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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo September 4th 2005

Today I did alot of driving, again. We took the 1, which is the fastest and the main highway up to Auckland. I decided to go back a different way to see more of the countryside. We took the 1 for a while and than took the 4 towards the southern Taranaki region near the ocean. It was very pretty and worth the extra time. It looked just like "middle-earth" from Lord of the Rings. Lots of green mountains, forests, some snow, rivers, waterfalls, cliffs, etc. It was lots of fun. Lake Taupo was huge, its the biggest lake in the southern hemisphere. Unfortunately the sun had just set when we reached the ocean. I wanted to stop and hang out on a beach for a while but the girls said they had to get back ... read more
The Drive Back

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo September 2nd 2005

Today I drove the group of us north to Auckland for the game. The van was full, Jared, Kim, Kira, Kendra, Jess, and I packed up and went on the spontaneous trip. I won 6 tickets for the All Blacks game on and it worked out to be about $100NZ a ticket, so about 70 $ US. I drove all the way up there with only stops for gas and food because it was getting late. We finally found Kira's aunt/uncle's house and stayed the night there.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo August 28th 2005

Have uploaded some pictures to a different web space. Several of you should have recieved an email asking you to join my group to be able to view my pictures. I hope it's a success let me know if it's not. Or let me know if I missed you so I can invite you too!!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo August 28th 2005

Early early early start today! Was picked up at 6.20am from the hostel and taken to the start of the Tongariro Crossing walk. I eventually arrived back at 4.20pm having walked and climbed up the side of a mountain! Very very tiring and my feet ache now. But was worth every minute as the views and sense of achievment were fantastic! Check out Tongariro Expeditions... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo August 27th 2005

WOW!! I have just fallen 12000ft out of an aeroplane!!! Sky diving is the most amazing buzz ever, I really want to go again! The view over Taupo is superb, but Mount Doom was surrounded by cloud today! My man strapped to my back! (Charles/Charlie) back flipped me out of the plane and spun me round as we were in freefall! He even gave me the parachute control straps on the way down and taught mw how to control which way I wanted to turn, and how to spin round in circles! Earlier today we went to the Huka Falls (huka meaning foam) They were absolutely stunning and we walked into Taupo from there before booking in. I can't believe today, it was breath taking! Tonight am going to watch the All Blacks vs. Springboks on ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo August 6th 2005

- FOOD: Kiwi wine, famous NZ sausage roll with ketchup, Manuka honey flavoured ice cream - PEOPLE: Skydive instructors that tease you the whole way up. Goodbye to Mary - AREA: Second near brake down due to shortage of petrol (and petrol stations). Waitomo Caves walk and boat trip to see the very pretty glow worms. Huka waterfalls, prawn farm and honey shop near Lake Taupo. SKYDIVE over Lake Taupo (absolute highlight). Craters of the Moon (more steam and mud) - WEATHER: Heavy rain that cleared enough eventually for the skydive. Freezing in the National Park. Sat 6th: The mad superloo woman had an even beadier eye on us this morning - the second morning we used her facilities for nearly more than the 15 minute time limit one is allowed for using the toilet. We ... read more
Waterfall on a very wet day
Lake Taupo over which I flung myself out of a plane
A colourful crater (of the moon)

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo June 14th 2005

I have finally felt the freedom of the open road and it is WICKED! I drove cross country once from San Diego to New England when I was moving to Paris. I traveled with a friend, Connie, who was changing jobs and moving to Annapolis. While I had no particular schedule, she had a deadline to reach in order to start her new job in time. There were a definite amount of miles we had to drive each day and a specific place to sleep each night. But this, me and my camper, this is an entirely different beast! I’ve given myself 3 to 4 days to drive basically the length of California with only one mission - to visit a natural hot spring every day. A bit about the camper I’m driving. I am ... read more
Huka Falls
My Own Personal Private Hot Pool
Morganne, the Rainbow Catcher

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo June 13th 2005

Ever wonder where Superman went to change into his Super Suit?... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo June 10th 2005

WOW, WHAT A RUSH!!! Jumping out of an airplane at 12000 feet might not be your everyday thing, but it sure gets your blood pumping!!!! In Taupo on the north island of New Zealand right now. It's supposed to be one of the cheapest and best places in the world to go skydiving, and so I decided to go for it! I must admit I was petrified at first, and had many-a- sleepless nights worrying about it, something abnormal about jumping out of a plane, right? But hey I survived it....and it was amazing, I tell you that! ;) Definitely worth it, but don't know if I'll do it again! I realise I haven't been any good with writing travelblogs lately, so I'll give you a brief update. I arrive into Queenstown, the south island of ... read more
Millford Sound

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo June 6th 2005

Since I last wrote..... The flight from Fiji took about 3 and a half hours. My seat neighbour was a Kiwi and in true NZ style by the end of the flight he was giving me phone and email addresses of all of his relatives througout NZ who he claimed would "put me up and take me around anytime". He and his wife even waited outside until i got on the shuttle b/c they wanted to make sure i got to the hostel ok. I love these people!! I arrived in Auckland around 7:30 PM Fri. Stepped out of the airport and quickly realized that i was not in Fiji anymore- it was about 48 degrees, raining and windy! What was i thinking leaving the beach?!? I grabbed something to eat, read a bit of my ... read more
British Lions vs Bay of Plenty
Crowd shot
Bubbling Mudpools in Rotorua

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