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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins January 28th 2019

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins January 26th 2019

When we first came to NZ five years ago, we visited the northernmost point of North Island – Cape Reinga. Today we went to the southernmost point of South Island – Slope Point. The weather forecast was bad so we were fully expecting to get soaked. However it was dry and much warmer than yesterday so we thoroughly enjoyed the walk. As you can see from the photo, the next land due South is the Antarctic, with a mere 4,803kms to the South Pole. We also visited Curio Bay where the rock on the beach is actually a petrified forest from the Jurassic period of around 180 million years ago. The adjacent living ancient forest is believed to be the only one in the world so close to a petrified forest and hence they have worldwide ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins January 25th 2019

After waking up quite early – with the body clock not yet fully synced – we set off on a day’s touring of The Catlins and first stop was Purakaunui Falls which span three distinct levels. We were first in the car park and so, after a 10-minute walk through an ancient forest, we also had the falls to ourselves which was very pleasant. We then drove further along the Scenic Highway to a pub called The Whisting Frog where we shared a delicious grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. Next was a 40-minute return walk through forest and beach to Cathedral Cave (another one) which can only be accessed at low tide. You walk in one cave and out of another and both are huge. The weather at this point was wet and wild which made ... read more
Cathedral Cave

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins January 24th 2019

Well here we are in The Catlins on the south of South Island. By the sound of it we did well to get away with a very short delay from Manchester with snow falling quite heavily as others weren’t so lucky. And our flights – Manchester to Doha (6hrs), Doha to Auckland (16hrs) and Auckland to Dunedin (1h30) – all went like clockwork so again timing was on our side. As we flew over the west coast of Australia I thought not far now but it was another 7 hours to Auckland. Dunedin airport is quaint. As our plane – the only one st the airport – pulled up, Chris pointed out the cows grazing at the side of us.After picking up our hire car and stopping at New World supermarket for a few provisions m, ... read more
Phil & Chris at Nugget Point
Kaka Point

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins November 5th 2016

Saturday (29/10) and its time to start heading South. First stop Taieri Mouth, the weather is a little cold and showery but nothing a brisk walk followed by a hot cuppa won’t fix. A few people trying their luck fishing here today, I think they might have to swing by the fish & chip shop on their way home though:). Further South is the little settlement of Toko Mouth and our stop for the night. The camping spot is under water so we park on the edge of the puddles (It’s a bit like having a lakefront property). The little cribs a rather cute with one having its own outdoor bath on the edge of the river. This is another pretty dangerous beach and swimming is not recommended. Sunday we follow the Coast road down to ... read more
Taieri Mouth
Crib - Toko Mouth
Wangaloa Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins June 6th 2016

Another cracking day! Definitely warming to this part of the world no question! Today after our traditional start to the day (just love Zoolander) we're off to the Catlins, a rugged and unspoiled place of incredible natural beauty. The Catlins are way off the beaten track (in the sense they are so far away from anywhere in the very bottom south eastern corner of New Zealand - in fact Slope Point is officially the southern most point of New Zealand). Having said that the area is far from a 'best kept secret'. It has an ever growing reputation as a perfect place to see rare and in some cases endangered wildlife, in particular, seals, sea lions, penguins and albatrosses. The area as a result attracts a steady stream of tourists, however being the middle of winter ... read more
Seal Lion Sanctuary
SS Tararua
Slope Point Sign

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins January 4th 2016

Vandaag natuur. We hebben de Catlins river walk gedaan. Ruim 3 uur lopen. Niet de eerste wel nagenoeg de enige wandelaars op dit moeilijk begaanbare, smalle pad langs de rivier, diep verscholen in het dichte bos. Klauteren door het koele, klamme woud, over glanzend, gladde rotsen en oeroude glimmende wortels. Het water rustig stromend, dan weer klaterend over de rotsen. Omringd door eeuwenoude bomen, reikend naar het licht en een onnoemelijk aantal soorten varens en mossen. Frisgroen. De geur van het vochtige bos, paddenstoelen en vergankelijkheid. De prachtige geluiden van vogels afgewisseld met het razende water. Kortom een prachtige wandeling door de natuur. We voelen de benen. Awesome... read more
Mijn eigen stroompje in NZ
Dichte bossage langs de rivier
Pad langs de rivier

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins November 23rd 2011

We left Queenstown since it was raining and drove down to the Catlins a day early. Wonderful coastline and waterfalls galore. We got our own personal audience with seal lions basking by a lighthouse. They were all males and the largest male (with the lion mane) was teaching the other males how you court the ladies. It was rather hilarious. Then we went to see a fossil forest with Yellow Eyed Penguins walking around in it. One pattered right by us!! It was fantastic. We also had a nice camp spot perched on a cliff over the ocean. The next day we went and visited some more waterfalls and went to another lighthouse where we could see elephant seals (we think). More things happened but I only have two minutes left so on to the next ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins March 19th 2011

Written Wednesday 16th March Left Invercargill in the pouring rain on Tuesday morning – and started my tour of The Catlns area – (coast and inland area at the very bottom of NZ) – it was cold and blustery as I visited at lighthouse and the site of one of the worst shipwrecks in NZ history- but there was hope as I could see the odd bit of blue sky and there on the far side of the beach I sighted a sealion through the binocs- more to come . Next stop a fossilised forest on an edge down the cliffs - easy to get to with stairs down there and lo and behold a little yellow eyed penguin sitting on its nest too hidden in the bush. This is a great example of a fossilised ... read more
Catlins Trip (5)
Catlins Trip (9)
Catlins Trip (12)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins January 30th 2011

29 January 2011 Prior to falling asleep we had agreed that, providing it was light, whoever awoke first would wake the other and we would make the most of the day and get moving. The call of nature woke me at about 6:10am (I must be getting to that age) and so I woke Lou, and we made the short walk from the van to the rather grotty public convenience. With that taken care of we got in the van and started moving as quickly as we could, mainly so the engine could provide us with some warmth, as both of us had cold feet from the damp grass despite the short distance we had walked. We only had one stop in mind this morning before we reached Dunedin, and it wasn’t far down the ... read more
Shell on the sand
The view of the boulders as we step on the beach
Me and a couple of boulders

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