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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Greenock November 25th 2015

Nog maar weer eens een bevestiging dat we echt in Australië zijn. Vandaag moesten we op de vlucht voor een enorme bushfire ten noorden van Adelaide. De camping in Greenock waar we eigenlijk vannacht zouden blijven is nu al geraakt door de vlammen. We zijn naar Adelaide afgezakt waar het gelukkig veilig is aangezien de wind de andere kant op staat. Ben blij dat we daar weg zijn want de lucht werd zwarter en zwarter. Er zijn vele huizen afgebrand en tot nu toe alleen nog een aantal gewonden. We waren vandaag op een wijntour in de Barossa valley. Na al die wijn die we geproeft hebben zijn we er van overtuigd dat we de Australische wijn lekkerder vinden dan de Franse wijn. Zo'n wijntour is een geweldige manier om een wijnstreek te verkennen aangezien je ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mount Gambier November 17th 2015

Sunday 15 November continued We rested for the afternoon and went out for our dinner at 7.30 pm. We headed north and came across a Jamie Oliver Italian restaurant, which was really busy. We tried to get a table but would have had to wait for a while so decided not to bother and moved on. Onwards past all the lovely big buildings and then back into retail territory and restaurants. Pat was hankering for some pasta and fortunately we came across a couple of Italian places either side of a junction. San Giorgio was selected, and straight to a table. Pat chose salmon penne and I had a meat lovers pizza. Another good meal and with drinks was AUS$57. An amble through the shopping centre and back to the room. Monday 16 November Check out ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide November 15th 2015

Saturday 14 November continued The parade was interesting and there were 64 floats, numerous marching bands and various other features and the final float was Santa. There were a number of old “London” buses being used as floats. As Pat said it was very nice of them to lay it on for our arrival. We returned to the hotel about 11.30 am and they allowed us to check in and we retrieved our luggage and up to the room. We sorted ourselves out and got cleaned up. Pat went for a swim and I caught up with some sleep. Then about 5 pm we went out for a stroll. The parade barriers and portable toilets etc. have nearly all gone and the area is a very different one from this morning. Adelaide is cooler in temperature ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide November 14th 2015

Friday 13 November continued Late afternoon Pat went along to see Debbie and purchased some opal earrings. We arranged that we would get a lift to the bus station at 7 pm and then go across to the Opal inn to grab something to eat. Time passed and we took the cases to reception and were then driven to the bus station. On arrival the Greyhound office wasn't open, so again to help us Debbie said she would keep the bags and return with them at 8 pm. The bus was due to leave at 8.25 and we had to be there 20 minutes before departure, so we had about an hour to get something to eat. The Opal inn was ok, but like a lot of these places seem to have no character. We ordered ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coober Pedy November 13th 2015

Thursday 12 November continued We arrived at Coober Pedy bus station and were very pleased to see that the hotel shuttle was there waiting for us. Pat had asked if this was possible in the booking process, but we weren't sure if it would happen. Turns out that the town centre area isn't that big and everything is only 5 minutes away. That said our arrival greeting and journey to the hotel was very helpful and informative. Just in case you don't know by now the town is the Opal mining centre of the world, and Pat likes Opals. There are small and large spoil heaps for mile after mile of the drive in to town. After plenty of information was given to us about the hotel and opal mining, we were taken to our room. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coober Pedy November 12th 2015

Thursday 12 November After a great day yesterday at Uluru and surroundings, we had set the alarm for 8 am to get ready for our journey to Coober Pedy. Pat had stayed on the coach yesterday during the walks as she is not quite up to full strength yet, but was pleased we had managed to get to see Uluru and a sunset. There were at least ten coaches at the designated area at sunset, so several hundred people, mostly from the tour company AAT, in our huddles around the respective bbq's and the obligatory glass of champagne - not for me of course. Forgot to mention one of the things we saw yesterday was a herd of wild camels, about 15 of them. Our visit to the Bath Street Medical Centre on Tuesday to see ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coober Pedy October 24th 2015

Continued from previous entry... Day 4: We “sleep in” till about 9 in the van. It’ still raining so we decide to get outta here and head north towards the desert, assuming it won’t be raining up there. Our destination for today is Flinders Ranges National Park, about 2.5 hours north of where we are now. We hit the road and drive through a little bit of rain before arriving in the little town of Quorn. Sounds like “corn.” Nimarta has spent two nights here before on her previous trip to the Outback. In fact she celebrated her New Year’s 2012 here. It’s a bit more vibrant than the other little towns we passed through yesterday, but still not much going on. We use the public bathrooms to wash up, fill up on gas, and get ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare October 23rd 2015

Day 1: Melbourne to Grampians National park After goodbye’s with our Melbourne friends Yamuna, Ankit, and Ari we load into the van to begin our great 6000km Australian road trip. We have one big suitcase, one small suitcase, one large backpack, and two small backpacks for our journey. We loaded up on food yesterday at the grocery store and Yamuna grilled us some Tandoori chicken to take with us so we are good to go. Next stop: Grampians National Park! Gas in Melbourne is $1.19/liter. Coming from New Zealand we find this amazing. We fill up the van for less than $60 and we are off. Not long after getting on the highway, though, we pull over. There are signs for a fruit stand: 10 mangoes for $10! It’s busy and we wait in line but ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Kangaroo Island October 23rd 2015

My trip to SA, ultimately Kangaroo Island bound, started 6am on Wednesday 7thOctober for an early morning flight to Adelaide. Early mornings were to be the order of my holiday as it turned out. With my 8am flight from Adelaide and the half hour gain of time into SA, I was landed, had my luggage and in a taxi in no time. I arranged to leave my luggage at the hostel before heading off to enjoy the day in Adelaide. Just as a cool change had arrived in Melbourne overnight, the weather was warming up again in Adelaide. The sun was out and it was a perfect day to head to the zoo I had come to Adelaide a day ahead of my Kangaroo Island tour especially to see the Zoo and its main attraction, the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide September 24th 2015

Port Adelaide here we come! We set out to explore and see what the once lively, but not so much anymore, Port Adelaide had to offer on this overcast day. We were limited for time because I had to head to the Adelaide Exchange teachers dinner. We wanted to make the best of the day. It is quite a nice area with many historic buildings, and I am sure being a Port that back in the day it was quite busy and bustling. The buildings are absolutely beautiful and it is a shame that it doesn’t draw more business. Teresa had mentioned that money was being back into the area so that businesses would open and hopefully draw people to the area again. The do have markets in a building on the wharf on Sundays. We ... read more

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