32, and searching for what's next in life.

We got up this morning and headed out to grab some breakfast. We walked down to Glenda's and shared some scrambled eggs and these thick slices of sausage. We also tried their homemade cinnamon rolls. They were pretty good - no icing like at home, but fresh and warm. Glenda's is on Back St, and was just inside a little house with only a few tables. We then headed back to the hotel to shower and begin packing. It took longer than I thought to organize everything in our packs. While we were packing we heard big booming thunder and looked outside. There were very dark clouds headed out way. We got everything packed up finally and went to check out. It started to rain very lightly as we walked over to the water taxi dock. ... read more

We decided to set the alarm this morning to catch the sunrise. It had rained a lot last night, so there were still clouds in the sky this morning. We got up about 5:20a and walked down to the beach. We sat on a log and waited for the sun to show itself. While we were waiting, a crab scuttled over and went into his crab hole, where he would peek out every so often. It was very serene out - almost no one else up. We watched the clouds turn yellow to pink and finally the sun came up. It was really pretty, but we were tired, so we went back to bed and got up around 8:30a. We slowly got ourselves together and super sunscreened and walked back to The Split. We did our ... read more
Caye Caulker
Lazy Lizard

We slept in this morning, it felt good. We got suited up and walked back up to The Split/Lazy Lizard to hang out. We spent a lot of time floating/swimming around in the deeper water on the other side of the little concrete wall. The water felt nice - not even the slightest bit cold, but somehow a little bit refreshing. Swam out into the waterway a little bit - the current wasn't too bad, and it felt good to be out in the ocean. Had a few beers and talked to a lot of people today. There was one older guy there who had the right idea - everyday he'd come with his oldschool beach chair, hat, sunglasses, cigar and an ice chest of beer and just sit in the shallow water hanging out. It's ... read more

Today we got up early, around 7a or so. We ate a free cinnamon roll from the hotel which wasn't very good and got ready to go for a walk. We decided to head up to "the split" - which was created by the 1961 Hurricane Hattie that hit Caye Caulker, splitting the island in two. We were told by a local guy that it wasn't originally as large as it is now, but that the gap was made bigger by hand as fisherman and people realized it would make for a convenient waterway. Now it's home to some broken concrete walkways and the Lazy Lizard - a waterfront bar. We walked around a little bit, went around to the other side of the island, and then came back to the split and waded in the ... read more
Other side of the island
Lazy Lizard
Roses Bar and Grill

This morning we got up and packed up our stuff to head to Caye Caulker. The water taxi ride only took about 35 minutes, so that was nice. The place we are staying is right by the dock, so that was nice. We didn't have to carry our stuff too far, which was a relief for the sunburned back and shoulders. We are staying at the Seaside Cabanas, in a room on the second floor. We have a great view of the beach and ocean. We dumped our stuff off at our room and walked down the beach to see what was around for lunch. We were trying to pick a place and we heard someone call Adam's name. We couldn't figure out who would know us here, but it was a couple we had met ... read more
Seaside Cabanas
Lobster Burger

We slept in late today, until about 9a. At least when I'm sleeping there is less (or no) pain from the sunburn. I had Adam apply more aloe and we hung out reading for a bit and letting the medicine do it's work. We went outside around 11a, and while it was still hot, there was a lot more breeze then there had been in the previous days. It was really nice. We walked around for a bit and then decided to rent a golf car for a couple of hours. We drove pretty far south of the main part of town, past all the nice resorts and onto unpaved roads. We had to avoid puddles and giant potholes everywhere. We saw a few lizards that were big as well as big crabs scuttling around. They ... read more
San Pedro
San Pedro

In the middle of the night we were awakened by very bright lightening and room shaking thunder. It was a nice, loud, tropical storm. We were worried we wouldn't get to go snorkeling because of the rain, but luckily when we woke up around 7a, it was sunny and nice outside. We slathered on the sunscreen and got our swimsuits on and ready to go. We picked up some pastries from The Baker on the way to the dive dock. We got some cool flippers and ate our breakfast while waiting to get on the boat. There was only 2 other people going with us, and we went and got on our tiny little boat. The other 2 people were learning to scuba dive. Our first stop was Hol Can Marine Reserve. We jumped into the ... read more
Grilled Lobster Tail
Rum punch at Fido's
Jam-Bel Jerk Pit

Today we got up and packed up all our stuff. We got a ride into town from Theo. She dropped us off right by the bus stop and told us about a small bakery to try if we wanted some snacks for the bus ride. We picked up a couple of pastries and waited about 5 minutes for the bus to show up. It was an express bus to Belize City which was a much faster ride than the one we took going into San Ignacio. It only took about 2 hours to get to Belize City, and made only a few stops as opposed to stopping every 10 feet or so. When we got to the bus station we took a taxi to the water taxi station. We bought our tickets for all our water ... read more
San Pedro
Blue Water Grill
San Pedro

Today we had a very relaxing day. We slept in until about 8 or 8:30a, so we didn't book a tour or anything. Which was okay since my shoulders and arms were pretty sore. We had some breakfast - scrambled eggs, fruit and toast, and pretty much hung out reading and playing cards. We did spend some time trying to figure out where we wanted to go next. Originally we were thinking of heading to Placencia, but upon talking to Theo and some of the guests, we decided that it would be a lot of time on a bus for only 3 nights there, and then we would also have to spend the time to take the bus back up to the cayes. So we decided to head back to Belize City and take a water ... read more
The toad hangs out with us

Today was a long, but fun day. We got up at 6:15a to get ready for the caves. Had a few pieces of toast (and tasty local fruit jam) and some fruit for breakfast and our ride came at 7a. We picked up 4 other people and were on our way. The road to the cave was unpaved and very bumpy. It took at least 30 minutes or so to get to a main area and park. We left our dry clothes and anything we didn't need in the van, and were given our helmets. We hooked them to the back of the small backpack Adam was carrying. We started our 45 minute hike in. Not very long into the hike we had to cross a river. It was about waist high, and the water felt ... read more
Crossing the river
Hike to the cave
Cave Formations

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