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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau December 11th 2015

I got a surprisingly good sleep despite the pile of rocks we were lying on. We woke to an extremely cold morning and struck camp as soon as we could. Two full days of walking lay ahead of us and we were looking forward to it. This was all of the Kepler Track that we could do due to lack of accommodation on the trail - we would walk out one day and back the next by the same path. We saw it as a practise for a full multi-day hike later in our time on New Zealand. It would certainly stretch us: forty-four kilometres over two days with full packs including tent, sleeping bags, stove, food and water. We had a few things to do in Te Anau so it was around 11am when we ... read more
The Big Slip
Beech Forest
Lake Te Anau

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau September 15th 2013

Geo: -45.4151, 167.718Last night was the coldest yet at -2 degrees but our motel had underfloor heating and was very cozy. We stepped out onto the balcony to view the weather hoping that the Milford Road had opened. The sky was a little overcast however we were informed that our tour was on and that it would be busy because of the backlog. We were picked up from our motel at 9.30 and when we tried to board the buss which had come from Queenstown there was all hell to play because people were swapping seats and god forbid if you sat in somebody else's seat. Please remind me never to go on a bus tour holiday or shoot me if we ever book one, at least today's trip is only two hours!Finally on board the ... read more
A stop on the Milford Road
Some LOTR forest - Milford Road
Milford Sound Road

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau November 14th 2012

Geo: -45.4151, 167.718A bit of frustration in the wind here in New Zealand for us travellers. The past few days have been a comedy of errors it seems. After leaving the Dunedin area, we headed down to the Catlins which is the southernmost part of New Zealand. We had planned on staying 3 nights at a backpacker hostel that was situated just off a wide crescent beach. After driving past all the major viewpoints and hikes along the way due to the blustery, rainy weather, we arrived at our destination with our sights set on a restful 3 days with no driving and maybe, just maybe, time to read and chill out. We were enjoying the company of a British couple while making and eating our dinner when a big, furry cat walked into the common ... read more
Where's Wooldo?
Wave Patterns
Charging Sea Lion

We ended our wonderful time in Queenstown and headed out for Milford Sound for an overnight cruise. The space in between was just breathtaking. I never knew there could be so many spectacular views, totally view of anything manmade as far as the eye can see. Sitting on the ground and closing my eyes I could hear the wind, birds singing, and leaves rustling, but no planes or cars - it was like sitting there a million years ago. We took lots of little 30 minute hikes to break up our 5 hour drive. My favorite was a walk around Mirror lake, so named because its location amidst mountains protects it from wind and it is as smooth as a mirror - of course it also captures mesmerizing reflections of the surrounding terrain. What an otherworldly ... read more

New Zealand – Wk 1 - Waitaki Camping Park heading South thereafter.....Monday 9th Jan. Another comfortable night was had under canvass and we awoke this morning to a fine sunny day. After a trip to the wash rooms, breakfast we were ready for a hike down the lane to the sea. It’s only a trip of approx 800 mts along a made up farm track passing hundreds of sheep and dairy cows happily grazing along the way. Currently in this area there is actually at the moment a severe drought warning and all the farmers are using sprinklers everywhere to green up the grass for grazing. These sprinklers range from a garden hose up to some enormous irrigation arms, 200+ mts in length. Anyone caught at their homes using excess water, they would be in deep ... read more
Photo 7
Giant Sea Weed

So I dont remember what it was I wrote about last, I also don't rember the day of the week. When every day is Saturday you tend to forget those types of thigs and I'm here to tell you it feels great. So I did the Bungee Jumping thing In Queenstown then headed south to the Catlins where I did more hiking, saw a yellow-eyed penguin and my first petrified forest, that was truly amazing. Then I tought about going to Stewart Island but do to a group of unfortunate events I was detured form that course and found my way back to the neerest town. Where luck would have it I found a opening on the Milford Track. This paticular hike through the Fiordlands has been booked up for mounths and I just happend to ... read more
Petrified Log

Geo: -45.4151, 167.718Zaterdag 5 februariVandaag moesten we een hele afstand overbruggen van Dunedin naar Te Anau via Catlins. De Catlins is het uiterste zuiden van het Zuidereiland. We hebben hier enkele stops gemaakt, maar de steile, smalle niet verharde straat naar Cathedral cove hebben we met de camper niet durven oprijden. Dan zijn we maar wat verder gereden en hebben we een wandeling gemaakt naar de McLeans watervallen door een heel dicht bos met reuzenvarens. Het leek recht uit het decor van een film te komen zoals het Fangorn forest uit LOTR. Daarna zijn we nog naar het versteend woud gaan kijken in een van de talrijke baaien van het natuurpark. Via Invercargill zij we dan naar Te Anau gereden door de gietende regen. Zondag 6 februariIn het Fiordlands National Parks is het twee dagen op ... read more
Doubtful Sound
Milford Track
Milford Sound

Twizel to Te Anau + Milford Sound Nederlands (Anouschka) 2 februari 2011 Vandaag reden we van Twizel naar Te Anau over glooiende groen-gele vlaktes en langs grote blauwe meren. In Cromwell hebben we koffie gedronken. Het is een super schattig dorpje, met veel sporen van de mijnwerkers die hier vroeger het gebied bevolkten. De oude winkelstraat is nog helemaal intact. Weer terug op de weg hebben we een hele tijd in een file gereden. De aanleiding: een nieuw huis dat vervoerd werd over de weg. Het schijnt goedkoper te zijn om gewoon een huis te laten bouwen en het dan naar je stukje grond te laten rijden over de weg. Een aardig bizar gezicht, zeker over de smalle wegen door de bergen die ze hier hebben. ’s Middags kwamen we aan in Te Anau, waar we ... read more
View from Car

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau December 30th 2010

Day 7: Park Soundscaping and Glow-Worms We arrived safely in the southland, and after a quick breather at the hostel ventured down to the glow worm caves. Lake Te Anau (where we are staying the next few days) got its name from the Maori words for Spinning Water, later the caves were discovered. I had never seen glow worms before, but now that I have, I must say that I think they are the most beautiful bugs I have ever seen. We ventured down in a rickety wooden boat in the dark caves, and the worms lit up the cave like a night time sky. This town has a pretty boardwalk with lots of interesting wildlife, scenes, and sounds. Day 8: Milford Sound Tramping Today we journeyed to Milford sound on our own, stopping at will ... read more
Lake Te Anau

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau December 27th 2010

I hadn't been sure, when I went to bed on the night of the 26th, whether I'd do better to spend Dec. 27th by the gas fire in the lounge or whether I should make one more try at seeing the takahe. It was clearly going to be my only chance to see a takahe, and I really wanted to, but it was such a long walk. But when I woke I found that Plum had come disconnected in the night, and she barely had power enough to see me through breakfast. So that settled the question nicely. I would go out for a walk, at least while she recharged. I had lost my camera case on Christmas day. This was not, fortunately, a serious loss; it wasn't a fitted case, only a grey quilted ... read more
Lake Te Anau
Woods path

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