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Oceania » Australia » South Australia September 29th 2019

Kalgoorlie to Barossa Valley In Kalgoorlie we visited Museum of the Goldfields before driving to Harms Lake Rest Area where we camped for the night. Another long day of driving in the car and we stopped at a rest area north side after Mundrabilla. The sunset was sensational with beautiful pink and purple hues. We crossed the Western Australia - South Australia border and drove along the Great Australian Bight and Nullarbor, camping at Cohen Rest Area for the night. Smoky Bay was a little town we ventured into and bought a dozen oysters for Lachie, and then continued south to Perlubie Beach where we stayed for two nights. The beach was lovely, and we managed to get a little shack to camp next to. The ocean was shallow for a fair way out, so ... read more
Mundrabilla Sunset
The Bight
Isabelle and Lucy at the Bight

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Lincoln September 17th 2019

Nobody should visit Port Lincoln and the Lincoln National Park. Ever. If someone you know indicates they are planning to visit, stop them immediately. Please, do not ignore this warning. Why? Because I had such a great time with very few other tourists about, and I’d like it to stay that way! I will be coming back for a longer visit without a doubt. I only had two days and I know there is much more to see and do. I’m genuinely surprised that the area is not as inundated with tourists as other parts of Australia. Sure, it’s a bit harder to get to but it is not remote at all. I left my motel in Port Augusta at 9am on Sunday morning, which was apparently quite late because every other car, but one, had ... read more
From Black's Lookout on the Whaler's Way
The Beach at Memory Cove
State on the Foreshore

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta September 14th 2019

I hadn’t finished my last holiday before I was planning the next. Inspired by my weekend last year in Barellan, I purchased a Toyota Hilux and set about kitting it out for some touring and offroading so I could see more of my own country. I set my sights high and planned a trip across the breadth of Australia, from my home in Sydney over to Western Australia to visit my brother and his family, and my favourite wine region of Margaret River. I had a couple of test runs with local four-wheel driving and camping trips throughout the year, and before I knew it, it was time to leave on the big one. My aim for the first day was to spend the morning packing the car, and to reach the NSW regional city of ... read more
Driving to Broken Hill
Me at the wheel
Sunset on Day 1

Oceania » Australia » South Australia August 30th 2019

On our way to Renmark we stopped off at Wirrabara to once again look at some silo art. The silos on the South Australian trail are of the same standard as the Victorian ones and are full of colour and detail; it is a shame we won’t get to see them all on this trip. Renmark-Paringa sits beautifully on the Murray River and our camping spot couldn’t be any closer unless we had one of the magnificent houseboats that drift along – there is something quite mesmerizing about the waterway and we enjoy sitting out and watching the current flow quickly by, pelicans swoop in at great speed and then gracefully float along whilst water fowl strut around the grassy banks. Friends Judy and Rob have joined us for a couple of days on their way ... read more
82908.2 pelican enjoying the sunshine
82908.3 peek-a-boo possum
83008.1 future silo artwork

Oceania » Australia » South Australia August 26th 2019

In the preparation and planning stage of our holiday only one date was “locked in” – all destinations we hoped to visit and every excursion imagined was hinged on 24th August; if there were any deviations, deletions or additions to our itinerary it HAD to fit well with this key date. It was never in doubt that we would arrive in Quorn on the Saturday 24th. Quorn is the heart of the Flinders Ranges, and with that being said, it follows that the Pichi Richi Railway is its lifeblood. Every weekend there is a steam train event of some description but the one we were interested in was The Coffee Pot – a single steam carriage built in 1905 (the engine in Leeds and the carriage in Birmingham). This exquisite steam Railway Motor arrived in Quorn ... read more
82508.4 building up steam
82508.5 building up steam
82508.6 Explorer leaving Quorn

Oceania » Australia » South Australia August 26th 2019

By Monday morning most of the residents of the caravan park had departed, the railway station was deserted and the town had resumed a quite country façade. We took ourselves out into the Flinders Range to wander through nearby Warren Gorge. The rock formations were amazing and the distant hills of the Range were a ghostly haze of blue and grey. Plenty of wide open camping space at the Gorge but suited only to tents or camper trailers. Temperature was in the low teens, but the sun was still shining so it was perfect for exploring. We had a walk around town after lunch to look at some of the historic architecture and bumped into Vicki our hostess from yesterday. She was still bubbling with enthusiasm, but we were surprised to learn that she herself has ... read more
82608.4 inside hollow tree
82608.7 Warren Gorge
82608.8 Warren Gorge

Oceania » Australia » South Australia August 23rd 2019

Before we knew it, it was Friday and it was time to think about packing up the van ready for moving on to our next destination on Saturday morning. We have once again enjoyed our time volunteering at the Historical Society Museum as part of the Grey Nomad Program, with John spending Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the workshop tinkering and helping with restoration of pieces of equipment and machinery. My time was less busy than his– in fact, to be fair, on Wednesday all I did was wander around with the volunteer tour guide! Every time we set out to start a task a group of visitors would arrive and asked for a guided tour. Robyn said I might just as well join in and by the third tour of the day I was quite ... read more
82108.1 Pioneer House at Kimba Museum (c.1908)
82108.4 Kimba general store
82108.6 wagon wheels

Oceania » Australia » South Australia August 19th 2019

Early Monday morning and we were all signed up for the volunteer program and connected to power - we revelled in the heat of the air con, but it was a cold Sunday evening where we had to rely on heavy jumpers and the warmth of the gas oven! Lesley, our nomad mentor and her husband Geoff (aka Godfrey) picked us up early afternoon and took us out to the family farms at Carapee Hill 1/2hr away from Kimba. Their nephew runs one of the farms now but he is also an avid collector of rocks & mineral specimens. For over 20 years he has been fossicking, collecting, buying and selling from all over Australia and overseas – his collection of 2,400+ specimens are on display behind glass in a ramshackle tin shed and there is ... read more
81908.5 Minerals on Eyre
81908.6 rock at Minerals on Eyre
81908.8 Minerals on Eyre

Oceania » Australia » South Australia August 18th 2019

The sunset last night was just beautiful – a fiery sky had us reciting the old saying “red sky at night” but as the evening wore on it didn’t hold to its promise as the wind had picked up tremendously and with it came a lot of rain. With the best of intention we left Tumby headed for Arno Bay, planning on a Country Pub camp at the Arno Hotel, but for two reasons we changed our mind. The first was the weather; it was a shocker of a day with a howling wind still, extremely cold temperature and driving rain. Given that our heater system has decided to pack it in when we most needed it we were doubtful we wanted to free camp. The second reason, and the clincher, was the look of Arno ... read more
81808.2 mural on Kimba Ag Society building
81808.3 mural on Kimba Ag Society building

Oceania » Australia » South Australia August 17th 2019

For the next few days we will be “bay hopping” our way up Spencer Gulf spending a couple of days at Tumby Bay, Arno Bay, Cowell/Lucky Bay and finally Whyalla. After Tumby Bay it will be back to freedom camping, so we are taking advantage of the caravan park facilities to refill our water tanks in preparation, catching up on washing & cleaning and getting some baking done. We had heard that Tumby Bakery is quite famous for its pies/pasties, breads etc so after setting everything up at the caravan park yesterday we made a bee-line for lunch and we weren’t disappointed; as it turns out it was a good job we didn’t leave it until today (Saturday) because they are only open Monday – Friday …… now what bakery isn’t open on a Saturday morning! ... read more
81708.4 street art Tumby Bay
81708.5 street art
81708.6 street art

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