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Oceania » Fiji » Robinson Crusoe Island February 5th 2010

Well i have now finished my Fiji adventure, and am sad to be leaving such a lovely place. After leaving mana island, i'd planned on going to Beachcomber, which was traditionally known as the party island! However, a slight mix up on the boat to the island, meant that they did not accept my car for payment, and with no cash on me, they did not let me off the boat! Instead, they took me back to the port and walked me to the cash point and forced me to pay double the amount for the boat due to taking me all the way back to the mainland. Not only that, but they were still trying to charge me full price to stay 2 nights on Beachcomber, even though i would have only stayed there one ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Robinson Crusoe Island February 3rd 2010

BULA EVERYBODY! So now that Australia had been ticked off it was time too visit country number 9 of our wee escapade. This leg would take us to the Fiji Islands for our little 10 day island break. Im sure you'll agree that after our hectic schedule of the 3 weeks previous we needed a little time off to relax in the sun. James' mam had kindly arranged for us to stay in a nice resort for the last 5 days so we had the first 5 to do what we pleased. We found ourselves a hostel, had ourselves a good nights sleep and the following morning we had a look at the various options we had. Trips to the little islands off the mainland are the most popular thing to do when you visit Fiji ... read more
About to take my first shot. The hole was to the left of that tree. My hot ended up over the bank above my head somewhere
Us being greeted onto the island
One of the initiation games

Oceania » Fiji » Robinson Crusoe Island April 11th 2009

11/4/09 = The Night Show at Robinson Crusoe Did the usual thing I always do when have been drinking = waking up every hour and hardly sleeping. Sleep may be best cure, but is impossible to achieve! I got up as one of first in room - v.sensibly limited alcohol yesterday and actually felt fine :) - and headed over to breakfast. Catherine was already up, so chatted to her, then Irish girls not far behind, followed by Deb. Deb feeling rough, but Diedra looked remarkably well considering...some people = so lucky with hangovers! Breakfast was bit of a disappointment. Come to expect pancakes now and when not there ... :(. Only toast today. Ate a bit - not feeling that good that could eat usual amount - then headed off to beach with Catherine and ... read more
Chilled hammock time
Just another sunset bonfire...
Uncovering the hangi meal

Oceania » Fiji » Robinson Crusoe Island April 11th 2009

11th APRIL 2009 - A DAY FOR DOZING & SPECTACULAR NIGHT SHOW!!! Nat woke me up at 8am for breakfast. I think I was still a little drunk...damn those drinking games! I still managed to get dressed and head down for breakfast. A little cereal and some toast sorted me right out! A few people were leaving on the 9am boat and so I hung around and said my goodbyes before going back to bed for an so tired!! Check out was t 10am and so I got up and made sure I had packed up and was out of the room by that time. Nat and I weren’t heading back to the mainland until 9pm and so we put our stuff behind reception and chilled out for the day. I headed to the beach ... read more
The resort all trimmed up for the wedding!!
Sunset Bonfire!!
So good to watch!!

Oceania » Fiji » Robinson Crusoe Island April 10th 2009

10/4/09= Sunbathing, Volleyball and Drunken card games Woke up early for breakfast - won’t make the same mistake as dinner - threw some clothes on and headed straight for buffet table. Delighted to find pancakes waiting…yum :) Even better, they had fresh orange and sugar to put on them…well done Crusoe! Grabbed a stack of 3 and started the eating process. V.tasty, but also v.stodgy pancakes. Managed to squeeze a 4th in, but that well and truly finished me off. No lounging in bikini for at least 30mins. Had a quick morning chat with everyone, then headed off to reception to sort this reimbursement out once and for all. Found same owner as before, who typed lots of numbers into a calculator and came up with a refund of $74. Wasn’t as much as had hoped ... read more
A look the other way
The main hut
Where we ate our meals

Oceania » Fiji » Robinson Crusoe Island April 10th 2009

10th APRIL 2009 - JAM PACKED DAY & LETHAL DRINKING GAMES!! I got up at 7.30am for breakfast. Once again I over indulged on pancakes, toast, fruit and cereal! As a result my stomach expanded further which was bad news for my clothing!! We had a good giggle over breakfast with the lasses we sat with last night and an Irish couple (Jen and Liam) who were really nice! I swear...the whole island was full of Irish travellers...better not bring out the Paddy and Murphy jokes!!!! Following breakfast we went to reception to try and sort out having to leave earlier than originally booked for. We weren't fighting to stay for the 4 nights booked as we would be the only people on the island not involved with the wedding, but we did want some money ... read more
Fish Drive!!
Fill the bucket up!!
Pour in and hoist up!!

Oceania » Fiji » Robinson Crusoe Island April 9th 2009

9th APRIL 2009 - ARRIVAL ON ROBINSON CRUSOE ISLAND!! On the Robinson Crusoe bus we headed into Nadi where the driver stopped to allow us to get some much needed cash out! The queue at the ATM was a joke...I think the whole population of Fiji had turned out to get cash! I hate queuing but no choice! We then nipped into the supermarket for some vodka and jumped back on the bus! Nadi seemed very busy...lots of hustle and bustle and I didn't like it very much...glad we only had a quick stop there! The bus took us to the boat dock and we waited there for the boat to arrive. Once again the boat was on Fiji Time and so we were waiting there for a while before it came. Seemed weird as Nat ... read more
Nat downing her bowl!!
Contrasting cards to say the least!!

Oceania » Fiji » Robinson Crusoe Island October 13th 2008

Hey all, sorry it's been a while but we didn have internet for most of our time in Fiji. Right where to start......... The first day in Fiji was certainly interesting, we arrived and were greeted but rain and men walking down the side of the roads carrying machetes. Not quite the paradise we envisioned. The hostel didn't exactly perk us up either! So we decided to catch the bus into town (Nadi aka shithole), walking around was fine but we were constantly greeted by cheerful Bulas (Fijian greeting) only to find they wanted to sell us something. The highlight was a cuyrry I got from a little cafe which I got for $10 (3.40) and was delicious. Then however we somehow ended up in a little shop and the 'lovely Fijians' offered to bless us ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Robinson Crusoe Island December 27th 2007

Robinson Crusoe - my last day :-( From what i can remember spent most of the day simply chatting and saying good byes, and thanking the locals and tour guides from Robinson Crusoe for an unbelievable time at Robinson Crusoe Island. Also as you can see taking pictures of the 5star facilities on the island. I think we got picked up by our water taxi at 11am and we were given the usual really nice fijian send off (farewell song, guitars by the islanders). Arrived back in Nadi mid afternoon on a Sunday i think and for most of the afternoon just dossed about and used the internet to catch up on my blog. Had a nice suprise when i got back to the hostel. I was at the bar with one of the girls who ... read more
Robinson Crusoe - bathroom
Robinson Crusoe - bathroom cont
Robinson Crusoe - accomodation

Oceania » Fiji » Robinson Crusoe Island December 27th 2007

The rest of Robinson Crusoe Well its been so so long it seams since fiji so i think ill just have to remember what i can and generalise everything for the time being. Soz ive not updated my blog for ages, youll probably find it hard to believe but ive not had time. Time goes so fast over here and theres is always something to do or someone dragging you out. Anyway - back to Fiji Robinson Crusoe from day 3 onwards. Well i should have been going back to mainland today but as having so much fun with the best people ive met i just cant go and must stay longer. As you can see from the picture i enjoyed spending time in my hammock - one of my favourite places and best ways ... read more
Robinson Crusoe Firewalk
Robinson Crusoe - more kava
Robinson Crusoe after mud fight

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