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Well today I'm in Te Anau... not Queenstown as originally intended. That is why you didn't get any pictures today... I'm sorry. I can't upload pics from anyplace in town. But I did catch up the blogs. I may go back tomorrow and upload pics. It depends on what time I get out of here. I have to be in Picton on Saturday morning and its 17-18 hours away. Oh and if you are reading this, you should know that I've typed like 6 blogs today, so you read them all if you want... the first one I typed today is "The Big Green Hookup". I stayed in Te Anau for a wild variety of reasons, all of which involve last night and the way I feel today. But that is neither here nor there. I ... read more

I first arrived in Te Anau on the 5th of April and promptly took off for Milford Sound, driving up the Milford Rd....spectacular is all I can say. At one point you go through a tunnel, that is over 1KM long. It goes right through this vertical wall of rock. I really couldn't see any way up and over this wall at all, it is sheer. In Milford I did a day's sea kayaking trip.... once again... spectacular. I really can't describe in words what I saw. I hope my pictures do, we'll see. Also it was rainy and cloudy my whole time in and around Milford. Ok, back to Milford.... just spectacular. Though we couldn't see the tops of any of the mountains around because of clouds. The best part of the rain and clouds ... read more

Part two... Since going kayaking north of Vancouver BC two summers ago I have been dreaming about going sea kayaking again. When I decided to travel to New Zealand I read about Fiordland National Park and instantly the only activity I didn't want to miss in NZ was a 3 day kayaking trip into the fiord's. When I saw the pictures I almost couldn't believe it, after being there for 3 days I can honestly tell you the pictures don't do it any justice. Just imagine paddling five feet from shear granite mountains plummeting 3000+ feet into the sea. It was by far the best three days I've spent in NZ, and if you've been following the blog you'll know we've done some amazing things to this point. Onto the specifics... I left Queenstown for my ... read more
The kayaking gang...
Ben our wise and all knowing guide...
Day one lunch spot

WARNING. THIS BLOG CONTAINS 10 ZILLION WATERFALL SHOTS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! ‘‘Look’’, exclaimed Shaz ‘‘It’s a dead parrot!’’ ‘‘It’s not dead’’ said Alan ‘‘It’s just tired out after a long squawk.’’ (laughs). About 5 weeks ago we’d stopped at the side of the road to admire / photo a nice mountain view. As we got out of the car, Shaz spied the said (truly dead) bird next to the front wheel. Such is our humour these days; razor sharp and totally plagiarised. Of course that story has nothing to do with this blog, other than a mild reference to the title. NOTE: All non Monty Python fans, may, at this stage, leave the building. So we’ve found ourselves Daan Saaaaf (down south) in Fjord land. We came here with the specific purpose of going on ... read more
Shaz feels the cold on Lake Manapouri, on the way to Doubtful Sound
The Mitre Peak, Milford.
Mysterious and atmospheric Doubtful Sound

I have just spent the last two days debating who is coming off worse in the battle of sandflies vs Morgan. Admittedly there must be plently of plump and fully nourished sandflies jumping around in Dountful Sound; My 30+ rapidly swelling bites give testimony that I have been an unwilling blood donor. However, today I experienced the ultimate delicacy- tomato, cheese and sandfly tortillas............. Ive spent the last two days once again spending good money to scare myself silly and undergo various forms of torture. This time kayaking Doubtful Sound. Another 5am alarm call- this is worse than working!! 8 of us jumped into a mini bus and began a 3 hour journey by minibus/boat and minibus again to our launch station at Deep Cove. The kayaks were 2 man high spec sea kayaks- with ... read more
Doubtful Sound
With Ulli ( my co-kayaker)

The last few days Michelle and I were on the Milford Track here in Fjordland. The track itself starts from the top of Lake Te Anau and follows the route that the original explorers took trying to pass a pass from Te Anau to Milford Sound. It's been called "The Finest Walk in the World" but in the interest of full disclosure, that was said around 1950 I think. It's still a fantastic "tramp" as the kiwis call it; probably one of the best in the world. Here's a quick summary of the 4 days: Day 1 The first day is really short and easy. You only travel 5 km on easy terrain. I think they make it easy for the day hikers that are allowed on the trail at this point. You have to take ... read more
Day 2
Milford Sound

Left Milford sound and headed back towards Te Anau. On our way back, decided to do a walk which started at The Divide up to Key Summit (approx 3 hours). The walk initially followed the famous Routeburn track, and then took us through native forest, shrub land and bogs. It was pretty hard going on the way up. Visibily was not great due to the weather still being drizzely but we still had good views of Hollyford, Greenstone and Eglinton valleys. Stayed at Barnyard Backpackers. It was a working deer farm, outside of Te Anau. The hostel centre was a homestead with real fires and amazing views, and a dog and cat who were the best of friends! We stayed in one of the rustic backpacker cottages, which again had amazing 360 degree views. The weather ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau February 27th 2006

The last couple of days have made my arms sore. On Friday we were in Abel Tasman park, a beautiful chunk of mountains and beaches on the north shore of the south island. We went on a sea kayaking a so-called divorce kayak (see pic). Our group was dropped off at the crack of dawn several miles up the coast, and we had to paddle back, stopping at beautiful secluded beaches along the way. Weather was GORGEOUS, as a result I got a little burnt and Gary got VERY burnt. From beaches to glaciers...yesterday was spent ice climbing on the Franz Josef glacier. The glacier itself was very cool to hike around on, lots of chasms and towering chunks of ice to hike around. The climbing itself was fun but VERY tiring.... Today we're in ... read more
Gary is an Ice Climbing Star

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau February 24th 2006

Another long day of driving further south to Te Anau where we base ourselves for the next 2 nights so we can visit the stunning Milford Sound fiord. Watched sunset over Lake Te Anau.... read more
Thunder Creek Falls
Scenic lake
Roaring Meg

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau February 22nd 2006

Janet and I survived the Kepler Track and I my first backpacking adventure. We returned to Te Anau today at about one o'clock after an easy 4.5 hour hike through forest. The tramp was excellent, a wonderful experience and a lot of fun. Day one was an uphill hike through forest, which took us about 5 hours to complete. This was our one day of beautiful weather and it was definately nice since the views from our first hut were incredible. Because of weather warnings we decided to get an early start on day two--an alpine hike famous for being trecherous during windy periods. Although we couldn't see much of the view, the hike was still fantastic and a lot of fun. Dispite rain and wind we still had a good day of hiking (5.5 hrs) ... read more

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