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Published: April 5th 2010
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Fiordland SouthlandFiordland SouthlandFiordland Southland

waterfalls on a rainy day in Fiordland
Hi just to update you on our travels we have travelled to Fiord Land and Southland the weather was very extreme here, lots of rain an annual rain fall of 7 metres in this region but the fascinating thing was all of the water falls you would expect to see just one or two but here we must of seen hundreds due to the heavy rain fall it was quite amazing.
We took a cruise boat into Milford Sound it is really a Fiord because a sound is created by a river eroding a v shaped valley and then flooding with sea water, where as a Fiord is a u shaped valley crated by a glacier and flooded with sea water, at its deepest it was 300 meters deep and in one period of 24 hours they had 500mm of rain. When we went out on the boat we were taken very close to some of the waterfalls, which completeley soaked the decks you could go into the fall if you wanted but a little to cold to do that maybe in summer time. We saw New Zealand Fur Seals basking on the rocks not sure we would want to do
Milford SoundMilford SoundMilford Sound

On board Sinbad waterfall cascading onto boat
After Milford Sound we travelled to Otago Peninsula which was very beautiful this is the home of the rare yellow eyed penguin, which we were lucky to see from a distance, we saw seals playing in the sea, very large sealions sleeping on the beach really close up, and a male swimming in the sea and then he came back to the beach to sleep.
We also went to see the Little Blue Penguins the smallest penguins in the world we watched them come in from the sea, after fishing all day quite a slow process, for them to get back to their burrows we saw 30 all together we could not take photos it was just a watching expereince but very lovely.
We have been to Mount Cook National Park the highest mountain in New Zealand surrounded by the beautiful Pukaki Lake, we did a big walk here but the weather was quite good so we had good views of the Southern Alps, we are at present heading to kaikoura which is on the East Coast where we are going to go whale watching we will update again soon love Mick and Julie.

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Fiordland SouthlandFiordland Southland
Fiordland Southland

Milfiord Sound looking a little cloudy
Firodland SouthlandFirodland Southland
Firodland Southland

View all around Fiordland
Otago PeninsulaOtago Peninsula
Otago Peninsula

Sandfily Bay Mum and pups relaxing on the beach
Otago peninsulaOtago peninsula
Otago peninsula

Sandfly Bay male sealion coming to rest after swimming in the sea freely for us to watch.
Aoraki Mt Cook National ParkAoraki Mt Cook National Park
Aoraki Mt Cook National Park

View into Hooker Valley looking onto Mount Cook

Morning sunrise Devils Bridge Wetland
Aoraki Mt Cook National parkAoraki Mt Cook National park
Aoraki Mt Cook National park

Swing bridge in the Hooker valley
South Canterbury mackenzie CountrySouth Canterbury mackenzie Country
South Canterbury mackenzie Country

Lake Tekapo the reason this lake is so blue is because of the rock flour sediment in the water caused by a glacier scraping over the rocks.

5th April 2010

Stunning scenery, but much more western than your other places. I think that NZ is my favourite of all the places you've been. I was supposed to be going up Triffan last week, but in the end road closures and blizzards forced us home. Triffan will have to wait - maybe you will come with me when you get back. The hippy van looks good, I hope it is comfortable and that you enjoy the rest of your time. See you soon. Love Sue

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