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Milford 217
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Hi just to update you on our travels we have travelled to Fiord Land and Southland the weather was very extreme here, lots of rain an annual rain fall of 7 metres in this region but the fascinating thing was all of the water falls you would expect to see just one or two but here we must of seen hundreds due to the heavy rain fall it was quite amazing. We took a cruise boat into Milford Sound it is really a Fiord because a sound is created by a river eroding a v shaped valley and then flooding with sea water, where as a Fiord is a u shaped valley crated by a glacier and flooded with sea water, at its deepest it was 300 meters deep and in one period of 24 hours ... read more
Milford Sound
Fiordland Southland
Firodland Southland

(Day 701 on the road)After resting my tired bones from the nine-day hike I had just completed, it was finally time to pick up Suzanne from the airport in Queenstown. Suzanne and I have been very good friends ever since we met at university in Hong Kong many years ago, and it was great to see her again (we had last met up in Singapore some 12 months ago). She will be travelling with me here in New Zealand for the next two weeks, and we both have been looking forward to this for a while now. Suzanne's idea of fighting her jet lag (she flew in from San Francisco where she lives and works) was to haul herself off a bridge on a rope. Her choice fell on the Kawarau bridge bungee jump; while that ... read more
Ducks at sunset at Lake Manapouri on the Kepler Trek
Suzanne and I above Iris Burn Valley on the Kepler Trek
Inquisitive South Island Robin watches me pitch my tent

So I wake up occasionally to the sound of rain on the camper and do pray that hopefully it will stop and continue to hope even on the drive to the port and as we walk through the rain to the terminal and even as we run onto the boat and even as we drink the complimentary coffee to warm ourselves up...oh well we resign ourselves to a rainy day on Milford Sound. Our Mitre Peak Cruise So we chose Mitre Peak because we had read reviews that it was a nicer small boat to the popular Real Journey's option and it truly was tiny in comparison to the big Real Journey's boat beside us. Our crew were very very friendly throughout and the Captain often wondered around the boat to chat with everyone. I was ... read more

It was a little before 7:30 when we headed down the hill to catch our bus to Milford Sound. Pea and Lessor, our new friends from Denmark, joined us as we made the walk down. Walking down from the Hippo Lodge is certainly a lot easier than the walk up. We got on a Kiwi Experience Bus and realized it was a lot nicer and comfortable than the regular buses we had been riding over the last 2 weeks. These had foot rests and the chairs reclined. It was good since we would spend most of our day on the bus. As the crow flies Milford Sound is actually quite close, unfortunately for us we were not flying. A rather large mountain range impeded our path which forced us to take a three hour bus ride ... read more
Another Mirror Lake
Milford Sound 13
Milford Sound 16

This morning we got up and drove the Milford Highway up to Milford Sound. Before we left we got some Bacon and Egg pies for breakfast that were awesome. The drive there was beautiful. I really enjoyed the way the landscape changed along the way. We stopped at a few places on the way up (and on the way back too). Our favorite one was The Chasm, where the rocks had been shaped by the water. It's just amazing to see what time does over a long time, and to have some visual proof of it. We had signed up to take a 2 hour cruise on Milford Sound with Mitre Peak Cruises. It was a shorter amount of time than some of the other choices, but it was on the smallest boat for a day ... read more
Milford Highway
Milford Highway
Mildford Highway

There were many responses to our blog about the rescue from staff and passengers on board and family and friends back home. The wife of Staff Captain Alain, the hero of the day, wrote to say how proud she was of her husband. Alain told us that he talked with his 7 year old daughter and she asked him not to do that again! We also received an email from New Zealand TV asking if they could use our blog pictures in their report of the event. The story is big news here in NZ. There have been numerous newspaper articles as well as TV and radio reports. When we arrived in Dunedin the ship was met by many reporters from the local media. They interviewed Captain de LaCombe as well as Bernt Lϋchtenborg. Bernt said ... read more
Stan and Alain
Brian O'Brien
Milford Sound

Day one of the Stray Adventure! Getting on the bus with a load of people who had already been on the bus together for ages was the tiniest bit strange. There's all these bus games about Spaceships and tractors or something? I have no idea if every Stray bus does them or if ours was just weird. On the way to Milford Sound to begin with, though stopped in Te Anau for an extremely delicious veggie pie. Mmmm. Then on a phote stop we ran into a Korean filming crew, making a documentary about the mammoths in the ice age (I think), so we might be on Korean tv one of these days :) Milford Sound was awesome, but honestly, there's so much beautiful scenery here just looking out the bus windows it's hard to appreciate ... read more
A Kea
Snowy mountains
Waterfall had rated Milford Sound as the No.1 destination in the world. A huge accolade to receive, especially as it was voted for by the people. Tripadvisor also gets over 1 million hits per week and coincidently Galway was rated in the top 40 in the same poll. Although our guide said that Doubtful Sound was better and bigger with less tourists, we still had to see Milford for ourselves. We checked the weather conditions the night before and asked at our campsite about going. They said the road was open again but don’t go to early as the roads would be icy and wait until the sun is up. We were going to go early but decided to hold off until 9am when the sun would be up and have started to melt the over ... read more
The road to Milford
The road to Milford
The road to Milford

Fact: Milford Sound has between seven and nine metres of rainfall a year and is considered one of the wettest places on the planet. Bear this in mind if you go to Milford Sound and take waterproof clothing with you. We thought that we would be on the bus all day, then on to a boat so it wouldn't really metter. We were wrong. To go from Queenstown to Milford Sound as a day trip does make it a very long twelve hour day but is well worth the effort. We were told that we wanted rain as this was the best way to see it so we were not dissapointed to wake up to the sound of rain banging on the tin roof of our hostel. On the way to Milford sound we had a ... read more
In the valley
The chasm
Water, water everywhere

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