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Left Arrowtown and headed for Milford. We got their and stayed at campsite. Luckily someone warned us of the sand flys so we went prpared with loads of spray, if we hadnt we would actually have been eaten alive i think!... read more

בס"ד "לאן שיקחו האורות אני שם, עם הלקה, הליפסטיק ושאר דאוו'ין. כי בא לי לרקוד, ובא לי שטויות..!!!" הגענו אל - Te Anau וכבר מתחילים להרגיש את האזור התיירותי של "פיורלנד".. וכמו גם את שינויי מזג האוויר המאפיינים את האזור, וכמובן.. את הסיוט של כולם.. זבובי החול!!!! אחד המקומות הידועים כחובה בניו זילנד הוא ה- Milford Sound שניתן לעשות אותו בטראק של כמה ימים, אותו מזמינים חודשים מראש.. או בהפלגה! את הטראק אנחנו נשאיר לאירופאים עם הכסף.. אנחנו נצא להפלגה!!! "שוטי שוטי ספינתי" כאן ה- fun מתחיל... ישראלים יש בניו זי... read more
Lake Te Anau
"רושם בתוך יומן מסע.."
Kea how much rain falls at Milford Sound in a year. During an average January, the fjord will be on the receiving end of 717mm of rain, or 25% more than London's yearly dose! It's very, very wet around her - certainly the wettest place in New Zealand, and for its altitude one of the wettest in the world. We were lucky in Doubtful Sound - will we be so lucky again as we visit Milford, Doubtful's northern and better-known neighbour? ... read more
Kepler Track
Kepler Track
Shallow Bay

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! And welcome to my first blog of 2007. It's quite a full one because I have been super busy since my last entry and got up to all kinds of wonderful and amazing things. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get it published, but I was having a lot of trouble loading up the pictures. As it is, I have added only a fraction of them, because it was really just taking too long. So I have not put on anything from the Catlins Coast (Invercargill to Dunedin) or from Dunedin, like my pics from the Taieri Gorge Railway. Sorry about that! I might try adding these at a later date... Anyway....Going way back to 2006 firstly...On Christmas Day I flew from Auckland on the north island to Queenstown ... read more
Cable car going up to Bob's Peak
On top of Bob's Peak
View of Queenstown

אוקי...וואו...פיורדלנד... מאיפה להתחיל!! נראה לי שפשוט עדיף שתגיעו לפה ... כי כל מילה שלא אגיד וכל תמונה שלא אעלה לא תשתווה למה שחוויותי והרגשתי ביומיים האלה בפיורדלנד... נסענו מטה-אנאו למילפורד סאונד בדרך פשוט מטמטמת... פרחים, נחלים, עצים, עמקים שגובלים בהרים מושלגים, בצלעות ההרים מפלים שוצפים כל 2 מטר. פשוט גן עדן!!! תארו לכם תמונה של עמק מלא פרחים סגולים עם עץ בודד ונחל לעובר לידו שמעליו הרים מושלגים... זו בערך הסטואציה שהייתי בה. למרות שמזג האוויר לא היה נוח..והיה מעונן וקצת גשום... זו החוויה הכי גדו... read more

The ferry accross from north to south island is meant to be one of the most sceinic crossings in the world and it did not dissapoint, it was freezing cold and the canteen was on a par with british rail but it was a nice way to spend 3 hours. We blasted over to the west coast and ended up in this little one horse town (we had already gone through a town claiming to be a 3 horse town, very strange). And here we finally decided to eat out and it was our best meal of NZ. roast beef glugged down with local beer, top dollar! We went on down the weat caost stopping in Te Anau and milford sound for 3 days before crossing over to the east coast and wending our way back ... read more
Kayaking 1

Staying at a little lake town called Te Anau we took a day trip to Milford Sound (which is really a fiord - they spell it different down here). It is about a two hour drive through some fantastic mountain scenery which was even better because there had been fresh snow in the night (it was 3 degrees that day!). We were not really sure what we would think of it as we have been to the Norwegian fjords which are stunning. Milford was also stunning but in a different way. It is a lot greener with green waters and lots of trees and ferns etc on the mountain sides. We were lucky to get a sunny-ish day with no rain. There had been fresh rain for days so there were loads of waterfalls. The boat ... read more
Our First Snow
Anyone Skiing?
Waterfall at Milford Sound

The incorrectly named Milford Sound (it's really a Fiord but who cares) must be one of the most incredibly places on the planet. Discovered not by Cook or Abel Taman but by a Welsh fisherman , it is a place of amazing scenery. Set in Fiordland National Park the drive to Milford must be among one of the most incredible in the world with massive valleys, snow capped mountains, turquoise streams and mirror lakes. Sorry if this is starting to sound like a bad travel guide, but its pretty amazing stuff. . . . Milford itself has to be seen to be believed huge rock cliffs plunge straight into the sea and when it rains, and it rains lots, about 7 meters a year, the whole place becomes one big waterfall. For once it didn't rain ... read more
Mitre Peak
Mirror Lakes

Driving down to Milford SOund we encountered some of the most amazing scenes of nature. Looking up at the mountains from Queenstown, they had these constant swirling, rolling clouds passing over and by them. The clouds seemed to float somewhere halfway between the earth and the sky. One cloud mass stretched half way across the landscape in an elongated triangle. Mind you we are in what the Mauri call Aoteapoa, or "Land of the Long White Cloud". As we came nearer Milford Sound from Te Anau, due to the heavy rain of the day we saw the waterfalls and flowing rivers in abundance. At one stage the road flows this gushing, heaving river which because of the downpour just seemed to be made of foam, nearly aqua blue in colour rather than the expected white, probably ... read more
clouds floating
clouds floating

Described as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, Milford Sound is an area of magnificent natural beauty. I planned my trip there perfectly to stay the night in the backpackers on shore and join one of the cruises early the following morning to explore the full 22km of Milford Sound by boat. At a relatively quiet time of year for visitors there was only myself, a traveller from Ireland, who’d been staying in the same hostel, the tour guide and the captain making the excursion! With waterfalls plunging hundreds of metres into the fiord it was all pretty spectacular, complemented with astonishing geographical facts and figures, many opportunities to take photographs of the scenery and each other, and even included a free coffee and muffin! Really the best part of the experience for me was the ... read more
Aoraki Mount Cook
Tasman River
One of the many waterfalls

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