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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Box Hill January 25th 2012

Tuesday 24th January was to be a busy day in many respects, not necessarily for us, but in terms of developments towards the wedding. This morning we went to the cake decorator to see how things were progressing and I was able to see the cake in its latest stage. There’s still quite a bit to be done with it but no doubt it will be ready for collection on Thursday morning. Whilst in Dandenong we took the opportunity to call in to the Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre and then we drove back to the caravan. But the main development involves the first of many “gatherings” of people from far and wide who have arrived to attend the wedding. Cathy and Chris from Wiltshire arrived yesterday and are staying in a hotel in Box Hill. Rod ... read more
A sparkling PIE
and Sweetie gets an extra bit of shade from the hot sun
Under wraps - the two wedding cakes still in the early stages of being decorated

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Box Hill January 23rd 2012

Saturday 21st January was no brighter than yesterday – probably marginally cloudier but not cold. This morning we decided to spend our Myers Christmas vouchers and the nearest Myers is at Knox City – a huge shopping complex only about 4 kilometers away. We made a slow start to the day but managed to arrive at the complex at about 10:00am. Shopping in Myers is against our normal shopping principles– it’s usually horrendously expensive and, from our observations, the higher costs don’t always result in higher quality. But since the vouchers were gifts, and Myers were still promoting their New Year sale, we thought we would find something that we considered value for money. Graham needed a decent shirt for the forthcoming wedding and it would have been easy to spend $100!!!– ON A SHIRT??? (have ... read more
Happy New Year!
Graham showing off his new shorts
Announcing the festival in Box Hill

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Box Hill April 18th 2010

Day 356 - Box Hill Resort (Day out on Puffing Billy) All the times we’ve spent time in Melbourne over the past few trips, never mind this one, and we still haven’t managed to see one of its highlights - Puffing Billy. Well today’s the day and we’re very excited. We couldn’t possibly do the trip justice on our own so we’re taking the girls, Charlotte and Amy with us plus their young cousin Luke. We're excited to be going on the train and excited to be leaving behind the plumbing problems at the ‘Box Hill Resort’! For some reason what you 'do’ in the toilet is re-presenting itself in the shower. It’s not good and what started last night as a minor problem is now turning into a bit of a drama. Hopefully with four ... read more
With the driver and lovely controller
Hanging your legs over the side isn't just for the kids!
An unsuspecting passer by arrives just at the wrong time!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Box Hill April 17th 2010

Monday 12th through to Friday 17th April Our plan this week was to get the caravan sorted in the shortest amount of time possible thus making time for a couple of day trips towards the end of it. Sadly it didn’t quite work out the way we’d hoped - cleaning and packing takes ages! Despite having loads to do, Darryl doesn’t neglect his favourite duties and still manages to get the girls lunchboxes ready for school, visit the bakery (to see his ‘Chinese friend’) and grab the paper for Grant. I’m back in the old routine too and that’s walking the dogs with Anna as soon as we’re both up and about. It all works very well and leaves Grant to get some sleep after his first shift on nights. With the girls delivered to school, ... read more
Beautiful Ladies - Mel, Pru, Anna, Sarah, Poovri and Liz
Dog tired at Box Hill
Watching the documentary about the elephant born in a Sydney zoo .... all the cuddly elephants in the house joined in!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Box Hill April 11th 2010

Day 350 - Bridge Creek to Box Hill To our credit, despite feeling the after effects of the night before we were up and about as soon as we sensed children were within 20ft of the caravan! They’d had a great night with Jake looking after them but were now full of the joys of spring - literally! There’s nothing like a yummy breakfast to sweep away the cobwebs and that’s exactly what sorted us out this morning. There’s no time to waste though, we plan to head back to Box Hill later this afternoon so in record time we tidy the caravan and get it ready for the final journey (for this trip!) down into the city. At some point this morning Mark presented us with a small travel book on London and then proceeded ... read more
Julie was less than impressed with our knowledge of London!
Big burgers for lunch
Mug of the week

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Box Hill April 5th 2010

Day 345 - Box Hill Resort My beautiful Mum is 60 today. Happy Birthday Mum. We’re very sorry to be missing such a fabulous birthday but we’ll make up for it when we get home. Enjoy your day at Twycross! I woke up this morning feeling a little bit under the weather, infact I felt lousy. I was pretty sure it wasn’t the effects of alcohol, I don’t think they start when you’ve still got a drink in your hand. Grant was having a worse five minutes though, he’d lost his wallet and despite searching the house ‘from top to bottom’ we couldn’t find it anywhere. After about an hour it was time to retrace his steps and it was eventually uncovered in the girls bed which is where he’d stolen a quick cat nap this ... read more
Happy Birthday Mum!
Birthday pressies

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Box Hill April 4th 2010

Day 344 - Box Hill Resort We've got two birthday shout out today, one gets a constant mention through the blog but the other we'll do here and now! Andy Gardiner, Happy Birthday mucker! We hope you have a great day with 'Stella' and we'll be home soon to sink a few more in person. Lots of love mate x x With bleary eyes we scrambled out of bed not quite believing the time on the clock. It said 7.45am but it felt much earlier. Darryl had volunteered to pick Jordan up this morning and bring him to the house ready for church at 9am. It’s Easter Sunday and Anna has requested that the family join her at New Hope. Darryl was just about to leave the house when we heard the girls and Anna getting ... read more
Chocolate, chocolate everywhere
Beautiful Easter Girls and Boys
I'm beaten hands down my it comes to messy cooking!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Box Hill April 3rd 2010

Day 343 - Box Hill Resort We’ve got a big day ahead of us today, we’re off to the Melbourne Zoo with the girls and Luke (Anna’s sister Paula’s son!). The girls dobbed fairly early on that they actually didn’t go to bed at 8pm last night at all, it was well past 10pm! It did not go down very well with the Chief but she’s got a whole day to sort out Mr Adams for his disobedience as we were out of the house early on! These are the best behaved kids in the world, I’m sure of it. If there was a competition I’d be pretty confident of a win! Pom Pom (Charlotte’s new name for our Tom Tom sat nav!) was leading the way to the zoo and doing a very good job ... read more
Possum feeders
Big cat drink
In the spider house

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Box Hill April 2nd 2010

Day 342 - Bridge Creek to Box Hill Resort It was hard work dragging ourselves out of bed this morning but we had to do it. We wouldn’t have missed out on last nights terrific party but we could have done without the after effects this morning! The house was in utter silence when we crept in. Mark was in bed asleep, Simone was in Kens bed asleep, Beth and Ken were in the front room asleep and Jake was on the sofa … asleep! We got ourselves ready, locked up the van (it’s staying here at Bridge Creek) then crept through the house to say our goodbyes. Next stop a house in Kew, Melbourne for lunch with people we’ve never met before! I promised faithfully not to fall asleep on the journey so kept myself ... read more
Katherine and John
Charlotte, Jemima, Nicholas and Amy
Veritable feast

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Box Hill March 2nd 2010

Day 311 - Box Hill Resort Wakey, wakey rise and shine! We could have slept all day in truth just getting over the chaotic brilliance that was Tasmania but we didn’t, Darryl had sandwiches to make for two beautiful young ladies. The girls were up bright and early this morning so we joined them in the family room for a bit of a catch up on their latest news. They had a good time down at the beach house, everything is well with all of their friends, their Wii fit ages are getting better and Daisy & Henry are still driving each other crazy. Basically in the world of these 7 & 9 year olds, life is good! Grant is on a later shift today so he’s catching up on some much earned sleep while Anna ... read more
Heading off for school
The wish list is a bit far flung across the two states

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