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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole September 9th 2013

Albany - Granite Peaks State Forest The sun was streaming through the windows this morning, what a lovely lovely start to the day, I think I must have slept through all night and woke up feeling refreshed it was 7am. Although there is much more here in Albany to explore, we decided to move on, today is going to be nice but we think there are storms coming, that said, we will get them anyway as we are still travelling along this coastline, one of the locals has told me that they don't normally get the rain like this at this time of year, it is usually a month or so later. It was a slow start to the day, Andy disappeared for a shower whilst I got Gypsy ready, I left all the shutters open ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole August 5th 2013

The weather people said that there would be a slight break in the rain for two days so we made a run to Walpole to visit the Valley of the Giants and the tree top walk, something we have wanted to do for some years. We drove stopping only for lunch in a small layby. The forest around the road was wonderful. Even though the road is narrow to make it wider would be a huge undertaking because of the number of massive trees which would need to be removed, all old growth I imagine. We passed through some lovely little towns on the way and have decided to stop off on the way back and visit Balingup. It has a medieval festival each year, but it will be too late for us. The decorations were ... read more
002 Road to Walpole
003 Rest Point Holiday Village
004 Rest Point 2

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole July 16th 2013

Heute bin ich um 6h aufgestanden, weil die bisher längste Etappe auf dem Plan war. Wobei Plan zu viel gesagt ist. Der Weg führte mich knapp 400 Kilometer Richtung Süden ans Meer, genauer gesagt nach Albany. Die Fahrt dahin war ereignislos, zuerst noch Regen, im Lauf des Vormittags wenigstens nur mehr bewölkt. Die Landschaft auch eher unspektakulär, vor allem eher farblos ohne das Licht der Sonne. In Albany hab ich mir beim im Department of Environment and Conservation (Behörde für Umweltschutz) meinen Holiday Pass für die Nationalparks geholt. Damit kann ich um 45 Dollar im nächsten Monat mit dem Auto in alle Parks fahren. Nach einem guten Mittagessen im „Dylans on the Terrace“ stand ich vor der Wahl, was ich als nächstes tun wollte. Im Radio waren für Perth und die Gegend bis Albany Thunderstorms (Gewitter) ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole May 30th 2013

Now we are going to look at trees, yes they are the giants in this edition of our tour of Western Australia. What can I say about trees you might ask, well not very much! Only that these particular Tingle trees grow in the Tingle Forest and when I went up on the tree walk my legs were tingling, along with a few other parts, when I was 40 metres up in the air! The really really big Tingle is 33 metres around the girth, but the centre is burnt out which Greg thought was a bit of a fruit tingle. But, as you can see it is a very very big Tingle. I am standing beside this particular one. Kauri, Jarrah and Tingles all grow together in this forest and it's pretty amazing that they ... read more
Very big Tree
Very Tall Tree
Very Old Tree

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole November 9th 2012

The big trees were constant as we travelled east the short distance to Walpole. They continue to WOW us but we also pondered the potential for bushfire and loss considering the closeness to homes and towns. Walpole is set amongst a number of National Parks and though everything is wet, green and lush at the moment, we were left wondering just how much it dries out in the summer months. We stayed in a caravan park within the National Park located on an inlet where the Deep and Frankland Rivers meet the sea. There are two sections to the inlet with the first bay much smaller than the second. The salty but still water tempted those wishing to catch a fish, whilst the shoreline and forest tempted others into bush walking. The views were stunning. A ... read more
Morning coffee in a forest rest stop
Looking out over Walpole
The giant tingle tree

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole April 12th 2012

Today was the day for the Great Southern forests. We drove west towards Walpole and turned onto the Valley of the Giants scenic drive. One sees the occasional kangaroo or emu grazing in the paddocks, just as one might see a deer in a cattle field at home. Our destination was the Tree Top Walk, a 600 meter Stroll at the level of the canopy through a Tingle or 'red gum'forest. 44,000 people a year come to this site. In order to disturb the forest as little as possible, the 200 m. poles, the guy wires, the swaying metal bridges were all installed without the use of cranes or heavy equipment! And the footings were tamped down but not cemented in. You can see the many silvery dead branches at the tops of the trees, which ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole March 15th 2012

Busselton / Heaven How to describe this week? We have been 10 days at Mandalay Camping Ground which has to be the best we have stayed at by some margin. The campsites are great, with shade and have matting underfoot and good grass everywhere else. The toilet blocks (most important) are immaculate, almost dinner off the floor standard. All this and its only 75m from a fabulous beach. Add to that the fact that we are only 40km from the Margaret River wine area, and you have an idea of our situation. We’ve been to several vineyards and tasted lots and bought several so that our limited storage is close to full. The commonest brew is called “SBS” which is a sauvignon blanc and semillon blend, not overly exciting. Their chardonnays are fairly thin, not big ... read more
Margaret River
Busselton Wharf

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole » Valley of the Giants February 29th 2012

C’est le 4èmejour et ça devient déjà la routine. On nourrit donc les bêtes, et jusqu’à 10h on enchaîne, chacun ses tâches. Je mets plus de temps que les jours précédents mais c’est parce que cette fois j’ai ma liste. En effet j’avais zappé quelques poules et cochons d’Inde les autres jours ! Pas bien Marion !! Les furets me déplaisent toujours autant, surtout un gros papa furet qui fait le double des autres et qui est à l’écart dans une cage trop petite. Résultat dès qu’on ouvre la cage, il commence direct à descendre les barreaux pour partir, et c’est avec mes genoux que je le pousse, je ne veux pas toucher avec les mains cette bestiole !! Un bébé alpaca est mort cet après-midi et un autre est né, c’est ça aussi la vie ... read more
Début d'ascension
Au point le plus haut
Dans les hauteurs

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole December 19th 2011

This Blog entry covers our stay in Walpole from the 16th to 19thDec.2011. We stayed at the Rest Point Holiday Village, a very pretty spot on the banks of the Walpole Inlet. A basic park, but everything worked and the scenery and location were 5 star. Walpole (pop 320) is entirely surrounded by National park and is the only place in the South West (SW) where the forest meets the sea (like in the Otways!). The Walpole wilderness area is known for its ‘striking ocean and forest scenery’ which provides a great setting for outdoor activities such as boating sailing and fishing, and bushwalking. It is a unique region with the coastal heathlands, granite outcrops, magnificent waterways and Karri forests all on the doorstep. The town of Walpole was established in 1930 through the Nornalup Land ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole December 16th 2011

'Busso' to Walpole Today we hitch on the Trakkie and leave Busso…but, our first stop this morning is about 200 mtrs from our caravan park, The Goose, for a last coffee! At long last we are under way and it feels good to be back on the road and quickly we are into the swing of researching the places we will be visiting along our route to Walpole. Heading out the Vasse Highway our first stop is Nannup. Nannup is an historic Mill town in the Blackwood Valley. It is known also as the ‘Garden Village’ with beautiful public and private gardens, tulip and daffodil farms and wildflowers. And as if to accentuate this we drove over the Blackwood River bridge into town and were greeted with the sight of magnificent Jacaranda trees in full flower. ... read more

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