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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo June 5th 2005

Star provided this e-mail update: I am in Taupo- where i will be staying until wednesday morning-then off to wellington. . doing great- i skydived today!!!! got pics and a dvd- looking like a very scared dork(: From the magicbus tour she is on: TAUPO-TURANGI-WELLINGTON Welcome to Lord of the Rings Country! Amazing views of the Tongariro National Park that were used in the movie trilogy. Along the Desert Road, you see some army manoeuvres or a herd of wild horses if you're lucky. If you are keen on doing the Tongariro Crossing, renownedas 'the best one day walk in New Zealand', jump off the coach in Turangi and plan for at least 2 nights here. In the afternoon you arrive cin Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Te Papa, the national museum, is well worth ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo June 3rd 2005

Hi guys thanks for the bloggs, Lake Taupo today and i wont go into details - its a big lake and im talking BIG, Gems parents boss owns a log cabin out there to use at our will so off we went! Took 5 hours to get there as they havent heard of motorways or any form of straight road over here. The cabin was great in the middle of a forrest next to the lake (more like a treehouse) If your into birds of prey over here then this is your place as their more common then any other type of bird due to roadkill. Lager over heres great too - TUI named after a bird, goes down well in the hottub! As you see the weather wasnt great on arrival! ... read more
Lake Taupo - endless!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo May 28th 2005

We spent a couple of days in Taupo, which sits on the edge of a huge volcanic caldera which is now NZ's biggest lake, with one throw ourselves out of an aeroplane. However, people will be saddened (or relieved in Emma's Mum's case) to learn that the weather thrice thwarted our plans, although we were close...close as in wearing the jump suits and waiting for the cloud cover to clear so the plane could take off! Instead we visited the impressive Huka Falls and adjacent "Craters of the Moon" thermal area and spent a day in the town of Te Awamutu - famous for being the birth place of the Finn brothers of Crowded House and Split Enz fame (and therefore one of Emma's favourite places in the whole world!!) and were thrilled by such ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo May 12th 2005

At last we’ve managed to get out and some of New Zealand!! After 10 weeks here we decided to hire a car and head north to Lake Taupo which is pretty much in the centre of the North Island. The lake itself was created relatively recently, less than 2,000 years ago in fact. It was born when a massive volcano erupted, spewing 24 cubic kilometres of rock, debris and ash miles into the air - to put that in context, that’s 10 times the amount produced by the huge eruptions of Krakatoa and Mount St. Helens combined! The ash was carried around much of the world and scientists have therefore been able to place the eruption in 186AD when the Chinese noted a blackening of the sky and the Romans recorded that the heavens turned blood-red. ... read more
Misty in the Morn..
Foamin' for it..
Up the Falls...

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo May 6th 2005

I arrived at Taupo hoping to do the Tongariro Crossing the next day -unfortunately but my good luck spell with the weather finally ran out and it was three days before I could do it ;0( In the mean time I managed to squeeze in several relaxing days here just passing time and drinking coffee from cafe's overlooking the lake. Ahh. I briefly considered the almost obligatory skydive that everyone seems to come here to do but for the nanosecond it took me to decide it was a bad idea the weather was too windy so I couldn't go up ;0) I think I'd like to do one at some point.... but maybe when I've got someone else to do it with. On my fourth day the weather was good so at 6.20am (the sunrise across ... read more
Up to Mount Doom...
Having a break at the top of Devils Staircase
Accross the main crater

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo May 5th 2005

Windy day today Skydiving is a no go Wasn't meant to be... Yet another relaxing day today. Sleep in. Dilly dallied. Went for a walk. Stopped at a few shops. Walked by the lake. Super windy! Researched Aussie itinerary. Waited for Jasper to come back from the Tongariro Crossing and hear how spectacular the views were...just the thought of the two hours of stairs at the end makes me tired. LOL It's been nice taking it easy the last few days here in Taupo but I do look forward to moving on. Although I believe Whakapapa will be pretty laidback since it is a ski village type area we'll be staying at. I wonder if there will be any snow for some cross country skiing or snowshoeing or snow tubing?? BTW, Jasper had an awesome time ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo May 4th 2005

Still have bad weather Still so gung ho to skydive Tomorrow...last chance. Since the weather is not the greatest I didn't want to walk too far off the beaten track. I walked a bit around the lake and then I came across this paint your own pottery place and decided to stop in. Before I knew it, I was picking out a piece, looking for inspirational ideas and painting away. I took a picture of my sushi plate since I will not be seeing this again until October/November! The store will be mailing this home for me...hopefully it arrives in one piece! The rest of the day was not very eventful. I just started reading my Australia Bible (AKA Lonely Planet) and am starting to plan the next nine weeks out. It is looking promising to ... read more
A close up of my  masterpiece.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo May 3rd 2005

Inclement weather. Wet & grey. Reminds me of home. Rain, rain, go away... It was a late start today since check out was at 10AM and our bus didn't depart until 1:30PM. Jasper and I walked around Rotorua for a bit. I didn't want to spend money on the Museum (It’s a $10 admission fee. I will wait for the National Museum, Te Papa in Wellington) and wanted to save my $15 and decided not to go to the hot pools at the Polynesian Spa. Plus I didn't feel like lugging wet swim gear around with me. Since it is raining we likely will not be stopping at Huka Falls and will get to Taupo around 3:30 this afternoon. Guess it'll be an easy afternoon relaxing and figuring out the next few days activities...skydiving is out ... read more
Huka Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 29th 2005

Look at the pictures. Yes, this is me!!!! I was thinking about this ever since I arrived to New Zealand. It's something I can't really explain. I had a husband that's been doing it as a hobby for the last 2 years and I never even wanted to come and see, not to say jump myself. But here, everybody's doing it, everybody's talking about it, and you start to think it's a normal thing to do - jump from an airplane... Since I started traveling with Erez we talked about it but we were both unsure. But as we came to Taupo, before planned (we were supposed to be paddling the canow now) it became clear to me that I'm doing it... Even Erez was surprised that I did all the inquiry calls and booked it ... read more
A minute before boarding the plane...
Me the guy I had to trust more than anything!
Coming down, happy...

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 28th 2005

Another amazing miracule or the amazing luck we have all the time: we are renting a car from a very "cheap company". There aren't much guarantees for what you get. So when we called Saturday morning to say we are coming for the car they only had a small 2-door Suzuki. We have so many things, food etc, how would we manage? We could choose to wait till noon, maybe they'll have more cars but we decided that since there are no guarantees we better take what they have. By the time we reached the agency 1/2 hour later, a bigger car arrived! We couldn't believe our luck, or in fact, it's amazing how much of it we have here all the time. On Saturday we drove north from Wellington to Wanganui. There were two main ... read more
A black swan
A peacock
A white peacock

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