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February 5th 2010
Published: February 5th 2010
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Well i have now finished my Fiji adventure, and am sad to be leaving such a lovely place.
After leaving mana island, i'd planned on going to Beachcomber, which was traditionally known as the party island! However, a slight mix up on the boat to the island, meant that they did not accept my car for payment, and with no cash on me, they did not let me off the boat! Instead, they took me back to the port and walked me to the cash point and forced me to pay double the amount for the boat due to taking me all the way back to the mainland. Not only that, but they were still trying to charge me full price to stay 2 nights on Beachcomber, even though i would have only stayed there one night. So in the end i couldn't be bothered, so ended up staying 2 more nights at smugglers cove in Nadi. These two nights were dull, but i managed to catch up on some well needed sleep due to the late nights and early mornings on Mana.
However on Saturday morning, i headed off to Robinson Crusoe Island, which i had heard good things about. i got onto a packed boat, so expected the island to be full of people, but i later learned that the island was very popular for day trippers, and the majority of people on the boat were to leave later that night. The group on the island were a good laugh on the first night, and after several drinking games including ring of fire, the whole group was, to say the least, merry! On the Sunday the island had several new comers which had a positive impact on the island's atmosphere. I started my daily kayaking which is so much easier on this lsland due to it being on the river, rather than the sea, so the waves were a lot smaller! It took around 20 minutes to kayak round, which was the first bit of exercise i'd done since arriving in Fiji. The night consisted again of more drinking games and a midnight fire, due to the power generated being switched off at 12 o'clock. The food here is pretty decent, and the dorms are a lot cooler than in Mana. A group of us had kinda formed, consisting of a wide variety of people from England, Ireland, Canada and Australia. The last two nights again consisted of heavy drinking, late nights and early mornings! Games activities were arranged most nights which made showers before dinner pointless, because of the heat and games afterwards! I thoroughly enjoyed my time on RCI and my whole time in Fiji. I've meet some really nice people, and with plans to meet up with quite a few of them later in my travels, it has been a fairly successful trip. If New Zealand hadn't been the whole reason for my trip in the first place, then i probably would have extended my time in Fiji, but as it is, i must fly off to NZ to start the next leg of my adventure.
Sorry about the lack of photo's but uploading them have been an absolute nightmare, so they will hopefully be coming more often when i reach a a decent internet connection within NZ.


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