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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 16th 2006

Well Well... what beautiful sights there are to see! Right now we're in Taurangi... a VERY small town right outside of Taupo, recovering from the most wild tramp (aka hike) yet. We went through the Tongariro Crossing: 17 KM through an amazing volcano!!!! It was absolutely awesome. Granted, I'm having trouble walking now, it was well worth the pain. It was amazing! Did I mention that? We hiked through an active volcano filled with craters, crazy green lakes, and sulfurous steam everywhere. Mt. Tongariro is the mountain they used to film Mt. Doom in Lord of the Rings... it was very long, but georgous! So, tomorrow we're heading off to Wellington to attempt to find a place to live for the next few weeks. Abby will be attending a dance workshop while Benji finds some work, ... read more
Us - Mt. Doom and Random Tourist
The Red Crater
Emerald Lakes

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 16th 2006

hello people, as you might guess from the title we had a great day yesterday chucking ourselves out of a plane! It was fantastic! Having head back into the midlands of new zealand and gone up a mountain the hard way on the crossing we decided it was 'high' time to do the done thing in taupo and skydive. It was a long day waiting for the jump to come, looking up into the sky and wondering just how high 12000 feet was, pretty damn high is the answer. we arrived at the sky diving place at 2pm, feeling excited but with a definate twinge of nerves in the background. after a long wait we were called and strapped into our delightful red jump suits, and trainers which were branded 'British' , only the best eh! ... read more
Head in the clouds
The crew
Head in the clouds

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 16th 2006

Yes yes yes... since leaving a rather overcast and gloomy rotarua we sped south on route 1 to the lakeside town of taupo. Having passed through a couple of weeks previously we wern't really sure if there'd be much to discover but we've been extremely pleasantly suprised with the place. Mainly comprised of holidaying new zealanders intermingled with a large chunk iof the backpacker crowd. The first night we were on the verge of mild panic when it seemed as if there would be no room at the inn - or even any of the campsites, but as has become the case on our travels the YHA prooved to be good and we again reaped the benefit of having a tent (all the rooms in town were full to the brim). After pitching up and surveying ... read more
The Emerald Lakes
marc and claire in a cloud
oooooo mountains!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 10th 2006

Being that we managed the Tongariro Crossing we decided to reward ourselves with a jet boating trip. It was wicked! You zoom along the river at great speed and then every so often you do huge 180 degree spins (bit like a handbrake turn) This, needless to say, results in lots of spray. The best thing about it was that the boat went over rapids! The first time we flew through the air but the next time we hit the water at a different angle and we got drenched! It was so much fun though. The other thing with jet boating is that the drivers seem to want to drive VERY close to cliffs and other objects then swerve the boat out of the way at the last second!... read more
We are airbourne!
We got wet!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 9th 2006

/Day 57, 58 & 59 We got on the Kiwi bus and stopped at Te Puia (a large thermal mud park). We had a tour around a Mauri village and were driven through the park. We stopped to see some bubbling mud pools and then some massive geysers blowing off a bit of steam. One was 30 m high! We then saw a Kiwi bird (their native bird) in an enclosure - funny looking fellas and jumped back on the kiwi bus and were taken to our hostel. We had a BBQ and a game of pool and just chilled out as we had a big day ahead of us.... The next day we were picked up early doors to go black water rafting. We were kitted out in our gear and then absiled down a ... read more
Stuart abseiling down
Taupo sunset

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 6th 2006

woohoo. WE DID IT (I WITH COMPLETE COMPOSURE AND CAITIE WITH NOT SO MUCH). so, after riding on a bus for a full 6 hours from wellington we arrived in taupo. we got to our hostel and were almost immediately off to the air field in taupo to jump. i had been working myself up for a couple of days, trying to get excited but mostly nervous. I ON THE OTHER HAND WAS COMPLETELY COOL AND EXCITED. yeah right. ANYWAY, WE'RE WAITING OUTSIDE OUR HOSTEL FOR THE COMPANY TO COME PICK US UP AND A FREAKIN' LIMO DRIVES INTO THE CARPARK!! we were carted off in style to jump. it was windy so we waited around the hanger for a couple hours. but finally we were getting into our goofy jumpsuits and harnesses....we'd watched 2 groups ... read more
our launching/landing strip

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 1st 2006

Taupo seems to be the Chav Mecca of New Zealand and there sure was a lot of them. We first booked into Chav hospitality at the All Seasons Camping Ground where we were fortunate... to get the last camp site. We spent the evening listening to eighties rock classics really loud from a car stereo - some favourites of mine were Brian Adams's Summer of 69 and one with the lyrics that went on about someone being "Poison through my veins". Having rebelled earlier by tearing of our coloured campers wrist bands which we were forced to wear, whilst swearing an oath that we wouldn't steal an extra night on their camp ground, we went to visit the Huka Falls and a thermal park called "Craters of the Moon" (no moon I've ever been to, I ... read more
Water if you like that kind of thing
The eighties are alive and well in the Craters of the Moon

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo December 17th 2005

Hello all you intrepid readers of Benji and Abby's blog. Here is the latest installment from the travelers. First off an apology from Benji: There are no stories about the cute kids I let you all down:( Okay now where have we been let's see: Well we tried to leave Tauranga the last location that we updated the blog from, only to find that Benji had leftthe lights on and killed the tiny battery that was in our van. We expected this would happen sooner or later so we quickly hopped in a cab and made3 it to an auto parts store just before closing. We purchased the correct size battery for our van and headed across a bridge to a little town called Mt. Marangui (actually a suburb of Tauranga). This town turned out to ... read more
Tramping Trailhead
Whirinaki Hut
Carvings on Lake Taupo

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo December 5th 2005

Planen ar att vi ska ut och vandra, tre dagar runt ett berg i en vacker nationalpark med mer vulkanisk aktivitet. Darfor beger vi oss till Taupo som ar en turistort med utgangslage for transport till vandringen. Dock har vadret blivit samre, (hittills har vi haft tur med det) och medan vi vantar pa battre tider traskar vi runt omkring Taupo. Vi gar en promenad som borjar vid en naturlig varmvattenkalla som mynnar lagligt i en flod sa man kan doppa sig i val tempererade vatten. Dar finns aven en varningsskylt som talar om att man inte ska doppa huvudet. Det maste vara for amoborna som kryper in genom nasan eller oronen och sedan kakar upp hjarnan pa en. Vi tankte doppa oss pa vagen tillbaka, men promenaden blev lite val lang och slutade i osregn ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo November 28th 2005

First, apologies to those who got the email to my last blog 3 times - that wasn't meant to happen. Secondly, to those who may be jealous of me spending Xmas in New Zealand's summer, don't be; up to Tuesday we've been getting freak cold weather here, which is just typical isn't it?! Including giant hailstones in Auckland. Ah well, c'est la vie. Nevertheless, travelling around NZ's north island is starting to get really fun and interesting now. You'll be know that I survived the 12000ft skydive. Who'd have thought being strapped to another man would give me such a big adrenaline rush. But I think the jumping (eventually) out of the plane and freefalling park helped. The feeling of freefalling is like no other - full exhileration to the end with a perfect awe-inspiring ... read more
From Bag End
Boiling mud
More steam

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