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Oceania » Australia » South Australia August 8th 2019

There is only one word to describe the weather as we made our way from Fowlers Bay to Streaky Bay – horrendous! The wind through the night had not dissipated in the morning; in fact it got a whole lot worse. We were buffeted continuously. Having used up our fresh produce in order to clear the quarantine station we stopped briefly in Ceduna to purchase a fresh supply, to refuel and to give the car and van a quick wash down after all the dust of the previous week. From there it was a 105km drive along the Flinders Highway to Streaky Bay as the wind swirled all around us. Checking in to the Foreshore Caravan Park we managed to set up quickly before the rain arrived and the wind strength grew. The Bay was extremely ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia August 7th 2019

Stepping out to the Jetty this morning to ring a dear friend for her birthday, we could only watch as a black cloud loomed from the west. We had to cut our call short because large drops of rain started falling fast. John had seen the front moving with some speed up the bay and yelled that we needed to make a run for it – fortunately it was only a quick sprint to the shelter of the park playground area so we didn’t get too wet; hoping though that the day clears up because we would like to climb the sand hill. Later in the morning we were able to catch a break in the weather so managed to go climbing. It was steeper than we first thought so we only managed to go partway. ... read more
80708.3 almost there
80708.4 looking down to the jetty
80708.5 out over the township

Oceania » Australia » South Australia August 6th 2019

Finally we are off the Nullarbor and whilst we have enjoyed the past week free camping I think we are both over the red dust, so it is a couple of days of r & r at Fowlers Bay. It is still quite remote, but it is a quaint little settlement and the eco caravan park is only a quick stroll away to the waters edge. There are huge sand hills bordering the small community and a jetty stretching into the bay about 300metres. A little kiosk/café services both the caravan park and a couple of holiday lets. Fowlers Bay is one of two areas in this region – the other being Head of Bight – where they count the number of whales and calves each day. The info board tells that 27 whales were counted ... read more
80608.5 jetty at Fowlers Bay
80608.6a Fowlers Bay jetty by night

Oceania » Australia » South Australia July 15th 2019

We had three great days in Canberra with Melissa, James and the boys. On the Monday Fletcher and I spent the whole day in the house. We had been travelling for so many days that we were a little burnt out so we enjoyed chatting to Seb and Jude, listening to Zac's cello practising and playing on our computers. That night, James and Seb cooked some red curry chicken which was delicious. Then Seb proposed that he and us took on the other four in a game of Codewords. This is a lot of fun and makes you think. In the end we were victorious after several turns and more wins than losses. Good fun. On Tuesday, Seb and Zac accompanied us as we drove over the lake to Manuka to visit our favourite book shop ... read more
Kingston foreshore
Looking at the Kingston Marina
Melissa and me at the restaurant

The first thing we noticed in Adelaide was the cold weather and the news is it will get worse with a cold front approaching. I’d booked us into a beach front apartment in Glenelg for the next few nights before we drive down to Cape Jervis to catch the ferry to Kangaroo Island. The apartment was right on the boardwalk not far from the wharf. This is Mums first time staying in Glenelg, thankfully she got to see the wonderful sunset over the water our first night as I didn’t think we’d get the chance to see it with the weather expected. Mum and I both love a good Zoo and Adelaide Zoo has two big attractions - Wang Wang and Fu Ni. The only live Panda Bears in Australia. I was fortunate enough to do ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia July 5th 2019

Odd to start a new post with a Postscript but nevertheless: As we continued on our way further west on Friday, 5th July we stopped at Minnipa for a quick break and whilst we were having a look at the information board about the area we discovered that the LP Track we were on in the Gawler Ranges Nat.Park is in fact a one-way track. In our defence, we were only going one way and there was no (apparent) signage to tell us which direction we should have been going in. I rest our case. Ceduna is the largest town in far west coast of South Australia, it being just 480km away from the Western Australia border. A lady we met on the START Foundation Ride for the RAH 4 years ago originally hails from Ceduna ... read more
70607.4 Ceduna foreshore
70707.2 Ceduna Jetty
70707.5 jetty posts

Oceania » Australia » South Australia July 4th 2019

Wudinna is the heart of granite country. There are several rocky outcrops to climb including, nearby to Wattle Grove Rock, Mt. Wudinna. Rising 261m above ground it is the 2nd largest monolith in Australia. Not as grand in scale as Uluru but impressive all the same. Its slopes are very steep – too steep for our old legs – so we settled on a climb up Polda Rock. The 360o view from the top was well worth the effort; as John declared it was definitely a W-WAL (well worth a look). Not too far from Wattle Grove is the granite quarry. It was quite visible from the road but we thought a closer inspection was warranted until the sign on the gate quite firmly told us entry was to authorised vehicles only. Bother! Problem solved though ... read more
70407.7 Mt. Wudinna
70407.10 Mt. Wudinna
70407.13 Polda Rock

Oceania » Australia » South Australia July 3rd 2019

Our journey out of the Ranges to Wudinna was certainly not as dramatic as our drive in, that much can be said. For the most part Barnes Road was in fairly good condition and we encountered a few kms of roadwork with lengthy piles of more gravel waiting to be spread. As the road edged around an unnamed salt pan lake recent rains had turned the gravel to slush, so some extra care was needed. But the best fun was 8km of CREST – it had us riding a rollercoaster as some of the crests were only 500-700m apart, others were a bit further spaced and some were quite high. Having said that the road from Kimba into the Park may not have been the best choice, retrospect would suggest that it was as the Barnes ... read more
70307.3 rusty Plymouth rock art
70307.4 cave rocks at Wattle Grove
70307.5 view from Wattle Grove Rock campsite

Oceania » Australia » South Australia July 2nd 2019

Waganny campground is one of 7 in the Park and all but one are caravan accessible although they do recommend high clearance 4WD vehicles only. Driving around today, we felt that John chose Waganny well for its ease of access along the Old Paney Scenic Route. The Gawler Ranges cover an area 25,000 sq km and the National Park encompasses just 1,633 sq km of that area. There are 5 4WD tracks that dissect the Park and only a handful of marked bush walking tracks off them for tourists to explore this majestic landscape. The tracks, in places, are no more than one vehicle wide and the condition of them varies between being peppered with gravelly pebble, strewn with large rocks or topped with mushy sand. Access to the Organ Pipes was via a lkm long ... read more
70207.2 car park at Organ Pipes
70207.5 Organ Pipes
70207.11 Pondanna Outstation

Oceania » Australia » South Australia July 1st 2019

Well, we made it! Say that because at one point I really wasn’t sure we’d made the right decision……… After handing back the key for our power padlock to the Visitor Centre this morning we took our leave of Kimba. We had intended going a little further down the Eyre Highway to Wudinna and accessing the Gawler Ranges National Park from there, but Red and a couple of his sidekicks at the Museum suggested the Buckleboo Road. “Take it easy and you’ll be fine” they said. And it was; sealed road to Buckleboo then the Stringers Highway – although gravel – was graded beautifully. We had reached the entrance to the National Park. It was then that we came to the bit of road leading us to Paney’s Homestead. We found ourselves travelling at walking pace ... read more
70107.8 heading into Nat.Park
70107.9 stone dam wall
70107.10 rock wallaby

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