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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Rawnsley Park September 25th 2020

I had an early start at Arkaroola on Tuesday morning. I packed up the car, had breakfast and checked out in time for the 8am departure of the Ridgetop Tour. The tour is probably the best-known tour at Arkaroola and while expensive, it was on my must-do list for this trip. There were 13 of us booked in so we were split over 2 Landcruisers that have been fitted out with padded seats on the back. I got in the first one and our driver was Rick, a typical outback guy with long hair and beard, and a hat similar to my own. It turned out to be an excellent decision because he was a geology nerd and had so much knowledge that he wanted to impart to us. I’ve never been big on geology, but ... read more
Sunset over Wilpena Pound
On top of Skytrek
River Red Gums

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Arkaroola September 21st 2020

A windy night gave way to an overcast Friday morning as I prepared to leave Marree. A few drops of rain falling on the dusty ground hinted at what was to come. After leaving the Marree Hotel, I had to get some fuel and buy some bread. While there, an optimistic fellow asked me about conditions up the Oodnadatta Track. I told him it was fine when I came down two days ago, but with the rain closing in, I didn’t like his chances. I drove south on the bitumen for a bit over 100km – the longest stretch of sealed road I had driven on for a few days. As I headed south, the flat landscape gave way to rising hills, and I knew I was approaching the Gammon Ranges – the northern part of ... read more
Cockatoos at Arkaroola Springs
Echo Camp Backtrack
Gill's Lookout

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree September 17th 2020

After three days in Uluru with barely a cloud in the sky, Sunday morning was a surprise. It was cool and cloudy, and the clouds were dark enough to suggest rain. I was going to be driving on dirt roads and camping for the next few days, so I didn’t want that. As I drove east on the Lasseter Highway, I seemed to outrun it at first. But I turned south on the Stuart Highway so by the time I reached Kulgera Roadhouse it was cloudy again. Eventually I did get enough rain to use the wiper blades twice, but that was it. Even though I had fuelled up when leaving Uluru and didn’t need more just yet, I was about to head to remote roads and wasn’t sure when I would be able to fill ... read more
Sunset over Lake Eyre
Algebuckina Bridge
Old Mount Nor'West Gorge

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coober Pedy September 8th 2020

When planning this trip, there were two key places I wanted to visit and everything else was added while joining the dots. The first is the Flinders Ranges, which will be the final stage of my visit to South Australia. The other was Goog’s Track. Goog’s Track runs north from Ceduna up to the Trans-Australia railway through remote country. Described as a mini-Simpson Desert, it crosses approximately 360 sand dunes as it passes the salt lake named after the first white man to set foot on it, Goog’s Lake, and Mount Finke. While it is not a long distance - the track itself goes for about 150km – you need to be self-sufficient as the distance between services is about 350km and there is essentially no water along the way. On Friday morning I stopped for ... read more
Mount Finke casts its shadow
Me and my car
Airing down

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coffin Bay September 3rd 2020

I’m far from the only person to have travel plans wrecked in 2020. This year I finally got long service leave after 10 years in my job and I had plans for 4 different trips away. The first 2 were scuttled almost immediately once the pandemic hit and #4 is still in doubt. But the third trip was 5 weeks in the South Australian outback, and I was determined to make it happen. In July, South Australia almost opened the border with NSW but as they had no cases and Sydney had a small but persistent number of daily cases, that didn’t happen. I was left with two choices – cancel another holiday or cross the border and do 14 days of quarantine. As I’ve been working remotely for months, I figured I could do two ... read more
Golden Island
Seven Mile Beach
Tyres down, ready to hit the tracks

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marla August 31st 2020

2020!! What a year!! We had two overseas trips planned and paid for but Covid-19 struck and so they were on hold. However, we saw that The Ghan was recommencing and there was a generous package being offered for a trip on the train, seven nights in Darwin and various excursions all for the price of what it usually costs for the train alone! So here we are, on the train on our way tot he Top End. We left on Sunday morning. Tracey kindly drove us to the Rail Terminal and we were quickly through the check-in process, including showing our border permits which allow us entry to the Northern Territory. Strange to have to think of borders in your own country!! We waited in the comfortable lounge until it was time to board. Our ... read more
The Ghan
Outback Lounge
Our cabin

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Whyalla July 10th 2020

Having a view of the ocean from our little cabin, we ate breakfast on the little deck, drinking our coffee while drinking in the view of the turquoise ocean. If it wasn't for the cold, one would have thought we were somewhere tropical. A check that we had all of our gear and we were off for a short 20 minute drive to Point Lowly, the main spot where groups of people from all around the world come to snorkel and scuba dive to see the giant cuttlefish gather in the largest quantities in the world to spawn. Now to clarify, the male giant cuttlefish can reach up to 1 metre long and weigh around 6kg. I had mentioned I was swimming with giant cuttlefish to a friend who was horrified, assuming that they were gigantic ... read more
Cuttlefish everywhere
Mermaid tail and cuttlefish
Chilling on rocks

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Whyalla July 9th 2020

Earlish morning to get going along the Eyre Peninsula for a getaway break. The kayaks were loaded in the back of the Elgrand and the boat hitched to the tow ball and we were off for a four and a half drive through to Whyalla. Stopping at Redhill for a Mrs Mac Pie and some air in the tyres, the car ride went quick going past lovely ocean views once we passed Port Pirie. Just outside of Port Augusta the scenery changed with the Aussie classic red earth and low lying plants dotting the roadside with the occasional kangaroo sticking their heads up to watch the cars pass by from their vantage points in the bushes. Whyalla isn't a town that when you first enter you go 'Oh wow' or perhaps you do but not in ... read more
Sunset Kayaking
Kayaking with Dolphins - Whyalla Marina
Whyalla Marina Dolphins

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Waikerie April 6th 2020

Hello from the other side! I guess I can call myself a farmer from now on, or at leat a person that is trying to be a farmer. I want to learn everything that's possible to learn AND I want to be able to use this knowledge in the future. I am hoping to have my own garden one day (since I like to take care of things it seems reasonable). So far, at the farm I have seen the zucchini grow, it grows so quick. I would be happy if I just had one zucchini plant in the future because from one day to another it's possible to harvest. It is so satisfying to pick them, a perfectly grown zucchini, that will travel to someones home and be a part of or in the center ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Loxton April 5th 2020

Here I am, in the middle of a pandemic, like the rest of the world. Found this portal, and was thinking?! Why not try it out. One thing that I like to do, when a lot is going on, is to write, it helps me to process (realized when I had started up this whole thing that I will be writing in English, Yikes!! I'll try my best:) On Friday this week, I decided to try something new, it's called: Workaway. It's exactly what the name describes: working away from home. So what I do is, I work for food and accomondation on a farm, in the outback of South Australia. I should add that I have been in South Australia for a month now, and in Australia for five months. All safe and sound, so ... read more

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