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mittwoch, 25.03.09 nachdem wir, will und ich, uns am dienstag dem 17.03.09 von der tour verabschiedet haben, fahren wir mit dem taxi zu unserer neuen bleibe für die nächsten drei nächte, dem bungie backpackers. zum znacht treffen wir nochmals margit und lena, die einzigen 'überlebenden' der tour hier in queenstown, für den legendären fergburger und lassen den abend im pub ausklingen... für den mittwoch haben wir eine lord of the rings tour ins paradise valley gebucht. früh am morgen werden wir von justin, unserem tourguide, vor unserem backpackers abgeholt und fahren entlang dem wakatipu lake nach norden. will und ich sind die einzigen touristen, die heute diese tour gebucht haben, so dass wir quasi eine privattour haben... nicht schlecht. so machen wir einige fotostopps am see, fahren tief in abgelegen täler und schliesslich auch ins pradise ... read more
doubtful sound
lake marian

Auckland to Queenstown to Te Anau to Milford Sound Feb 23rd & 24th , 2009 The flight from Auckland to Queenstown was painless because our plane had GPS navigation instruments; we landed in cloudy fog which is typical around here. The Qantas flight could not take off and another flight could not land and had to be diverted to Invercargill; Qantas is cancelling its contract with Queenstown which is the portal airport for the wild west coast of the south Island. We hired a medium size car and Terry drove on the “wrong” side of the road from the airport to Te Apau, it was a trying experience for me. After finding no vacancy at our first choice for accommodation we were very lucky to walk into the tourist bureau and able to book rooms for ... read more
Moari Leggend
Terry and first molting penguin
the Wanderer

Dunedin Op zoek naar nestelende albatrossen belandden we op Otago Peninsula. Na een eindeloze zig-zag weg kwam de vuurtoren eindelijk in zicht. Helaas was de pier afgezet door een zogenaamde albatrossen-conservatie-vereniging en de enige manier om de grote vogels te bekijken was door 40 dollar te lappen voor een 60 minuten durende wandeling :( Nou ja, laat maar! Terug naar de stad dan maar voor de noodzakelijke bezigheden (boodschappen, internet en was) om de tijd door te komen, want de camping was al betaald... Southern Scenic Route Omdat we zo snel mogelijk naar Milford Sound (Fiordland NP) wilden rijden, maar toch niet al te veel van het zuiderlijke landschap wilden missen, hebben we de 'Southern Scenic Route' gereden die via Invercargill (vertrekpunt voor Steward Island) naar Te Anau loopt; vele kilometers asfalt door prachtig bergachtig gebied ... read more
Pinguin II
Donzen kuikens

So we had read about Milford Sound and the huge amount of rainfall it receives. After all, it is a rain forest! We figured we’d been getting more than our fair share of fabulous weather so the day we chose to go to Milford it would of course be raining. We set off early, around 8.30am (Hey that is early for us ok?!) from our base in Te Anau where we had spent two days relaxing by the lake and eating Chinese take-away. We knew within half an hour of driving the Milford Road (the only road in and out of Milford) that the weather was slowly turning against us. The Milford Road took us through some spectacular rainforest and it felt apt that the raindrops which had begun to fall were the size of coconuts. ... read more
Otago & Milford Sound Jan 1st - Jan 11th 124
Otago & Milford Sound Jan 1st - Jan 11th 128
Otago & Milford Sound Jan 1st - Jan 11th 130

An early start and a very indirect drive to Milford Sound - it's only about a 100 k as the crow flies, but it's nearly 300 by road, stupid mountains! Beautiful mountains though, please see the pictures, apparently it's technically not a sound, it's a fjord as it was formed by a glacier and not a river or something. Still pretty!... read more

Day 151: Thursday 27th November - Starting the Milford Track First tramping; no I haven't decided to become a scruffy homeless person, although some may argue that I'm getting close! No tramping to the Kiwi's is what trekking or hiking is to you or me or what bushwalking is to the Aussie's. That cleared up lets get on to the tramp. The Milford Track is considered one of the world's great hikes and is the third multi-day trek I'll be doing in as many months. ( the 'W' in Torres Del Paine, Chile and the Inca Trail in Peru being the other two). I'm lucky to even be attempting the Milford track as until I met an Australian guy in Peru I was just going to turn up the day I wanted to do it. As ... read more
5. Lake Te Anau
10. Walking through the forest, Day 1 of the Milford Track
13. Clinton River, Day 1 of the Milford Track

The trip down the East Coast doesn’t prepare you for the West. The East, or the bit from Christchurch to Invercargill is all about snow capped mountains, velvet green rolling hills, snug little seaside towns and lots of lakes, rivers and streams. A lot of people as well, or at least more than there is on the West. Heading west from Invercargill we gradually started to move through different country. Still plenty of sheep and still green initially but gradually these give way to mountains, trees, gorges and some of the most spectacular country we have seen. The trip into Milford Sound and the World Heritage Area that extends up to Haast about half way up the South Island introduces you gradually to the country. We made it to Te Anou the first day out of ... read more
Deer o Deer
Cascade Creek
Beech Forest

I know it's not like us to be so quick with the blogs but who knows, this might be the beginning of more regular updates...doubt it though. We've just got back from a couple of days in and around Milford but before I talk about that, I'll quickly mention what we've done since the last entry. Pretty much straight after finishing the blog we got in the van and drove down to a place called Bluff. Although it's not the most southernly point, it's referred to as such by a lot of New Zealanders and it's known as the 'Lands End' of New Zealand. It comes complete with a signpost giving the distances to various different countries around the world - London was the furthest away. Bluff is also the place you get ferries to Stewart ... read more
Land's End (NZ)
Lake Hauroko

Rise and shine…. what beautiful day ahead, breakfast was ready on time; it is such a treat not to worry about it. And again the sail through the most amazing nature… wow, wow and once more wow. After leaving the boat I started to head back, I went for few short walks, although the walk up to the Key Summit was hard, up the hill for 2hours and windy as hell, but worth it. I have done short walk around the Lake Gunn, have seen the Mirror lakes… It was a beautiful day and again I had to remind myself how lucky I am to be here and see this extraordinary nature. The only regret I had was I could not go on any longer tracks as would not attempt to go over night by myself, ... read more

Having booked tickets for a 11am cruise on Milford Sound it was imperative we got an early start. Eventhough Milford is only 120kms north Te Anau, we were advised to allow at least two hours driving time due to the winding road and possible weather conditions. Before we left Te Anau we stopped for breakfast at very nice bakery, in the main street a large digital clock/thermometer advised us it was minus three degrees, and it sure did feel like was freezing. It is Saturday morning, so it is no wonder we were the only ones on the street at 7.30am. After enjoying breakfast we headed off toward Milford Sound, as reached the outskirts of the town we had not seen another person let alone another car except the local "Mr Plod" who jumped out ... read more
Homer Tunnel
Stunning Scenery

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