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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay December 28th 2018

November 19 to 9 December In my last three weeks in New Zealand I was able to spend more time with friends and not rush about quite so much there were some leisurely walks in Long Bay and lunches at the new cafe at the Sugar Factory and in Cornwallis Park in the midst of a hailstorm...I’ve never seen hailstones quite so big ! Thanks to Jackie and Goff I was able to stay in their delightful cottage on shores of Lake Rotoiti... it’s like a tropical paradise there with massive tree ferns dipping over the deck so I enjoyed one beautifully sunny day and 2 days where the rain pelted down ...that’s why it’s like a tropical paradise there I think !!! But it was a time to enjoy some peace and read a ... read more
Stunning Cape Kidnappers
That highest point you can see is where the gannet colony is.
Flower pot

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay November 25th 2018

24th November I and getting at this getting away for 10am lark; the key seems to be preparation. I pack my clothes for the next day in my rucksack and put a teabag in my cup. This way when I get up to go the loo I can make a cuppa on the way back. I then have breakfast and sort the van out. Then head for a shower, and drop my washing up in the kitchen on the way. Wash up after my shower, put the stuff back in the van and I am ready to go. It has only taken me two and half weeks to figure it out. The plan of action for today is to go to the Farmer’s Market in Gisborne and then head towards Napier. I get parked up as ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Hastings January 25th 2018

A more gentle day today. After reveille, the C.O. ordered a sortie to Hastings. Hastings is a very small city that is adjacent to Havelock North and it is unclear, to a visitor, where one starts and the other finishes. Some bargain kit purchases were made and will be added to the C.O.’s baggage train. Lunch was taken and enjoyed at Madelaines which is a quirky cafe. The weather is glorious and has reached 30 degrees C. We had previously loaded the beast with some borrowed golf clubs and the 9 holes of golf was re-arranged for this afternoon. We made up a four ball with Dave Wood and Mark Tasker. Mark is a very good golfer who plays off scratch. He was very patient with and good company for the other three lesser gifted players. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay January 22nd 2018

22/1/18 Waimarima & Havelock North On light duties today with just a walk along the beach and cleaning and locking up beach house ready to journey back to our host's (Brian & Lynda) house in Havelock North. We said goodbye to Waimarama as we are unlikely to see it again for a few years. Just packed up our few weekend things into the beast and purred back to Havelock North. Had a pleasant evening chatting over another nice meal and hit the hay early - no wine which our livers will be grateful for. It has been suggested to me by some blog followers, that I should be in line for promotion and perhaps take over command. I requested an Interview with the C. O. and proposed this suggestion. When she calmed down, she said I ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay January 21st 2018

20/1/18. Wairama Beautiful weather sunny and warm (30 degrees C). Heard about the cold and snow at home and were very sorry to have missed it. Went out in morning as fishing crew on the boat. Set out two fish lines to catch fish rather than crayfish. We then checked and rebaited the crayfish pots. Had a good haul of 17 crayfish although 6 were too small and were returned to the sea. After lunch, no rest for fisherfolk, went out again in boat to hoist up fishing lines. We caught 10 good sized Gurnards which are attractive fish. This was a slight disappointment to some of our party as steak was on the menu if not enough fish were caught. We set free 3 small sharks and an eel that were caught but not wanted. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay January 20th 2018

Attempting a photo catch up from Singapore from C.O.’s ipad (superior officers equipment)... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Porangahau July 31st 2017

“There is no sign of the Myeloma.” Alan Brooker of the Colour Therapy Clinic as he folds his divining rod. Almost immaterial whether that will be shown in the blood tests, the momentary euphoria showed me what a dark hole I have been in. There was suddenly, sparkling light, there was my tenacious support friend, there was love, joy, a future, wow what a flip side and what a revelation. It has been an existence in neutral since September 2016, a process of fulfilling the protocols, the only signs of life being my terroir support friend KK and family popping in daily. I thought I was handling it all well, huh, not exactly depressed but barely alive, short tempered, self-absorbed, existing. How did we end up here. Monday 5th September 2016, 9am call from Paddy O’Brien, ... read more
Top crew
home from Palmy
the smiling terrior

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay July 29th 2017

Ça y est, nous revoilà officiellement prêt à reprendre la route sur l'île Nord. Du coup, on passera par la côte Est afin de découvrir ses merveilles. Avant de quitter Wellington, on s'attarde aux alentours et plus précisément au départ de Shelly Bay pour arriver jusqu'à l'aéroport de Wellington. Le trajet se fait en van sous la pluie mais en vaut vraiment la peine! La route côtière est très agréable, sauvage et offre à certains points un spectacle magnifique où l'on a pu observer l'océan se déchainer, des villages de pêcheurs qui ressemblent plutôt maintenant à des résidences secondaires commençaient à être inondés par la pluie tout ceci sculpté par un vent de folie! On recommande ce trajet un jour de beau temps, un jour où il sera possible de prendre une pause sur l'une des ... read more
Shelly Bay
Shelly Bay
Shelly Bay

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Napier January 16th 2017

The days are flying by! We are just leaving Napier, was so nice. The ferry from Picton to Wellington was a rough, overcast and windy with 2-3 mitre waves. Wellington was overcast and really windy, thought it would blow the car off the road. Drove straight to Napier, about 3/4's of the way there the clouds disappeared and the interior of the car started heating up. We found a tent site at Kennedy Holiday Resort. It's a huge but lovely holiday park run by the municipality, very close to CBD (central business district). Nice kitchens, bbq, pools, etc. Day one we wandered around checked out the town and looked at the architecture. There was a big earthquake here in 1931 so all the rebuild is Art Deco. We went and saw the film at the Art ... read more
Clive Square
Flower Clive Square
Flowers Clive Square

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Wairoa December 14th 2016

So spent a night at the Whirinaki Recreation camp, was super cool except for the roads, not graded large gravel. The camp has 3 huts, a wooden stove in the kitchen, flush toilets and solar heated showers. We were the only ones there! Did a couple of walks, one in the afternoon and one after supper. Drove the horrible gravel road to Wiaroa, took hours to go 100k. We found a great campground in town and set up the tent. This morning we drove to Morere Springs, did a walk (read the sign after we finished) then soaked in the hot pools. Off tomorrow for Wellington, we booked the ferry for Friday. PS our campground has the most wonderful display of Christmas lights. ... read more

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