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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong July 30th 2014

When I booked my flight out of Australia in December last year, the thought of starting a travel blog certainly crossed my mind. But I decided against it. This decision was fuelled by my belief that my photographic memory combined with the convenience of my digital camera and a travel scrapbook of tickets and random memorabilia would be enough to suffice when the urge to relive my experiences arose. This has proven to be accurate. But a week after returning to Australia after three and a half months in Europe I have learnt something very important about myself. In fact, this realisation came to me just one month into my adventure abroad and only continued to follow me ever since. This is, of course, that soon enough I will be traveling again. Soon. So the reason ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong July 30th 2014

I was about fourteen when learning French at school became more than just another subject. Over the remainder of my school years, the language, the culture and the history of this country which seemed worlds away from me became a passion. An obsession. So since this young age, I have been driven by an unexplainable desire to go to France. For whatever reasons that still do not make sense to me, I just always knew this place was somewhere I would find myself. Years of wistfully dreaming, hopelessly looking up flights to Paris even though I wasn't at a stage when I could book, telling anyone who would listen how much I wanted to go to France, the bitter disappointment when I had to keep putting this dream on hold for a variety of factors...all of ... read more
Kochi, India

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong April 22nd 2013

Halfway there! So over easter break I went to Sydney for three days and I had a lot of fun! I met up with my friend Katie and her friend Mitch. It was really easy to get to my hotel except for the fact that I got lost. Stupid apple maps. The first day we just went shopping I never got anything but Katie bought stuff for her unit function because she was going to be a mathlete. We also went on a ferry and saw the harbor. I then went to my hotel to change my outfit because we were going back to their hotel for free drinks. Because their hotel was so nice, they had happy hour (well it was two hours). You got free drinks and food and it was on like the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong April 10th 2013

Zwischenzeitlich haben wir am heutigen Tag mehrere tausend Kilometer zurueckgelegt: Abfahrt vom Hotel im Ayers Rock Resort (Spontanpanik Eva: wir sind zu spät ... haben dann 30 Minuten auf's Boarding gewartet :-), Flug von Yulara nach Alice Springs (Spontanpanik Eva: wir verpassen den Anschlussflug), Weiterflug nach Melbourne (... natürlich kein Problem :-), dort Koffertausch: kaputter Koffer (Frank's; Eva ganz gelassen) gegen Leihkoffer der Quantas (ja, sowas haben die: und reparieren den Kaputten bis zum 16.4., wenn wir wieder weiterfliegen; schaun mer mal, ob's klappt (?)), den Leihwagen gesucht und gefunden (bei Maui gebucht, sollte bei Thrifty abzuholen sein, bei Europcar wurden wir fündig; Eva cool :-). Haben dann unsere erste Fahrt auf ueberfülltem Highway (Feierabendverkehr in Melbourne) bravourös gemeistert (keine Panik und Top-Routenführung bei Navigations... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong March 27th 2013

So in the week leading up to break Ellen DeGeneres was in Australia! She went to Sydney for a few days and then she went to Melbourne for two. I really wanted to go see her in Melbourne but no one would come with me :( I was gunna go by myself but I never woke up for the bus, I slept right through 2 alarms! it was sad but I followed Ellen on Twitter and she tweeted about how there were 5000 people there.! That was way too many for me anyway but I would have loved to see her in person! Instead I spent the day working on my Tetris costume for the unit function later that night. We were split into groups and each group had to have a costume and a game ... read more
me and a bogan!
old people

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong March 24th 2013

So because of my late night (early morning technically) on Wednesday/Thursday, I actually didn't make it to my class on Thursday. I had planned on it originally, but I didn't set my alarm and I woke up at 1105 and the bus left at 1115 and that just wasn't happening. So I practically did nothing all Thursday and Friday. I'm finding that I'm super bored. Classes at home actually have homework and such whereas these don't we just have assessments and when they aren't due soon, I have no motivation to do them that far ahead of time but I'm working on it because they are worth so much of my grade. Plus only having four classes (2 online which is just awful) and no clubs to go to or agendas to write I find that ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong March 20th 2013

SO! I've totally forgotten to mention a few things. First off, me Monique, Josh Katie and Julia all went to this 24 hour cafe at like 2 am one morning because we were all super bored and didn't want to go to bed! Welcome to college haha. Poor Josh was sooo tired but he came anyway. We had a lot of fun and the owners probably thought we were so drunk but we were all completely sober, just overly tired, so super loud. I had a fabulous thickshake (milkshake)which was strawberry falvoured. Everyone else got food, but I wasn't that hungry and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep if I had that much food in my stomach. Cold Rock is basically exactly like Cold Stone and one of the clubs that I joined gives ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong March 13th 2013

So today was my first day of classes, I thought I might be a little lost because the building is so confusing even though I already looked for my classes. I ended up just asking security where my classes were which was much easier than trying to find them myself. I also found out that my friend Mitch who lives across the hall from me was going to be in my classes. My first class was a tutorial which is basically just a class to do worksheets and apply what you learned in the lecture. Since we hadn't had the lecture yet, it was just an introduction into what the class would be. We introduced ourselves and said where we were from and everything which is funny since I'm the only one on exchange. The professor ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong March 12th 2013

So just to recap a little since i haven't written anything in a while. March 6 We went out to Happies at the Barwon Club, we weren't going to go out but decided to after a while. We met up with Pondi and Josh there, it was alright but we weren't having that much fun so we decided to just go for a walk instead. We actually walked all around Geelong city together until we drove home and just chatted in their unit. March 9 I didn't really do much of anything but chill with people and go to the mall a few times until Saturday. I had also gone to the waterfront campus so that I wouldn't get lost on my way to class, but that didn't really work. On Saturday there was a big ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong March 7th 2013

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm this bad at this! After Lourne we went back to uni and nothing really changed, there was still practically no one on campus but the internationals. I hung out with Katie a lot along with Jess. We even made tacos for dinner one night and pasta. The RAs joked that we already had community meals all figured out. At night we would just watch a movie or hang out, but it was fun to just be around people finally. In Katie's unit, theres a girl names Monique who is a second year but has moved in because she's head of social council. She is getting us all excited for O-week (orientation) it seems like its going to be a lot of fun with all the activities and everything. JAFFY ... read more

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