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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance March 7th 2006

5 March Woke under huge trees shedding bark and gently raining gumnut caps on roof of car. Ah, Nannup. Drove in early morning sun and shadows along empty winding roads through southwest forrests. Tookgravel road shortcut explained by local in Pemberton. Back on main road through Walpole to Denmark. Very quiet. Long weekend Sunday. Called acquaintance and met at airstrip where flying models and real planes starred in aviation get together. I listened to old flyer tell extraordinary tales of the early days. Eagles hovered over flying models thinking they were prey. Headed for Albany. Picked up two Canadian hitchhikers. Rare sight these days. Enjoyed walking track along Princess Royal Harbour. Spruiked empty streets. Met two dutch travellers who told me where the public hot shower was. Still the lucky country. 6 March Monday Rode up ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance February 27th 2006

After Broken Hill we head south towards the Eyre Peninsula, we had planned to miss this out save about 700ks on our trip, but the lack of ocean in the last 2 weeks and a gentel sea breeze encouraged us to head to Coffin Bay. The grueling 800k slogg was worth ariveing to a swim on a white beach and then rolling down sand dunes, one night here and then north again towards Ceduna. We stop for a walk on some vast salt lakes, brown on the edge fadeing to sunbleached white and finaly pink in the middle, facinateing. Another stopp sees us at Streaky Bay not far from the famous surf location known as 'Cactus', the bay is shelterd from the Antarticb swell by an island but not shelter from the 20kts fresh breeze. We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance February 14th 2006

Hmm where do I start! Been a while since I last checked in and we have travelled just 2000kms from Perth having worked our way along the south west coast to where we are now today here in Esperance. Its been impossible to find internet places where we have been. We have been camping wild the majority of the time and meeting the most interesting old timers, called grey nomads , geriatric gypsies etc... folk who spend their life on the road perpetually, sold up homes and enjoying the last of their years roaming and enjoying the great outdoors. Some come prepared with their solar panels too. Places we have been camped up at have been so beautiful along the coast and the characters so friendly taking us out in their utes fishing we literally had ... read more
says it all!
Mount Chudalup
the rays, eagle or sting not sure?

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance January 25th 2006

18th Jan Well we left Ceduna after a morning of drama trying to update our blog there. So after several hours there instead of 1 we were able to update. The good news however was that due to our late departure from Ceduna we were still in range to hear the news of Sammy being an Autie yet again with Moo moo, a boy without a name, being born to Craig, Lou and Finny. From there we had a short drive to Fowlers Bay where we camped for the night.The beach there is not fantastic for swiming as there is loads of sea weed however there is a nice pier and awsom samd dunes we climed up to enjoy the sunset. 19th Jan Fowlers Bay ended up being a mosquito haven so we decided rather than ... read more
Australias straightest road
The Nullabor
Woody Lake in Esperence

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance December 9th 2005

Picture this… we’re basking in the glorious, mid afternoon sunlight, on a pink & grey sparkling granite breakwater. Alan’s fishing away and I’m just lounging, taking in the delights of the spectacular nature around us. Behind us are rows and rows of pine trees bordering the perfectly white pristine beach of Esperance. To the right of us is a frisky sea lion, belting up and down the line of a wooden jetty, attracting the attention of nearby fisherman - he’s hoping for a freeby dinner! To the left of us are three of the most beautiful wild creatures we’ve ever seen in their natural habitat - gorgeous dolphins - 2 adults and a baby, just grazing away up and down the coast where the dark meets the light of the bright clear waters. Paradise found - ... read more
Ocean Drive
Pink Lake
Lucky Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance June 25th 2005

A beautiful place! Once again, I'll type details another time...... read more
Very refreshing...
Sand writing!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance June 23rd 2005

I don't remember the details, I didn't realise I hadn't added these photos so here's some pics to look at until the diary of information is closer to hand! Enjoy!... read more
The Gap
Blow Holes
A close up

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