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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Whakatane November 20th 2018

19th November It takes a while to sort myself out today, it has been raining all night and my table, chair a few bits of washing are all wet. As usual I need to be off site by 10, as I was waiting for my toast in the kitchen I got chatting to a lady, she asked where I was from Lincoln. Me too she says, she moved to Tattershall about a year ago. Small world. Slowly get myself together, feel better after tea and toast. Hand my fob into reception and head off, with no plans other than south. Eventually got to a dead end, thought it might be an idea to see what sat nav said for herself at this point. I decide to head towards Opotiki and see what happens. No roller coaster ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Whakatane December 9th 2016

We spent the first night at the Papamoa Beach Resort in the Bay of Plenty, weather wasn't great so we moved along to Whakatane. Okay, they pronounce the WH like we would PH, I can't say it without giggling. We stayed Friday night and are booked for Saturday night as well at the Awakeri Hot Springs, about half an hour drive from Whakatane (haha). We drove to Awakeri for supper last night, fish and chips for $8.00, a 6 pack of Hagen beer and a bottle of wine. We shared a beer, went to the hot pool and were asleep at 9:30. The hot pool is great, warm and the water is so soft, like a baking soda bath. Off to Whakatane (haha) for the Saturday market and a bunch of Christmas things.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Whakatane December 24th 2015

Thursday December 24 – Today we drove a little further east in the Bay of Plenty, to Whakatane. The Wh is one letter in Mauri (spoken by the indigenous Mauri people in NZ) and sounds like the F in English. So it sounds like Fa-ka-ta-nay. We checked out the beach there and then drive a few more miles to Ohope beach. It was cold and cloudy – not quite the summer weather we had envisioned – but still beautiful. We stopped to buy some cold medicine and bought sausages for lunch that were being sold outside a store we were at.... read more
Christmas eve sausage
Mauri meeting house

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Whakatane February 17th 2015

Left Whitianga and headed down the coast calling in at several places, one called Pauanui which we thought was lovely. It had a nice feel to it, some lovely houses and all set around a large open and calm inlet of sea with mountain views and the ocean crashing on the rocks on the other side. A very quiet lovely residential area if you were thinking of emigrating. On from there and a quick stop at Katikati which was nothing to get excited about, Tauranga which was a nice buzzy town and onto where we were staying Mount Maunganui which apparently is becoming NZ top weekend away destination. We stayed in a B & B and our host was from Scotland but he had been resident in NZ for nearly 50 years and whilst in the ... read more
Long time since Baz wore breathing apparatus!
Sulphur, not as smelly as I thought!
By the crater

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Whakatane December 19th 2014

A day of bush and birdsong. The local council has created an 18-kilometre loop walk that begins near Whakatane town centre, then ascends and descends through generally pristine native bush and hugs the coastline before descending to Opotiki Beach. After walking the length of the beach, walkers ascend through another reserve in which the native North Island robin has been released, then blunder round the suburbs before finding their way back to town. We began the walk early in the morning when the sea glowed under the low sun and everything was fresh and clean. At first, the trail to Opotiki wound up and down through beautiful woodland with fern trees and a varied canopy, or hugged the coastline with its turquoise seas and red-blooming pohutukawa trees. In the bush, tuis teased us by posing in ... read more
variable oystercatcher poses
whakatane from above

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Whakatane August 26th 2012

Today I drove up through the wooded valleys of the North Island, past Lake Taupo, up to Whakatane in the Bay of Islands. Wood is a massive export of New Zealand so as I was driving up through the forests I noticed how there were large swathes of area with trees at different stages of growth. Some area was totally barren, having recently been harvested, but the rest ranged from a sampling up to fully grown pine trees. I arrived at Kathy, my grandad's 3rd cousin, and Terry Jones' house in the early afternoon and met Kathy's grandchildren; Lucy, who is 3, and Madie, who is 2. At first they didnt really wanna talk with me as they were shy but after we took them to the park and gave them a push on the swings ... read more
On the farm
Madie and Lucy

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Whakatane March 18th 2012

Right, time for a small update on what’s going on down under! Since the last time I did an update, I have been farming, mountain biking and generally having a good time. Me & Rob travelled to Rotorua on the 6th, to spend a week with a family doing general farm work and gain some experience of Kiwi life. Rotorua is a pretty special place in itself, due to large amount of volcanic activity there, the major downside of this activity however is that the whole city stinks of shit! (Due to the sulphur) We however were staying just outside the city, in small town called Oropi. We were greeted by the lovely Lilly family, who welcomed us at their small farm, and introduced us to their daughter, her boyfriend, their 8 year old son, the ... read more
2012-03-13 001 049
2012-03-13 001 074

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Whakatane February 11th 2012

Uitspraak: Fakatane. Alles met WH in een naam van een stad of dorp = F van uitspraak. De voorbije 4 dagen verbleven we bij onze vrienden in Whakatane. Hiromi & Aron. Ze zijn nu hard aan het werk , met meer dan 40 uur per week, omdat ze in mei vertrekken naar Canada voor een jaar. Dus we hebben ze niet zo veel gezien deze week. Maar het was wel heel gezellig 's avonds. Wij kookten in ruil voor bed & douche. Ideaal dus! Hier was het ook een soort vrijwilligerswerk. Binnen een 3 tal weken gaan we naar Nathan in Rotorua. Whakatane zelf heeft niet zoveel te bieden. Een stad zoals een ander maar je hebt enkele kilometers verder wel een leuk strand en een gloeiwormengrot. De laatste avond gingen we naar de haven om ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Whakatane January 11th 2012

I have been here almost for a week and have seen already so many amazing things, I still cannot believe it. We caught really bad weather in Rotorua, although, we wanted to stay a little bit longer we had to find the sun and head towards Whakatane. After some shopping we drove towards the Rainbow Mountain and Kerosene Creek Thermal Area which looked secluded enough. We wanted to be away from tourists! It is surprising how touristic NZ actually is. You have to pay pretty much for everything. We were lucky to find this spot as it is the only free place where you can swim in thermal river in a beautiful nature. We stayed over night. I am getting comfortable with the van however still uneasy when at night. I am scared someone will knock ... read more
Kerosene Creek Thermal Area
Okataina Lake

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Whakatane January 7th 2012

Je reviens tout juste d'une excursion au White Island. C'est un volcan. Méchante ride de bateau.. Le vomi coulait à flot dans les petits sacs de papiers.. ça brassait pas mal pour se rendre là bas. Mais pour ma part j'ai le pied marin, pas de trouble. C'est pas mal intéressant cet endroit. Mais ici à Whakatane c'est tranquille. La plage est loin. Le service de bus est poche. La météo aussi est poche.. Fa que.. Pis en plus c'est pas mal compliqué de trouver un liquor store d'ouvert.. Fa que... Je crois que je vais avancer dans ma lecture. Demain je pars déjà pour Napier et lundi je me tape une tournée de vignoble dans la Bay of Plenty..... read more
Cheminée de souffre
ça sent pas bon...

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