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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 23rd 2017

Geo: 27.7029, 85.3182 While Donna was travelling through Italy with Brenda, I spent the month trekking with my brother Jack and nieces Krista and Jessica in the Khumbu (Everest) region of Nepal. This was my second visit to the area. It's easiest for me to share the experience through the images I choose to capture and put up on my Flickr site (here). I truly hope you'll take time to browse through them, to get a glimpse of what we saw and perhaps a sense of our adventure. Our trip started with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, among the highest and most challenging airports in the world at 2,830 metres. With our guide Megh, we followed the trail past farms, traditional Buddhist vi... read more
Meeting a yak on the trail
Young resident of  Swayambhunath (Monkey) Temple
Panorama that includes snowbound Phortse

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome April 23rd 2017

Geo: 41.8955, 12.4823 Spring is such a delicious time of year when the season of new life blossoms and glows in bright greens, purples, yellows...well, all colours. There aren't many places on this earth where spring is more beautiful than in Italy. Arriving in Naples (from India), I was ecstatic; I made it safely out of India on the day my visa expired, my sister-in-law Brenda and I successfully rendezvoused without mishap at the airport and the sun was shining with cool, fresh air after being in transit (indoors) for 24 hours.I suspect Naples never looked more inviting than it did through my eyes - it appeared to be uncrowded with clean streets, reasonable drivers, and unpolluted air. Life took on a reasonableness that India lacks. Who ever describes Naples... read more
Lemon Delight
My Sleeping Pod in Milan Airport
A Naples Street

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer March 27th 2017

Geo: 26.9118, 70.9127 Those last three weeks in India were a whirlwind; we travelled to more places, cities in particular, than we normally would in this short space of time. Indeed, it was too much, too fast for us aging travellers. To make it a little easier on us, we hired a car a couple of times so, with door to door delivery, it reduced some of the wear and tear on us. From Udaipur we visited Kumbhalagarh Fort and Ranakpur, the Jain temple with its stunning artistry including 1444 marble pillars - none of which are the same. Both of these remote sites are stunning sights. There are so many forts, palaces and temples in this state that they eventually lost their magic for us. By the time we visited the Amber Fort at our ... read more
Musical family
Camel trek - Jaisalmer desert
Jaisalmer Fort

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur March 14th 2017

Geo: 24.5823, 73.6882We had another rough entry into India...remember our lost luggage back in December? It was a marathon trip from Phuket to Udaipur - 45 hours of travel. Why? We bought discount tickets resulting in a trip spanning 19 hours with 4 different flights. Then we were delayed on the 3rd flight so missed a connection and had to wait 24 hours until the same flight the next day. After a night in a scuzzy New Delhi hotel, we were exhausted once we finally arrived in Udaipur. My Post Concussion Syndrome symptoms were flared up with my head buzzing like a radioactive ball. The only thing that fixes it is rest and I shouldn't have read but intermittent reading was my emotional cure. There is nothing better than escaping into a good book (The Nightingale ... read more
Even the elephant was in on it
Lots of love going around
Time to wash down

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket March 9th 2017

Geo: 7.97501, 98.3515We are doing nothing. We are not taking any boat trips or excursions; we are simply hanging out in this calm, quiet spot. Nice big room, AC, swimming, eating, reading, washing laundry, catching up on our lives through great Internet. Good sleeps, nice meals. It has been awhile. And part of our reboot in Panwa, Phuket, Thailand is to jettison unnecessary baggage as we realized that the 15kg that discount airlines allow is a lot less than what we are carrying and very costly to pay the extra fees. I had been trying to reduce my baggage by giving away a little of this and that...a small leather backgammon game went to Si Thu in Mandalay, some medications and markers went to a couple in Pyin Oo Lwin who do volunteer work. But here, ... read more
Our quiet beach
By the Sea Resort
Jim's only 10 minutes in the sun

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 1st 2017

Geo: 22.6367, 97.3911Honestly, who knew...?! 1) that Pyin Oo Lwin, a small town in northern Myanmar, could have such beautiful botanical gardens? We stretched out a couple hour visit to a whole day, riding our bikes, wandering, taking photos, watching a movie being made, watching people, animals, flowers. And did you know that children of all cultures skip as an expression of carefree joy in the moment? It's like the urge wells up and they break free with this simple dance step that is universally known in our bodies. I have observed it everywhere...parks, airports, streets. Take a look next time you are in a public place. 2) that a train ride can be so good and so bad?! That you can get bedbugs on a day train with wooden seats and open wind... read more
The Gokteik Viaduct
Heading somewhere
He gave Donna a rose & melted her heart

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis February 20th 2017

Geo: 20.5672, 96.9159 We love this country! Having come from India, it's almost quiet and clean here. It isn't really, but it's like knocking your head against the wall, it feels so good when you stop. Seriously though, we love India. And Myanmar is a sweet place with kind, friendly people who appear to love their lives and appreciate their new-found-on-the-road-to-democracy country. Bagan: I can walk for exercise - it's safe, I don't have to do it at 6:00am because of the heat, and there are somewhat quiet side streets. People sing out 'good morning!' from their window or scruffy yard - a dirt covered space with a plastic chair or two, maybe a bamboo bed where the laundry gets done - with big smiles on their faces excited to greet me as I walk by.Bagan ... read more
Easy rider with matching shirt
Sunset amazement

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis February 13th 2017

Geo: 16.7837, 96.1568 What?! Rangoon is gone; not only in name as it is now called Yangon. We recognized nothing of the Rangoon of 1985 when we were last here. Even the Strand Hotel, where we ate a lobster after months of living on $15/day for all food, accommodation and transportation, was the same. Back then, the Burmese government allowed a one week only visa and all visitors had to fly in and out of this city. Backpackers flocked here, bringing in their duty free whiskey and cigarettes, selling them on the black market for enough profit to fund the week. Oblivious to the potential risks involved, we participated fully (and thus ate a lobster). Most travellers dashed around the country, taking night trains and rickety old buses so they could see the main sites of ... read more
Sweeping Shwedagon
Monks in prayer
Pilgrim lighting candles

Asia » India February 7th 2017

Geo: 11.9329, 79.8371The waking sounds of India are playing like an orchestra with birds, cows, dogs and swishing brooms each contributing their uniqueness while I meditate and do my gentle morning asanas. Accompanying those surrounding sounds, I play Deva Premal music, her peaceful repetitive rhythms soothe my soul here on our second floor private balcony. Yesterday I laid on this floor, totally naked, as a local village masseuse managed to give me a massage in this tight space. She had a number of tricks up her sleeve like, while I sat on the floor, she stood above me with my hand squeezed between her thighs to hold my arm out straight while she bent over to knead my arm muscles. The warmth of the day hung suspended in the air. This was Pure Bliss. Pondicherry is ... read more
Quaint Pondicherry
The Matrimandir from the viewing station
Auroville's 'Matrimandir'

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore January 30th 2017

Geo: 12.314, 76.6759 After yet another overnight train ride, this time returning to Mysore from Hampi, we arrived at our hotel (Parklane) and were able to check-in immediately upon arrival at about 9:30am. What a relief! Our room, an air conditioned refuge, was huge with a balcony that we didn't use because it overlooked the quintessentially noisy, busy, dirty street. Jim and I don't typically like cities so we keep our stops short such as this one for three nights. It was Republic Day in India - a big holiday - so the Mysore Palace a short block away was to be lit with its 100,000 lights. We sauntered over before it was dark joined by the throngs of other tourists and locals to view this spectacular sight.The air was alive with celebration and anticipation as ... read more
Transportation alternatives
Donna lit up!
One of the entrances to the Palace grounds

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