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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide October 2nd 2018

After loading up the bike I stopped at the Roadhouse just outside of town to fill up with gas they didn’t have premium so I had to put 1/2 a tank of regular in my tank. After a quick egg sandwich I was off and running. The Trip down Adelaide would be around 300 miles (how many Kilometers?) Answer at the end of the blog. The first hour or so was bleak nothingness - flat as far as the eye can see and the temp quickly built up to a simmering 95 degrees F. However it was the first 10 miles of the trips start which caught my attention. There were 30 Roo roadkill’s over the first 10 Miles out of Woomera. That’s a total 52,780 feet with an expired Roo every 1,760 ft. What I ... read more
Salt flats
Salt Flats pic 2
Downtown Adelaide

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera October 1st 2018

Lot of wind today up on the Lookout Cave Hotel. I grabbed an egg sandwich at the gas station restaurant. As I started out I had rain for the first time on the trip but just as I left town on the Stuart Highway both the rain and the wind faded away. It turned out to be a pleasant ride. The scenery went from absolutely nothingness - no trees, no bushes, just clumps of grass and sandstone to what I call the Serengeti Savannah lands with an occasional big tree and scattered smaller trees. My first opportunity to fuel up was 155 miles down the road. I met another rider named John at the gas stop. He was rigged for off road riding. He said on his last run of 300 Km (180 miles) he saw ... read more
Nothingness as far as the eye can see East
The Serengeti outback lands
Woomera Missle exhibits

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coober Pedy September 30th 2018

Coober Pedy (Aboriginal for "White man burrows") Due to the winds I delayed my departure about an hour from the Ayers Rock resort. It was cooler but windy for the first hour or so of my ride out of Uluru back to the main road (152 miles). Once I hit the Stuart highway, I had a 304 mile trek down to Coober Pedy. Note: the Stuart highway runs from the top of the country starting in Darwin in the North to Adelaide in the south. I caught Stuart Highway at Tennant Creek and will ride about 2/3 of the length of the road by the time I reach Adelaide. The winds died down and the last leg of the ride was relaxing. About a 100 miles from Coober Pedy I entered the state of South Australia. ... read more
Opal mine shafts outside of town
Winner of the most unusual looking hotel entrance  Lookout Cave Coober Pedy
Entrance to Lookout Cave Hotel Coober Pedy

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide Hills » Mount Lofty September 24th 2018

Reflecting on where you were a couple of weeks ago is good for the soul as you travel ....I look back at the photos and my notes and experience the hospitality, friendships ,food , city scapes and landscapes all over again! Tucked away in narrow country lanes lined with tall firs and eucalyptus trees we approached my “home from home” in the the Adelaide Hills through banks of camellias. Sue and Bryan , my hosts were Home exchange partners and they made me very welcome including Me in their daily life. So it was off to Adelaide city as it was Market day ...what a fabulous market from fruit and veg, flowers and coffee to cannoli and cheeses.... everything you could ask for and always so colourful. Adelaide felt like a small enough city centre to ... read more
University buildings

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare September 14th 2018

Watervale this morning is Windyvale, man it was blowing big time and then some. So bad, the dude in the landcruiser had to make a windbreak with his vehicle, so that we could pack up our tents without them taking off like Mary Poppins. Kirk decided to ride with us to Clare to stock up on his food supplies, as Watervale completely shuts down on Sundays. We battled the wind to Clare, on the way we stopped at the Golden Fleece roadhouse to fill our water bottles and grab some eat & ride food. We don't have the luxury of the Tour de' France riders with their support vehicles handing out snacks and water bottles along the way. So we just had to store food and water and ride heavy loaded bikes all at the same ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide August 23rd 2018

Adelaide has always been a city we both enjoy going to and over the years have been there several times. There are still areas we want to explore, especially those areas where Judy's relatives settled when they came from England, as well as just catching up with her relatives and revisiting her birth state. This trip we had the extra incentive of visiting Judy's son, Ryan and his partner Sabrina. Ryan moved to Adelaide from Perth in May this year after accepting a position there. Monday 20th August 2018 Even though we thought we had prepared for everything getting away took longer than expected. Rags intended to leave by 9am, Judy by 10am and we got away at 11am. From then on everything went well, we reached our intended stop of Karalee Rocks by 5pm. This ... read more
Karalee Rocks
Fraser Range

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Watervale August 16th 2018

Woke up to a wet windy cold day, maybe thats' why it is called Watervale, plenty of water in da valley. Quick brekky, jumped on the bikes, rode out to start another job at a new winery, We were hoping that it is better than the slave drivers in the Barossa. After 8 gruelling Ks, we arrived at the winery. made ourselves known to the foreman and started picking soaking grapes in the pouring rain. Not a very happy way to start the new job, Ironically the rain was more pleasant than the moronic crew working alongside us, we soon clicked why Kirk and Bruno chucked it in. These moronic dickheads make the village idiot look like Einstein. But at least the grapes were trellised up high, making the picking a lot easier than the backbreakers ... read more
Thorold Merrett
Watervale Hotel.
Rising Sun Hotel Auburn

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree August 6th 2018

Day 5 Port Augusta to Marree (via Borefield-Oodnadatta track) A bit of an easier day km-wise (450), so we had time in the morning to grab a few items at the shops, fill our supposedly “full” gas bottles. Temperature this morning was 6.2 degs - feels like 1.2 degs. Even the locals were commenting on how cold the wind was. We set off into a howling head-wind and seemed to be forever going uphill - absolutely killed the full economy. We then veered off at Pimba after a P stop and headed towards Woomera - the town base servicing a prohibited military testing and evaluation facility (did someone say Area 51?). Driving around the town was really quite interesting as they have put on display in public areas a lot of old military and rocket artifacts. ... read more
Plane Henge - Mutonia Sculpture Park.
How's dinner coming along?
Mutonia robot sculpture

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Gawler August 5th 2018

Day 4 Gawler Ranges to Port Augusta Woke this morning to the sound of rain - which really put a dampener on things. We rushed our packup just to minimise how wet we would (or wouldn't) get - so we got away nice and early. Once packed, our plan was to take the "Old Paney Scenic Route" from our camp across the the bottom edge of the ranges over to the other side. Well, a left hand turn instead of a right had us going completely in the wrong direction. After about 15km or so we realised our mistake and had to backtrack our way to the correct route - losing all of our early time gains on the way. We stopped off to have a look at the old Paney Homestead and some other pioneer ... read more
Gawler Roos
Old Paney Homestead - Gawler Ranges
Silo art at Kimba

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Gawler August 4th 2018

Day 3 Nulla to Gawler Two apex predators from the outback go head-to-head in a battle of strength! This morning started off with something unusual - we had a wild dingo sniffing around our camp. Cautious but not fearful, the dingo checked out Chris and myself as we ate breakfast, then it trotted in between our two cars, grabbed one of Norelle's Crocs (which were just outside her van), then turned and bolted out of the park, only to drop her shoe just outside the park's fenceline. It seems that even a starving wild dingo could not take the taste of that shoe - so much so that he then thought a better idea for breakfast would be to dig up a section of plastic retic pipe and chew on that. Ultimately, although the dingo put ... read more
The Gawler Organ Pipes
Ready for stargazing
More dingo action

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