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Milford Sound is one of the highlights of New Zealand, and the only way to see it is by helicopter, or by cruise. It was formed by a glacier, so it should be called a fjord instead of a sound (apparently!), but it is basically a big body of water, surrounded by enormous, lush green mountains, with waterfalls cascading down from above from every direction. Not the most exciting thing I've ever done, but a perfect sample of the country's outstanding natural beauty. The best thing was the underwater observatory. In only 3 places in the world, there are areas underwater where the sealife of the ocean is replicated inland, as here the seawater is trapped by a layer of freshwater on top. The one here is the most accessible of the three. So we walked ... read more
The boat
Largest waterfall there
Milford Sound

Well we have liftoff!!!!! We picked up the spaceship-super campervan! after an 8hour journey to Christchurch. We had our own private 'Stray' tourbus with one of our previous drivers-was lots of fun! After we got the spaceship we drove to my friend Age's house-all those of you of TGI fame-remember this man! "Ladies Gents and those who ain't sure!!!" Stayed for a bit of catching up-gonna pop back when we drop off the spaceship, then the road trip began! The first night-after getting lost just about everywhere, we stopped for the night in a field in Timaru. Thought 'what a nice secluded spot for us to illegally camp for the night!' We awoke to find ourselves in a practically residential spot!!!!! Next day we headed off to Dunedin down the East coast-beautiful drive! (Shame about the ... read more
Catching up with familliar faces!!
Milford Sounds Waterfall
Dunedin beach

From Curio Bay we travelled to Te Anau for the night, passing on the way Invercargill and the gorgeous Lake Manapouri. From Te Anau I went to Milford Sound for a 2 hour fiord cruise. This time the weather gods were on my side and it was utterly fantastic. Again, I feel I cannot justly describe Milford Sound. It was quite simply majestic. Massive towers of rock rising from the sea bed having been carved out over a million years by six ice ages and many many glaciers. Technically this means it is not a "sound" at all, but is a fiord. Milford is just one of several fiords in the aptly named area of Fiordland, yet another World Heritage area.... read more
Milford Sound
Milford Sound again
Classic U-shaped hanging valley on right

MILFORD IS SOUND Milford sound, or MILF Sound as I like to call it (as it is definitely NANG!) was apparently named after Milford Haven in North Wales. To my surprise I discovered that it was actually not named after Stifflers mom. Weird. Anyway, Matt (wearing his new "express yourself" hat) and I headed there to catch a cruise through the sound. It was about $70 each for a 2 hr cruise but worth every penny. It was a bit pot luck on the weather but as it happened we seemed to catch the cruise just when the sun began to shine through. Though a hail shower did pass overhead, which was hillarious. The upper (outer) deck that had been chocka with Oriental amateur photographers, saw them flee like bunny rabbits when the chunky hail started ... read more
It's wet
It's sunny

OK, this is almost too much for me to handle. Like a heroin addict dipping into a back alley and finding a fix, here I am being told that we have more time (!) in this little internet cafe in the middle of Queenstown (Melissa is putting some pictures on her blog entry and the slow computer is giving her fits). So, I thought I'd take the opportunity to start writing about our trip to Milford Sound. This will be written by both melissa and me, as I am also working on uploading some photos... Milford Sound is the most well-known of the fiords in New Zealand's Fiordland National Park. Its a World Heritage Site (others include the Grand Canyon, the Pyramids, etc). Check out this link for more info: Fiords are created by the ... read more
Rainy and wet!
Some cloud clearing in the morning ...
Checking out more waterfalls from the Friendship

Left Queenstown to make our way to Milford Sound. Weather en route was great, clear blue skies and bright sunshine. We stopped off in the car every 2mins to take a closer look and short walks, including Mirror Lakes (reflect the mountains perfectly), Hollyford Valley lookout (amazing moutains/valleys etc), Homer Tunnel. We stayed at the only accomodation in Milford Sound, Milford Lodge. It was very remote - we were back in the wilderness again - no TV - the place ran on a generator that cut out at 11pm everynight and started up again at 6.30am. Lights out time!! Because the weather was so good - in a place where they get something like 250 days of rain! - we wanted to get on a Milford cruise that evening, and luckily managed it. The cruise was ... read more

The scenery in New Zealand is impossible to describe, it truely is amazing, and so completely different as you journey through the country. But nowhere is more impressive and awe inspiring as the southern fiordland, and today we journey to Milford Sound fiord to take a boat cruise. The drive itself is amazing, twisting through mountains and valleys. Then through the Homer Tunnel, a bizarre dimly lit hole blasted down through a mountain and out to Milford Sound on the other side. The day is cloudy but clear, and the view is stunning, contrasting the black tannin-stained water with the steep rocky sides of the mountains, Mitre Peak being the highest. We boarded the Mitre Peak cruise boat, a small boat which was much better for close up views of the scenery, and free tea, always ... read more
Mitre Peak
Our boat
Bowen Falls

Wow!! I don't think I have ever since so many beautiful scenery in my life...well, i've said that a few times during this trip but seriously, today was awesome (Osome, like the kiwis say it)!! It was a really long day leaving at 7 am this morning and then driving (on the Magic bus!) for 2 hours towards Te Anau...The road taking us there was wonderful...Hips (lots) of sheeps and cows just chillin' as the sun rise on the moutains behing them...WOW... We stayed in Te Anau for a big 20 minutes as we needed to be the first bus in line to get to Milford Sound to catch our bus and be the first at the picture spots places on the road!! :) Our bus driver was just skipping every other coach on the road...Good ... read more

Milford Sound was our next stop; we decided to go here after numerous recommendations from people we had met. It was a 5 hour drive but we left early after being woken up by an extremely loud snorer in our dorm. On the way we made a couple of stops, one was at ‘Mirror Lakes’, and ‘Homer Alpine’ for a walk and look around. Whilst driving in NZ there are so many places to stop and have a look you have to be selective or you will be stopping every 10 minutes, which was the best thing about having a car and not being in a coach where you don’t have that option. Milford Sound is in the Fiordland National Park and is New Zealand’s largest of these parks. Once in the National Parkland there are ... read more
A river we passed
Another on the journey
Snow capped mountains entering Fiordlands

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