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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » William Creek June 3rd 2018

Chris is reluctant to leave dogs but we manage to leave our dusty campsite after Chris has a cold shower. A pleasant drive to Coober Pedy where Catherine and I join The Ghan over 75 group to do the Amoonano Opal Museum tour – and avoid buying any opals! We then have a big win! You have to pay for water in Coober Pedy but when we turn up at the self-service tank we find some credit left in the meter! This is especially lucky as I half it over the next morning by spilling the water container. We were feeling a little nervous as we approached Coward Springs as everyone we had talked to on the road had stayed there. On arrival there was only 4 other campers – but the night before there had ... read more
William Creek
4 tyres and a pile of rocks

We headed out of the Finders Ranges NP, along a fantastic track which was along a mostly dry creek bed and onto the sealed road up past Leigh Creek, Lyndhurst and Maree. We stopped in at Leigh Creek, but it was completely deserted. This was a mining town which was re-located about 30 years ago so it is pristine but we couldn’t see any people. It was a Sunday so I guess everyone was at Mass. At Lyndhurst we stopped for coffee and a macadamia and white chocolate cookie.The guy behind the counter was obviously in need of company and he sat down with us. The mobile coverage was so marginal I couldn’t write the blog anyway. We had a good chat about the various ins and outs of Lyndhurst and after about 30 seconds we ... read more
The spa
Map Day 6

Today we had two options, one was to stay at William Creek the smallest town in South Australia with 14 people or head out to Halligan Bay on Lake Eyre. I was keen to go to Halligan Bay but I wasn’t sure about the road I spoke to my mate Tim, who suggested we speak to Ian and Sue. Ian felt it was a bit rough and asked if I had a satellite phone and two jacks. We both agreed that a satellite phone was probably good enough, when Becs came over we started to talk about the weather. Along the way to William Creek we stopped at the Strangeways Telegraph Repeater. This was built when they constructed the overland telegraph and they built a police station, stock yards, graveyard and an AFL stadium. We also ... read more
Map Day 7

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » William Creek July 15th 2013

The Best Monday Morning ever Oodnadatta Track With Van Morrison on the iPod we are whistling our way up the Oodnadatta track, a Monday morning like this is the best Monday morning ever. The sun is shining, the temperature is currently about 16 degrees and the traffic is light, no sign of gridlock anywhere, we have seen about 4 vehicles! We were on our toes this morning a quick breakfast not much to pack away and we were driving out of Muloorina Station by 8.45, we left our camping fees in the honesty box, made a donation to the RFDS and we even spotted a dingo on the way out of the station. There is a dog fence that comes around the edge of this property and we pondered which side of the fence wild dogs/dingos ... read more
The Oodnadatta Track
The technology centre
To lake Eyre

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » William Creek August 21st 2011

Rawnsley Park Station(RPS), Blindin (B), Leigh Creek(LC), Maree(M), Lake Eyre south (LE), and Coward Springs(CS) CADES DIARY. This was a long day driving on dirt roads but finally we got to Lake Eyre to discover that Lake Eyre was like quick sand. My shoes came off and I had to rescue my Mum twice from the muddy bog. I had a swim in Coward Springs which was ~29 oC.... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » William Creek July 4th 2011

We had a walk around the ruins of Farina before heading north to Marree. The mice plague is alive and well in Marree and we were reluctant to do any shopping here. The Lake Ayre Yatch Club were a great source of tourist information before heading off onto the Oodnadatta Track. Our first stop was to let the tyres down to avoid tyre damage and then onto Lake Ayre South - amazing to see so much water in the middle of nowhere ! The only bird life here were seagulls ! From Lake Ayre we made our way to the mound springs - The Bubbler was just as the name suggests with water bubbling out of the ground - apparently its warm but we weren't allowed swim ! On to William Creek Hotel - another business ... read more
4-7-11 farina station post office
4-7-11 farina station post office2
4-7-11 farina station3

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » William Creek April 24th 2011

Now that Lake Eyre is once again full of water - the third time in something like 150 years - it seems that a trip there to see it is in order. Having checked out all the commercial tours available, going independently, and flying over the lake out of William Creek, will suit me best. Hence I have designed a 10 - 12 Day round trip from my home in Melbourne to Lake Eyre and back. Departure will be late May 2011, with a view to returning no later than 10th June, 2011.... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » William Creek April 13th 2011

Tuesday 12th April 2011 This was our first foray into 4WDriving on our own, 168klms from Coober Pedy to William Creek (and back again) - the gravel road was quite good considering that the road had been closed only a couple of weeks ago because of the rain (we were told that it had been graded since then). There was one detour which was quite sandy and some nasty turns but we handled it quite OK. We left the caravan back at Coober Pedy as it is not suitable for off roading and we are glad we did as it would have been very dusty and might not have faired well over the gravel. Travelled about 30klms down the Oodnadatta Track where we did our first water crossing with the old Ghan railway in the background ... read more
William Creek Hotel IMG 6261
The front door William Creek PubIMG 6336
William Creek Pub IMG 6331

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » William Creek August 4th 2009

Day 6 4/8/2009 Flight over Lake Eyre and the Painted Hills Easy day today. A scenic flight over Lake Eyre and the Painted Hills did not leave until 1pm so we took the time to sort our gear, check the truck for maintenance and catchup on photos and journal over a cuppa at the William Creek Pub. The flight was fantastic! Six seater plane and a dirt run way - that was a first! Lake Eyre is only approx 40% full. The lower the water level becomes the more consentrated the salt content becomes. Due to this all the fish has dies and only a small number of peligans are left. The salt is that concentrated that it burns the skin and could turn you blind if it gets in your eyes. Instead of moving on ... read more
Lake Eyre scenic flight
Dingo Proof Fence to the Nth
Dingo Proof Fence to the Sth

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » William Creek August 3rd 2009

Day 5 3/8/2009 Marree to William Creek Awesome weather - Cold nights but glorious days. Marree consisted of a general store, old railway, a couple of caravan park/campgrounds, Pub and the famous intersection of the Birdsville & Oodnadatta Tracks. Campground old and well used but the folk were very friendly. The track leading towards Lake Eyre South was in good nick with changing landscape. From Lake Eyre the track was quiet rough with heaps of corrugations and loose rocky surface. The landscape continued to change from sandy dunes to low laying salty beds. The colours where amazing - varying shades of reds, yellows, browns and greys. Very similar to the colours the aboriginals use in their paintings. Tomorrow we are flying over Lake Eyre before and the Painted Mountains before making our way closer to Oodnadatta. ... read more
Marree campsite
For Wayne - more dirt

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