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11th December 2012

camper van
So what does camper van look like ? U was going to put picture up when U got it Love little sis x
5th December 2012

Keep Safe
Sounds like youre having a good time, despite weather conditions. Soon be back hehe.
From Blog: Landslide
4th December 2012

Yourve gone quiet
Hi hunni hope you are good, waiting for more updates, hope not interupting nowt, but would love to hear from ya x
1st December 2012

Hope you took pictures of dolphins :-)
29th November 2012

Hi Mitch - did you get my previous message? No comments from you for a while so wondered if you are ok? It might be me using the blog incorrectly!
27th November 2012

Hi ya Mitch Sounds and looks like you are having an amazing time. Have enjoyed reading your blog. Nic gave me the link. Stay safe and enjoy your journeys and an amazing experience.
From Blog: South Island
30th November 2012

Hi glad you are enjoying the blog. How are things going with you. Mitch
From Blog: South Island
22nd November 2012

Hi Mitch, sorry just logged on to see what you've been up to for the first time. It sounds fantastic, good luck finding Mr Woodcutter!! :)
22nd November 2012

I am offically jealous now. Looks like you\'re having a good time.
From Blog: Kauri
18th November 2012

Only just got blog details
you been having problems with down loads i have only just the email today.The wonders of the electronic world. Sounds as if you are having a super time. Nice and bright at home today but chilly. Eat more garlic to avoid bitey things or drink more wine and become immune to the itching. Started to do the Lincoln runs with Dad, which they would be here, left the house at 10 and got back at 5pm. Take care love x
From Blog: Waitomo Caves
12th November 2012

Where are you?
Hello Mitch, Quiet on the Western front, have you pulled? teehee. Hope all is well. POST PICS PLEASE!! :)
From Blog: At the airport.
12th November 2012

sooooooooo wot u upto then ???????
you must be aving a whale of a time as no blogs
10th November 2012

looks like you finding things to take pictures of. like the street sofa :-)
From Blog: Paihia
6th November 2012

u there yet ?
7th November 2012

See Blog for today
6th November 2012

Yes lovely little cafe and rock of ages was Brill :-) had a good time with my big sister and best friend :-) x
From Blog: Rock of Ages
5th November 2012

At the Airport
Have a great flight!
From Blog: At the airport.

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