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November 20th 2018
Published: November 20th 2018
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19th November

It takes a while to sort myself out today, it has been raining all night and my table, chair a few bits of washing are all wet.

As usual I need to be off site by 10, as I was waiting for my toast in the kitchen I got chatting to a lady, she asked where I was from Lincoln. Me too she says, she moved to Tattershall about a year ago. Small world.

Slowly get myself together, feel better after tea and toast. Hand my fob into reception and head off, with no plans other than south. Eventually got to a dead end, thought it might be an idea to see what sat nav said for herself at this point. I decide to head towards Opotiki and see what happens.

No roller coaster rides today, yesterday was avocado orchards and today was kiwi orchards and then berry farms. Needing coffee, I stopped at a place called Blueberry Corner for coffee and blueberry and chocolate brownie, which was delicious by the way. I sat and wrote my last blog and watched the antics of the biggest chickens I have seen.

I realize that my days are generally getting shorter, I am waking up later and my first coffee break is getting later, it was almost 12 today when I stopped.

I got back in the van, and head in search of campsite, I am booked in by 1.30. I make tea and read a book. Then I hand wash a few things, not sure how I have got more washing after I used the launderette yesterday, but there you go.

This campsite has a beach view, a volcano and a mangle. All campsites should have a mangle, so I used my new toy and hung my washing out.

Another cuppa and then a quick walk on the beach. Have a read of my book when I get back, and a little snooze.

Wake up feeling peckish, so I rustle up pasta, broccoli and tuna and put the left overs in a container for tomorrow's lunch.

My washing is dry, told you every campsite should have a mangle. Wash up dishes and make my bed up and climbed in.

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