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December 27th 2007
Published: January 2nd 2008
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Robinson Crusoe - bathroomRobinson Crusoe - bathroomRobinson Crusoe - bathroom

Bathroom facilities at robinson crusoe - not exactly the hilton!

Robinson Crusoe - my last day :-(

From what i can remember spent most of the day simply chatting and saying good byes, and thanking the locals and tour guides from Robinson Crusoe for an unbelievable time at Robinson Crusoe Island. Also as you can see taking pictures of the 5star facilities on the island.

I think we got picked up by our water taxi at 11am and we were given the usual really nice fijian send off (farewell song, guitars by the islanders). Arrived back in Nadi mid afternoon on a Sunday i think and for most of the afternoon just dossed about and used the internet to catch up on my blog.

Had a nice suprise when i got back to the hostel. I was at the bar with one of the girls who left the island with me (Stephanie from Germany) and i was greeted by Kat and Alex (The English girl and guy who i met and shared a dorm with in Maui). Was really nice suprise & good to see them and agreed to meet them at there hostel later for a drink or 2.

Summary of Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe - bathroomRobinson Crusoe - bathroomRobinson Crusoe - bathroom

Using the tap and bucket outside you av to fill the shower bucket then using a pulley raise the shower bucket........

Had an amazing fun packed 5 days. Will never forget the Fijian Islanders - everyone of them had a heart of gold, was amazingly friendly and made every day on the island so much fun. Okay the accomodation and facilities were very basic but so what! Thats what you go a fijian island isnt it?! If anyone every goes to Fiji - Robinson Crusoe should be very high up on your list.

It was my good intention to try and get back to the island towards the end of my stay in fiji and also to attend there Christmas party in Nadi on the main island. Unfortunately for justified reasons, i didnt get to do either which i was and still am disappointed at. One of the fijian girls on island, also invited me to her village a couple days after i left the island but again i couldnt go - this time simply the island her family was on is really far away and the the cost of the flight too much!

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Robinson Crusoe - bathroom contRobinson Crusoe - bathroom cont
Robinson Crusoe - bathroom cont

....turn the tap on and hey presto!!!
Robinson CrusoeRobinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe

Bill humping a tree - Was the happiest person iv eever met & Had the funniest laugh i ever heard!
Robinson CrusoeRobinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe

Saying my good byes to the robinson Crusoe crew!
Robinson CrusoeRobinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe

more good byes
Robinson CrusoeRobinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe

Saying good by to Reception girls and luisa (on the right)
Robinson Crusoe - leavingRobinson Crusoe - leaving
Robinson Crusoe - leaving

Leaving the island, leaving some many amazing people who work on the isalnd and leaving lots of happy memories
after robinson crusoe - Nadiafter robinson crusoe - Nadi
after robinson crusoe - Nadi

Back on the main island my true fajian dress, and back to the relative calm of Nadi to detox

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