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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers November 6th 2017

Wir sind noch immer beseelt nach dem gestrigen Tag (Stefan spürt leicht seine Schultern) und wir fühlen uns gut! Heute ist ein Fahrtag nach Süden geplant und das fällt uns im Herzen etwas schwer, da der Abel Tasman Nationalpark schon sehr schön ist und die Golden Bay einen Reiz ausströmt– soweit so gut, wir haben noch viel vor und somit geht es ab zu den Pancake Blowhole Rocks! Nach der Durchfahrt zur Westküste, werden wir von einer rauen und imposanten See begrüßt. Wir landen aufgrund des Regenwetters jedoch nicht ganz zur High Tide, dennoch sind die geschichteten Felsformationen spektakulär und es gefällt uns gut – auf dem Rückweg beginnt es dann zu schiffen und hört nicht mehr auf – das erschwert die Fahrt, jedoch ist es sehr lange hell und wir beschließen so weit wie möglich ... read more
Pancake Rocks & Blowholes
Pancake Rocks & Blowholes

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers February 10th 2017

10 février 2017 :Une nuit parfaite dans l'un des bungalows de ce camping. Nous nous réveillons à 7H00 pour un départ à 8H00. Nous prenons notre petit déjeuner dans un bar à Picton (2 toasts avec de la confiture et un cappuccino). Nous nous arrêtons à Nelson pour faire le plein d'essence. Nous mangeons à Inangahua, une quarantaine de kilomètres avant Westport puis nous continuons jusqu'à Greymouth où nous faisons quelques photos. Nous terminons notre journée à Franz Josef Glacier au pied des cascades et du glacier.Nous dînons dans le village au pied du glacier puis nous retournons à l'hôtel. Nous nous couchons à 23H00. Le compteur indique alors 59681 kms, autrement dit, nous avons parcouru 652 kms aujourd'hui.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers May 25th 2013

Forigu week hat Firlu un furassing for ons. Ut was maandag dus eigunluk moestun wu nar sgooltju. Maar toen wu wakkur werdun sei Firlu dat wu niet nar sgooltju hoefdun. Guus was heul blij, Äpe font ut wel un bitju jammur, want hij wildu grag niewu dingun leerun. Omdat wu niet nar sgooltju hoegdun, mogtun wu kiesun: nog efun in betju blijfun liggun of mee op du fiets. Guus fiel muteen wir in slaap. Hij snurruktu heul hart. Nietus, segt Guus. Äpe wildu wel graag mee op du fiets, want ut was heul mooj wir. Wu gingun naar un mirtju flakbij du kemping. Ut was heul mooj, ut was net un spiegultju. Ju kon du berrugun sien in ut waatur. Gulukig hoefdu Äpe niet tu wandulun. Hij mogt bij Firlu in de jassak. Firlu en Äpe ... read more
Äpe mogt saamun met Firlu op du footoo bij ut spiegultjusmirtju
Met desu bus gingun wu nar du ijsjusfallij. Wij satun bij ut raampju
Firlu en Dirruk moestun sgoenun met steekultjus aan. Fet raar!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers February 20th 2011

O.K. - I can't remember exactly where I left off on the west coast blog except I did get you to Wanaka sans pictures. So I'm just going to throw in a bunch of pics with descriptions. Sound good. Speaking of which, a common saying here is "good on you" loosely interpreted "good for you" but more. I saw a big billboard that said "Good On Me!"... read more
Viaduct west of Arthur's Pass
the infamous west coast sandfly

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers December 28th 2010

We set off for the Haast Pass with the route following the shores of Lakes Wanaka and Hawea to Makaroa a small wilderness town. Haast Pass is 563m above sea-level and is the lowest crossing point over the Southern Alps. There are only three passes that take you over to the west coast so you are restricted to these if you want to visit the west, Haast, Arthur’s and the Lewis Pass. Haast Pass was originally a Maori greenstone (jade) trading route and is spectacular with diverse scenery travelling through river valleys, temperate rain forest, beech forest and high country grasslands. On the way we stopped at the DOC visitor centre to pick up details of walks on the route and decided to do a short nature walk from the visitor centre before we continued into ... read more
Fox Glacier Track
Fox Glacier
Fox Kettle Lake

