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February 18th 2020
Published: February 18th 2020
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I've had an absolute bitch of a fortnight. A fortnight is, of course, two weeks, but saying that sounds less cool.
The job I came to Te Puke for fell through because those asshats didn't deem it necessary to mention little old me would be needing a car. The hostel staff were literal saints, and the manager has reached a level of iconic I can only hope to match someday. He gave me the much valued advise to "tell those fuckers to screw off". A legend in the shape of a man.
He also found me another job. I ended up putting in two half-days and one full day there before I was essentially fired for having a sunstroke.
I had a sunstroke, which was fun. I had to move out of my tent I had lived in for the past week and back into a dorm-room because I was very cold, and then very hot, and also running a fever.
A few other people staying at the hostel offered me help and some medicine; it was very nice of them.
I then decided I'd had enough. So, I packed my shit and on this beautiful, kind of rainy day of our Lord, finally left Te Puke and came back to Rotorua. The first thing I did here was buy a jar of instant coffee - that was a whole fucking ordeal too, I didn't have any goddamn coffee in Te Puke.
But anyways, now I'm here and I'll do some fun things this week, and then I will be off to live with a couple somewhere near here for a week.
So, yeah. Tumultuous. I've had a thoroughly tumultuous fortnight.


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