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October 13th 2008
Published: October 13th 2008
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Hey all, sorry it's been a while but we didn have internet for most of our time in Fiji.
Right where to start.........

The first day in Fiji was certainly interesting, we arrived and were greeted but rain and men walking down the side of the roads carrying machetes. Not quite the paradise we envisioned. The hostel didn't exactly perk us up either! So we decided to catch the bus into town (Nadi aka shithole), walking around was fine but we were constantly greeted by cheerful Bulas (Fijian greeting) only to find they wanted to sell us something. The highlight was a cuyrry I got from a little cafe which I got for $10 (3.40) and was delicious. Then however we somehow ended up in a little shop and the 'lovely Fijians' offered to bless us with a traditional Fijian Kava ceremony. This was all fine until they started shoving stuff in our hands to get us to buy it. In the end we payed them $5 just to leave the shop!

The next stop was Robin Crusoe and it couldn have been more different! It was amazing!
The first night we went on a bush walk which was pretty scary but Jem managed to do it! We saw some massive crabs and then a snake laying on the beach. We jokingly asked if it was poisonous and the serious reply was ' Yeah they are deadly and i'm scared shitless of them in the sea'!! We slept easy in our little thatched beach hut that night!
The rest of the week was absolutley amazing, with an amazing island, gorgeous weather and some great people on the island with us (I include the staff in this as well). One higlight was the showers! You had to fill a bucket with water then use this to fill another bucket with a shower head attached. Pull a string to raise the bucket to 'head height' (just below my shoulder) then basically let it drip on you. Photos should be up soon!

The next stop was Mana island and this was even more amazing, the accommodation and general feel of the resort however was not as good. This may have been because we stayed in a dorm and I experienced the loudest snoring ever (and for those that know this includes the Helen/Doug combo that time in Belgium)! We still have a great time though and just seeing that island made it worth it.

From here we spent another night on the mainland before we boarded for our next destination, Auckland.

For the record Kava is pretty rank, and it was only after 3 nights solid of downing 4 or 5 bowls of it that I found out it is a natural narcotic! No wonder the Fijians on the islands are so happy all the time!


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