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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Warkworth December 25th 2016

Well what a lovely day! Chauffer driven by Patrick and Ashlee with a hand-delivered barissta coffee to drink on the way. We stopped in Wellsford to check out the Shop at the Top complete with newly painted frontage and bold new signage, before driving to Warkworth. Upon arrival, we were greeted by 2 little green elves - Stacey and Thomas. The Christmas Tree was glittering with lights and the kettle was on! Jennifer and Paul had already arrived and Ben and Claire arrived after us. The Secret Santa ceremony was very good, we all had to buy something beginning with the person's first name. Some very original ideas were Jalapino flavoured Pringles for Joseph, Avodcado tree for Ashlee, Protective Gear for Patrick, Banarama game for Ben, Cups and Chocolate for Claire, Jewellery holder for Jennifer, home ... read more
Thomas had some very smart t-shirts
A for avocado
C for chocolate and cups

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei December 24th 2016

This afternoon we all went to Mum and Dad's for a lovely get-together. We had delicious Christmas cake, mince pies, chocolates and cheese puffs....Some saxaphone playing and singing was briefly attempted but this was overshadowed by the talking!!... read more
Sullivan playing with the soldiers
Amy, Georgie and Tineke

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei December 21st 2016

Nous continuons notre route sur la péninsule de Coromandel direction the place to be as a toutist: Cathedral Cove! Par chance ils annoncent un temps superbe pour 2 jours. Sur la route, se situe Hot water beach qui se trouve être une plage sur laquelle tu creuses un peu dans le sable à un endroit très précis pour tester une eau à 38 degrés en payant une fortune au parking. De quoi s'ennuyer rapidement donc nous passons notre chemin. Arrivé à Hahei Beach, 3 possibilités: soit se garer dans la ville et se taper 1km de montée à pied soit faire une partie de la montée et se garer à un parking payant ultra-cher mais on tente l'impossible pour trouver une place dans le mini parking gratuit de Cathedral Cove. Non seulement on a eu la ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangamata December 18th 2016

Maintenant qu'on s'est un peu rempli les poches, on décide de mettre le cap sur Coromandel, officiellement pour une potentielle embauche et officieusement pour profiter des magnifiques paysages! Au départ de Te Puke nous allons d'abord dans les terres aux alentours jusqu'à la réserve de Kaiate admirer Rerekawau Falls. C'est très petit mais ça valait le détour et la route qui y mène est superbe (quoiqu'un 4x4 aurait été plus adapté). Nous continuons notre route pour dormir à Whangamata. C'est vraiment très beau, je me répète mais tantôt on traverse les prairies puis les forêts de conifères et forêts tropicales envahies par les fougères arborescentes immenses! Arrivés à destination, un type se gare à côté de notre van et inspecte les étiquettes de rego, wof et self-countained sur notre pare-brise. On a déjà observé ce genre ... read more
Kaiate Park
Kaiate Park
Kaiate Park

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland December 16th 2016

This blog is a few months behind - but I honestly thought that I had written this blog sitting in the airport in Auckland. But anywhow - I left you while we were in the Tasman avoiding a storm heading to New Zealand. Having cancelled a few ports and added a few sea days the guests were very unhappy to say the least - from the bridge point of view the 5 sea days in a row were incredible. Almost like a short break in the middle of a contract. I wonder if this is what people who do proper ocean voyages constantly feel like at work... Stopping in Tauranga was a pretty neat port - there is a small mountain at the mouth of the harbour so when you sail into the city from the ... read more
View from the top - Tauranga
Tower in Auckland
Beach on the Isle of Pines

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Wairoa December 14th 2016

So spent a night at the Whirinaki Recreation camp, was super cool except for the roads, not graded large gravel. The camp has 3 huts, a wooden stove in the kitchen, flush toilets and solar heated showers. We were the only ones there! Did a couple of walks, one in the afternoon and one after supper. Drove the horrible gravel road to Wiaroa, took hours to go 100k. We found a great campground in town and set up the tent. This morning we drove to Morere Springs, did a walk (read the sign after we finished) then soaked in the hot pools. Off tomorrow for Wellington, we booked the ferry for Friday. PS our campground has the most wonderful display of Christmas lights. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua December 12th 2016

We spent yesterday in and around Rotorua. Well not much time in Rotorua after McDonalds charged me $9.40 for 2 medium coffees! We toured the redwood forest and walked the trail to see the geothermal area from the backside, saving the $48.50/each to do the tour. Then Bob wanted to get closer so we found an unmarked trail and were within a few feet of the steam, he's such a rebel. So 12 km of walking later we jumped in the car and drove to Murupara, where we camped for the night. Took some pictures, but they are on my phone and it's dead, will load them later. Off to Whirinaki Conservation Park today, making our way slowly south.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington December 12th 2016

Hello All. My last blog was done at a time when there was a bit of stress going on with earthquakes, floods and slips, plus a couple of other issues. Now, with things seeming to be under control Di and I can look forward to heading off on a magic Christmas and New Year trip. For some years Chris and Hege have thought that it was time for the NZ contingent to share a northern hemisphere Christmas in Norway. So, this is the year. On Wednesday the 14th Di and I join Amy, Jeremy, Holly and Ella , departing from Auckland for Los Angeles, where we stay for 5 nights taking in the sights and Disneyland. Also, according to Di and Amy there will be some shopping time is involved. I feel that this will be ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington December 9th 2016

Nous nous arrêtons sur quelques site de tournage du seigneur des anneaux en chemin. Les phoques ne sont pas présents pour notre venue à Wellington dommage... j'en verrai sûrement ailleurs, la cote est belle ! Elle pourrait faire penser à la cote bretonne, ou de la réunion Je file chez Rebecca et Patrick des amis de Xtophe présentés cet été à Gex. Leur maison est parfaite au calme, au dessus des studios de production de Peter Jackson. Le temps est maussade pour notre arrivée ce mercredi. Ils prévoient la pluie pour jeudi, chose faite ! Je visite le musée Te Papa avec Susan, le Bee Hive ( parlement, super intéressant d'assister à une séance d'assemblée nationale!) et cuba street. Cette ville est géniale, petite (à taille humaine pour une capitale), faite sur des collines. Aujourd'hui il ... read more
Rebecca et Patrick
La côte
Street art

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waikato December 9th 2016

I grew up in a small town so I know how small towns can have many hidden treasures. Kihikihi, just south of Te Awamutu, is just such a town. Geocaches: There are 2 excellent multis in the town. Interesting, easy to do, easy to find. 1 will lead you to the Domain where there is plenty of space for the dog to run, plus a mountain on Munzees to find. Just keep an eye open for the numerous large (LARGE) dogs that can appear from nowhere. Spacecentre: This is a brilliant place to visit and it is hard to believe it is in such a small town. Great for space enthusiasts, great for kids, great for everyone. Plenty of space-themed gifts available too. History: I learned heaps about the history of the area through doing ... read more
Kihikihi Domain

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