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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau December 25th 2010

Actually, this is supposed to be The Hobbit, not LotR, so I suppose it was the goblin-caves really. But "Moria" alliterates, and it was frightening. "Te Anau," pronounced "Tee-ah'-nah," like "tiara" with an n instead of an r, means "The Cave with Rushing Water" in Maori. Today, I went to visit the eponymous Cave. That wasn't the only thing I did. I had planned to go back for a Christmas Day service, but after some dithering I decided not to. Instead, I went off to try to walk to the town's Wildlife Center, which is the only place on the mainland where the takahe, a very rare bird (about 250 exist at present), can readily be observed by laymen. To reach it, you had to walk around one end of the lake. I walked along ... read more
Quintin McKinnon
Public Garden

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau December 24th 2010

I have a lovely little single here in Te Anau. It's on the second, and highest, floor -- second in the American sense, fortunately, unlike my Queenstown room. Whenever it rains, I can hear rain on the roof. It's a narrow room, but they've taken pains with it. Two walls are paneled; two are painted drywall. There are beams on the sloping ceiling, and, rather oddly, the heater is on the ceiling too. It's a great heater -- first time I've been warm enough at night without a space heater. There's a rainforest poster on one wall, a mirror on another, and a window on the third. From the window, I have a view of the lake. It is customary here in New Zealand to identify public restrooms by a picture of a man in ... read more
Four Square Supermarket
Bicycle Rental Place
Bicycle Built for Six

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau December 10th 2010

Ask me yesterday evening and I'd have said yes, rest day (or three) would be good. Ask me this morning and all my mind can see is mountains, lakes, tracks. My legs feel fine and I'm sure they'd willingly follow my mind's whims. Well, at least for a little while. Ok, rest it is then. And it is raining and windy today too. I drive down to Manapouri and spend some time by the lake. Then I decide I'd like to see the ocean so I drive down to Tuatapere and visit Blue Cliffs beach. Stunningly beautiful with confused but colourful weather on the horizon. Far too many sandflies though so I don't linger long. And so back to Friday night in Te Anau before heading north a bit tomorrow to Queenstown and preparation for the ... read more

Day 1 Awoke quite lazily, abluted and checked out - quick check of email before I leave. Then into town to complete some menial stationery-based tasks (well, I am on "holiday") and then to the Sandfly Cafe for an excellent breakfast (7.6 on the SEBI). Forgetting to pop into Mitre10 for duct tape (that reminds me - you're way out of date when it comes to kit updates - there are rips that need taping), I hit get on the Milford road again, heading for the Hollyford road this time (yesterday's Gertrude wander was directly off the Milford road). Anyway, I eventually reach the Hollyford road and immediately pull over to the wee side park at the beginning of the Lake Marian track. Dump the car having picked out the day pack, a bit of water ... read more
Hollyford Valley
Lake McKerrow

Is "achy" a word? I guess it is. Anyway, I'm back and all well despite sore feet. Last night I thought I might have a real struggle getting back today having whacked a knee and twisted an ankle but neither were as bad as they felt so today was sore but bearable. Now for a bit of r&r me thinks. The sun is still shining out there and I feel the need for a cold beer so I will postpone the longer update until later. Congrats to England for completing a great win in Adelaide :)... read more

Typing from Te Anau again. Went to see a screening of Ata Whenua (Shadowland - local film made celebrating the awesomeness of Fiordland) again last night in the wee specially built cinema here. Still a wonderful experience - would happily go again but I probably won't this time around. Anyway, this morning I decided to drive to Milford Sound for breakfast and then head back for a scoot up to Gertrude Saddle (just this side of the bizzareness that is Homer Pass). Milford Sound is just as commercial and coach-ridden as always and just as sandfly-ridden as always but still one of the most beautiful sights if you can ignore the people. The worst version of bacon & eggs I have ever experienced (0.1 on the SEBI) but at least the coffee was good. I escaped ... read more
Tasty Car
Gertrude Valley
Black Lake

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau November 26th 2010

Day 24 Friday Busy day today, up early because we are being picked up at 8. We are in a small group of 6 off to Milton Sound, a fiord on the West coast. Steve, our guide who also acts as the postman on the journey was great, stopping several times to show us great views including the mirror lake. When we got to Milford we got on a cruise boat for a magical two and a half hour journey round the fiord taking in snow covered mountains, waterfalls, tree avalanches, seals and tiny penguins – awesome! I enjoyed the description of the seals which were all young males doing what they do best - sleeping! Steve picked us up again for the return journey including a mountain walk, a river walk and afternoon tea from ... read more
Milford Sound
Teenage boys loafing about
Under the waterfall

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau November 26th 2010

Day 23 Thursday When we went out for dinner last night Mike saw the Christmas decorations and just had to take the photo! Up and off again after a sociable breakfast and lots of advice about the route to take and where to stop on the way. The first part of the journey was over the crown range – another wow moment because at the top you could see for miles and miles and miles. We stopped for ages. Eventually we headed for Queenstown and as advised we stopped at Arrowtown, an old gold mining town that had been preserved to illustrate how they lived and worked. It was an extremely harsh existence for the miners who were mostly Chinese. We arrived at our next destination at 3ish, a lakeside motel with a kitchen and a ... read more
Top of the Crown Range
Chinese miner's house
A happy couple went for an evening walk

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau September 29th 2010

Hallo again - for those of you who have been following our blog - sorry for the gap!!! Connecting to the web whilst travelling in New Zealand was a little tricky - so we have saved all of this beauty until we are back in Brisbane again. We have had the most awesome time in a most awesome place - majestic, snow capped mountain peaks, lakes of the most extraordinary blue water - rain, wind, sunshine, sleet and wonderful snow!! There is so much more to see - and marvel at - but here for you all, is a taste of what we experienced in our short stay on the South Island. We hope you enjoy the pictures!... read more
Lake Wanaka

Te Anau flooded and the very wet milford road but with excellent views Te Anau inonde et la route de Milford sous la pluie mais avec de jolies vues... read more

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