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Waking up in Clare to a fairly damp morning, despite having lots of suggestions from friends on where we should visit while in Clare, it was only an overnighter to see us on our way toward the Flinders Ranges (South Australia). The rain decided to pour for a while on our Journey, but I checked the radar and it showed that there was no rain where we were heading at Hawker, hmmm. Driving through the rain toward Jamestown and listening to The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony, this brings back so many memories for me, especially when I was contracting in London and would drive back to Southampton on a Thursday night, put the roof down and drive along the open road back down the A316 and M3. Ok maybe not quite the open road, as my memory ... read more
Lunch Stop,
Old Wilpena Station
The Flinders Ranges

On arrive progressivement dans la montagne, c’est beau, des collines pelées avec en fond ces montagnes rouge brun. On voit des émeus sauvages de partout, on est tout content mais impossible de les photographier, dès qu’on arrête la voiture ils s’enfuient. Des ruines de la belle époque des Flinders Ranges se trouvent tout le long de la route, un long chemin de fer désaffecté, ça nous fait penser aux films de western. On voit aussi des kangourous, ah enfin ils sont bien vivants et non écrasés sur la route ! On aura a même la joie de voir des wallabies, petit marsupiaux qui ressemblent à des kangourous mais beaucoup plus petits et avec de grands oreilles. Une femelle a même un petit joey dans la poche qui semble nous sourire J. Arrivés à l’entrée du parc ... read more
Un nouveau panneau
Panneau chevaux sauvages

After driving around 2500 kms from Esperance we were finally at the Flinders Ranges. I think we both thought 'this is the real Australia!' even though it was a very touristy and popular destination. Paul had seen a lot of Australia already before meeting me but this was new to him too. When we got there it was mid afternoon and raining so we thought we'd explore in the morning. We found out that a bit of Wolf Creek had been filmed at the van park we were staying out, and Paul had the DVD, so what did we do? Yeah we decided to watch Wolf Creek in a tent in the dark, in the middle of no where! I must say it wasn't as scary as it's made out to be. Still worth a watch ... read more
aboriginal paintings
DSCN1438 (800x600)
this is what i had to cross!

Hello Everyone, As we farewelled the Barossa one sunny morning with grape-stains on our fingers, grape-vines in the rear-vision mirror and memories of being called back to work after lunch with the word "Cupla" (meaning "a couple of minutes" before we start work again!), we headed across to the York Peninsula. But…as it turned out, we ended up in the Flinders Ranges, not because we had our map upside down, but thanks to our new friend Mohican!!… We stopped in a little town and as we emerged from the fruit shop we saw a slim shirtless man with a shaved head and lots of tatts. He looked like a biker from way back. He had a bunch of women in the car presumably partner, daughters and grand-daughters. While drinking a can of beer and jump-starting his ... read more
Port Germaine
Port Germaine Pier
Port Germaine

Hi Yall It’s now Sunday 13th March and we’re at Minlaton on the Yorke Peninsula. We had a great time in the Flinders Ranges, staying at Wilpena Pound campsite. We took a really exciting flight over the “Pound” in a light plane. It’s the only way to see the spectacular natural “Amphitheatre” formation of the mountains. The flight was a bit bumpy at times but well worth the terror!! After the flight, we went on a 4WD treck in the Prado along the Brachina Gorge riverbed. Fortunately it didn’t have much water in it at the time but it was a good test for the Prado. The massive River Red Gums and huge wash-outs along the gorge were awesome. On another day, we did a guided half -day 4WD tour, with four people from Adelaide, in ... read more
Another Flight!
Brachina Gorge
Flinders Wildlife

Flinders Ranges National Park After a refresh and re-fuel at Port Augusta, I started to make my way back up into the South Australian Outback. It was a really hot day today, with a hot wind to boot, so the drive was exhausting and sweaty. I stopped at Hawker for a break before coming into Wilpena Pound and my campsite for the night. Driving into the Flinders Ranges is beautiful and the Ranges look impressive in the late afternoon sunlight. When I was turning into Wilpena Pound I saw all these vans and trailers and straight away wondered if they were making a movie. Sure enough (as the receptionist told me when I was checking in) they are indeed filming for a new Australian movie to be called 'Swerve'. Sounds interesting! The campground at Wilpena Pound ... read more
And a good ol nuzzle...
He was a BIG boy!!!
River Red Gums

Day 244 - Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges Merry Christmas! Oh sorry, that was yesterday. Happy Boxing Day! It will be such a shame when all the tinsel has to come down from the caravan, it looks all sparkly and lovely at the moment - we love the Christmas look. With rucksacks on backs and hiking boots on feet we set off early this morning to tackle the 21.4km hike to St Mary Peak and Wilpena Pound. By 6.45am we signed ourselves in at the walking trail head and then set off. It was a beautifully clear morning, the sky was already blue and you could just tell it was going to be a glorious day. As many Victorians head into the MCG to watch the Boxing Day test match we begin a Boxing Day test of ... read more
We went right to left, get the hardest bit over with first of all we thought
A hiking we will go
Markers come in all shapes and sizes

Day 243 - Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges Wakey Wakey it’s Christmas Day! Hurrah, has he been, has Santa been, quick, open the door and have a look…….he’s been, he’s been, he’s brought us our very own stocking! Amazing isn’t it that we’ve travelled half way around this huge country, are the other side of the world from where ‘we should be’ and yet Santa can still track us down, what a guy. Dar has been working hard on the preparations for the dinner. Lots of people have asked us what we’ll be having, why turkey of course with all the trimmings and if it’s 40 degrees outside then so be it! There was a special virtual present to open from my Mum and Dad, bless Mum she’s becoming a whiz with photographs these days! We’re stunned ... read more
Knowing that Dar cooks HUGE dinners I thought I would get bigger plates!
Opening the first present of the day
Wow, our own Christmas Stocking too

Day 242 - Louth Bay to Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges A huge Happy Birthday wish goes out to our beautiful sister-in-law Deb who is celebrating today, hope you have a great day as the Birthday Girl Deb. And a great freqing birthday wish to Mikey of Freq Racing, hoping that one day we'll be lucky enough to race on our birthdays heh Mikey!! Have a great day mate. Before we’d hit the sack last night we chatted to one of our camping neighbours who had been out for a walk with his dog. Beautiful French Bulldog, gorgeous and loved a bit of a fuss - don’t we all! They’re quite gruff looking dogs so we were a bit surprised, but totally delighted to hear his name is Syrup! I know how sweet is that?! Ha ha! ... read more
The huge quarry on the outskirts of Whyalla
If we'd turned left here we could just do it all again!
Along my ten minute walk to Kanyaka Waterhole

We have blown our accommodation budget here in Hawker, staying in the Big4 Caravan Park (Hawker Caravan Park), but have enjoyed the time of rest. The kids have been focused on their project and math books and enjoy dipping in the pool and playing in the playground (especially Cody, who is addicted to slides). We were unsure as to whether to tour the Flinders at the start of our trip or at the end, and figured that there is no time like the present. We were concerned that after seeing the wonders of the Alice and the Pilbara we would figure nothing else would compare and would skip it in favour of a quicker return home. We are so glad we decided to see this land now, as we have really enjoyed seeing it and spending ... read more
Flinders Ranges
Sacred Canyon

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