo lessons, when 3 of my british friends surprised me with 2 Tim-Tams, along with 19 tea light candles! It was so nice! I was so sad to leave the next day. It was hard too, because me ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin June 23rd 2006

Well, what can I say - I have cocked up big time here! We arrived okay and got a taxi to the accommodation that we had booked. Well, we initially booked other accommodation, but the woman decided she could not fit 3 of us into one room so rearranged for us to stay with a friend of hers in the flat below her house. It seemed okay when we arrived and the lady very nice, but she then started with some comments that seemed a bit odd when you are encouraging people to stay in your house! Things like; the last bloke that stayed here got bitten by a snake when he stepped on it outside your door. The pool is not working because we had the back yard destroyed by a bush fire last week, ... read more
Aquascene - Darwin
Interesting Trees!
Darwin view

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch June 23rd 2006

Only five weeks to go before I leave and already my work "colleagues" are taking bets on how soon I come back, why I come back, and how many diseases I return with. So here are the following reasons for returning early (preferably alive): 1) Dengue fever -- 50% 2) Japanese encephalitis -- 50% 3) Malaria -- 5% 4) Other diseases -- 10% 5) Snake bite (or insect, spider, scorpion, giant centipede, etc) -- 5% 6) Mauled by bear -- 5% 7) Mauled by tiger -- 1% 8) Mauled by leopard -- 2% 9) Elephant attack -- 4% 10) Transportation malfunction (eg, bus crash, ferry sinking, etc) -- 40% 11) Killed by Muslim extremists for being called Israel -- 95% 12) Accidentally shot by hunters (or "accidentally" shot by poachers) -- 2% 13) Murdered for other ... read more

Oceania » Australia June 23rd 2006

Congratulation Australia with your win in today’s game at the world soccer tournament in Germany Despite you got cheated for a clear penalty kick, when a player from Croatia touch the ball by hand, You fought and lost when your goalkeeper made a big drop, but you came back like the Aussies always do. We don’t want to be a looser. All the best wishes for you all in the next game on Monday, Italy can be tough, but they are not unbeatable, so from an Aussie living in Denmark all the best of luck, it has been the best game to watch, so far. To Croatia, you must find a way to control your temper, you can play a good game, but you can also be a soar looser. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown June 22nd 2006

My god, a hard day yesterday, back up the slopes to progress in my new boarding interest, went up to the proper slopes, and promptly had a bit of a fall off the proper ski lift, nasty man at the top was more concerned with gettting me out the way than my wellbeing, then proceded to fall my way down the mountain, went back to safer climes and practised looking cool amongst the first dayers, as a surge forward I've booked a private lesson for saturday then will spend hours on the big slope again, to be fair NZ is a great place to learn to board as when you crash into people they are all 'no worries mate' and it's down to earth, no prada suits up here! today I'm in agony, twisted my ankle ... read more
Queenstown Sunset

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