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers November 9th 2010

Travel Period: 11 Nov 2008 to 24 Nov 2008 We all left Queenstown with a heavy heart as we had so much of adventure over here. But our journey still continues with much more fun. The journey to Lake Tekapo was a long but scenic route. We stopped at many intervals. One of our stop was at lake Pukaki. It was breath- taking with turquoise coloured water. We reached at lake Tekapo which is a small town. We checed-in at Scenic Resort and had a balcony facing the lake. We had lunch at the near by cafe which by the way was not that great. I guess it was because the food got so cold fast as we were eating outside. Next on our agenda was Horse Riding. There was a free pick up provided to ... read more
778- Scenic Resort
779 - Scenic Resort
780 - Scenic Resort

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers March 5th 2010

We wake up to an absolutely beautiful day in Fox. Which is great because our first stop is Lake Matheson which is supposed to beautifully reflect the view of the Glacier. So we hurried through breakfast and headed as early as we could and no surprises that we were not the first there. We were very lucky actually as by 10ish the clouds started gathering around the top of the mountains. It was a beautiful view of the Glacier and watching the mist lifting off the water. We also had a lovely walk around the lake to stretch our legs and it gave us plenty of opportunities to see more of the view, it was only an hour excursion. It was a magical moment when we saw two ducks swimming across the water gently breaking the ... read more
Lake Matheson
Fox Glacier
Photo 5

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers April 28th 2009

For the long journey to the glaciers we again decided an overnight stop half way was needed, this time in Greymouth. We set off in the bright sunshine stopping at Iramahuwhero Point for lunch and spectacular views down the wild West Coast - huge waves and weathered limestone cliffs. In the other direction you could see the snowy peak of Mount Cook in the distance, New Zealand's highest mountain. A little further down the coast we walked the Truman Track: a short walk through the bush and we emerged onto a wild beach where, even on an otherwise calm day, the waves were enormous and fiercely pounding the coast. Our next stop was at the Pancake Rocks - dramatic limestone rock formation that looked like stacks of giant pancakes. From there we continued along the winding ... read more
West Coast
West Coast from Iramahuwhero Point
Pancake Rocks

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers April 24th 2009

21st April 2009 We woke to mist blanketing our campsite, working its way through the gorge. It was a cold start but we were soon warm when, after a short drive onwards into the park, we stopped to climb the surprisingly steep Haast Pass Walkway. Only a 30 minute round trip but it hurt nonetheless! After taking in the panoramic views at the top we drove northwards continuing to stop intermittently to do the very short walks to Fantail Falls, Thunder Creek and Roaring Billy - all of which had rewarding views at the end of them. We were heading for Haast, which was a further hours journey north and had planned to spend a while there as it looked like a relatively large town. It wasn't. So after having a coffee break we drove a ... read more
Mount Aspiring NP
On The Road
Lake Matheson

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers February 6th 2009

February 5th We woke early in the middle of a heard of cows all mooing right down our lug holes. We were not best pleased as it was 0700. The farmer was moving them from field to field with his pickup, dogs and a madly loud holler. Katherine parted the curtain to see, at eye level, a cow right the other side of the glass and promptly returned to the door-mouse position. We didn't have breakkie. We just waited for the cows to leave and hoofed it. Fox Glacier was about 25 km north of our lay by. We entered through a dramatic valley that had been horrifically scarred by the glacier. It was smooth rock with tiny ledges that were completely covered in as many little trees that could grow. This was our first experience ... read more
Franz Joseph Glacier
Pancake rocks

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