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April 2nd 2010
Published: April 20th 2010
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The ladies, altogetherThe ladies, altogetherThe ladies, altogether

Sarah, Mel, Angela, Anna and Liz
Day 342 - Bridge Creek to Box Hill Resort

It was hard work dragging ourselves out of bed this morning but we had to do it. We wouldn’t have missed out on last nights terrific party but we could have done without the after effects this morning!

The house was in utter silence when we crept in. Mark was in bed asleep, Simone was in Kens bed asleep, Beth and Ken were in the front room asleep and Jake was on the sofa … asleep!

We got ourselves ready, locked up the van (it’s staying here at Bridge Creek) then crept through the house to say our goodbyes. Next stop a house in Kew, Melbourne for lunch with people we’ve never met before!

I promised faithfully not to fall asleep on the journey so kept myself busy on the blog and the photographs. We’re so far behind that it’s not as if I’ve got nothing to do!!

The police are out in force this morning and stopping all drivers coming into Mansfield and Yea for breath tests. It’s going to be a huge weekend up in the High Country, the Easter Break is always the biggest
Katherine and JohnKatherine and JohnKatherine and John

Named after the station just north of Katherine in the NT
by far and there’s loads going on. The traffic stream coming towards us is non stop.

We didn’t think about it this morning when we left the house but because it’s Good Friday virtually all the shops are closed. It’s therefore a bit of a challenge to not only arrive on time for lunch but also with some sort of ‘thank you’ gesture. As we get closer to Kew the search begins for a bottle shop which eventually ends successfully with the purchase of VB stubbies and a nice bottle of wine.

Feeling none the worse for last nights activities we rock up at the home of John and Katherine just in time. What a delicious lunch they’d cooked up for us all to enjoy, we were absolutely starving and thoroughly enjoyed their company and the fabulous meal. They have two gorgeous children Jemima and Nicholas who are playing upstairs with Charlotte and Amy. A young entrepreneur, Nicholas is soon sending invitations down from the balcony for bungee courses at a cost of $5! Katherine and John are both fascinating people, a lawyer with the most fabulous sense of humour and an ex-cop turned helicopter pilot - they both had great stories to tell. John in particular was interested in our blog so we hooked him on to it and he sat reading through the various entries. He’s lived in various parts of the Northern Territory and infact the house is named after a station he lived on just north of Katherine - Tanumbirini.

After a quick trip to the park we tentatively arranged to meet up again tomorrow night for a bit of Possum feeding in the city and then headed for Box Hill!

There wasn’t much time for relaxing, not for the ladies of the house anyway. Myself and Anna had a dinner engagement with the beautiful Mel, Liz and Angela. Oh my gosh I wasn’t sure if I would cope with another huge meal and even more alcohol but you have to do what’s right! We had such a laugh, some of the conversations are just not printable but suffice to say we learned a little more about one another! The meal, well it was delicious. Mel and Liz cooked up an absolute storm in the kitchen and all of us left with no room for anything else.

Back at the house
Veritable feastVeritable feastVeritable feast

Laid on by Mel and Liz
Darryl, Grant and the girls had enjoyed a night in the man hole. Well the girls were in bed by 8pm so the manhole was back to its normal state of beer and footie at a more than reasonable hour!

Ah, what it is to be back at the resort!

Dar and Sar

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