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January 25th 2019
Published: March 31st 2020
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After waking up quite early – with the body clock not yet fully synced – we set off on a day’s touring of The Catlins and first stop was Purakaunui Falls which span three distinct levels. We were first in the car park and so, after a 10-minute walk through an ancient forest, we also had the falls to ourselves which was very pleasant.

We then drove further along the Scenic Highway to a pub called The Whisting Frog where we shared a delicious grilled cheese and bacon sandwich.

Next was a 40-minute return walk through forest and beach to Cathedral Cave (another one) which can only be accessed at low tide. You walk in one cave and out of another and both are huge. The weather at this point was wet and wild which made it all quite exhilarating!

However it also gave us a perfect excuse to use our in-room hot tub before returning to The Point a second night for dinner and beers. Tonight’s blue cod in tempura batter was quite probably the best fried fish I’ve ever tasted.

We did though discover why the previous night’s discussion with the pub staff was so confusing. For some reason and unbeknown to us, they thought our name was Watt so we had a discussion very much like a Fawlty Towers sketch that went along the lines:

Us: Hello. We’ve booked a table.

Barman: Ah yes, the name’s Watt.

Us: Davies

Barman: What?

Us: Davies

Barman: No, Watt

Us: What?

Barman: Yes that’s right.

etc etc.

Still the food and drink were fantastic and we’ll miss our totally baffling exchange.

After dinner we enjoyed a lovely walk along Kaka beach which is beautiful though the skies have been very grey. More showers are forecast tomorrow but then after that, sun and temperatures in the high 20s and 30s are forecast. That’ll do nicely thank you!

Chris has found this website for anyone wanting to know a bit more about the history of area: The Catlins


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